It was a refreshing morning.

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“”Well, Sorry to bother you.””


Michisaburo and Ryouka-san said in unison at the entrance.


“It was fun, let’s do it again, shall we?”


Ryouka-san said with a wink.


“Yeah, really.”


“Thank you, Touma.
Thanks to you, I got such a nice Onee-san as my girlfriend.'”


“I’m glad to hear that, but you were so attractive yourself that Ryouka-san became your girlfriend.”


“Touma…, can I hug you?”


“No, it’s disgusting.”


“What a tsundere!”


“Then hug me instead~?”


Ryouka-san hugged Michisaburo.


“Ryou, Ryouka-san …  y-your b-boobs are ……”


“Ufufu, that was the purpose~”


Kanako-san and I watched the couple, who were already good friends, with a smile on our faces.


“All right, Michi.
We’re going on a date now.”


“U-Understood! I’ll take the lead!”


“Whoa, can you do that~?”


“H-How about some r-ramen?”


“Pfft, this early in the morning?”


“Ah, …, I’m sorry.”


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“It’s fine.
Let’s smell garlic together♡”  (T/N: Coz garlic is a main ingredient in Ramen)


Ryouka-san said with a huge smile.


“Then, Sorry to bother you~!”


Then they left, hand in hand, skipping along.


“… so lovey-dovey~”


I said half-heartedly.


But I was smiling as I watched them.


“Hey, Touma-kun.”


Kanako-san tugged at my sleeve a little.




“What about us?”


Kanako-san looked me up and down.


“Let’s see, …… we’ll have a date at our house?”


“Hai, dear♡”


you’re a bit hasty.”


“Then, darling♡”


Kanako-san hugged me.


Ryouka-san had big enough tits, but even bigger tits were pressed against me making me feel somewhat strange in the morning.


“Kanako-san, you must be tired from entertaining them.
Would you like me to give you a massage?”


“For my boobs?”


“No, shoulders, legs… …”


“Then I suppose boobs are last.”


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“I won’t massage them.
I’m too tired to have sex with you again.”


“Touma-kun, you are so young, you know? Michisaburo was so full of energy.” 


“Eh, What’s that? Kanako-san, do you perhaps like guys like Michisaburo?”


“T-That’s not what I meant.


“Ah, no, sorry … I was just a little jealous.”


“I’m sorry too.
The only one I like is Touma-kun, okay?”


“But certainly.
I’m still young, too, so I might have to follow Michisaburo’s example.”


“Touma-kun …”


“Change of plans.
If those guys are going to eat ramen vigorously in the morning,….
We’re gonna have some vigorous sex.”


“Th-that’s how vigorous…”


“Kanako-san, you set me on fire.
You’d better be ready for it, okay?”






I heard a chirp.


“”Haa~…… feels good~……””


Me and Kanako-san were soaking in the bathtub together.


I was holding Kanako-san.


“As expected, It’s a little cramped for two.”


Kanako-san chuckled and said.


But isn’t that better?”




“But yes, I think I would like to have a bigger bath and spend more time alone with Kanako-san.”


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“Me too.
I’d love to stay in a private room with an open-air bath …….”


“Well, I’ll start … working part-time.”


“What? Oh, no, don’t force yourself.”


“I won’t do it all the time.
I’ll look for something short term.
I want to save up some money before summer vacation so I can have lots of fun with Kanako-san.”


“Fufu~, You have to do your homework, too, okay?”


“I know.”


“Hey, do you want me to wash your back?”


“Is that okay?”




We got out of the tub.


“Okay, sit down.”




“Hand or sponge?”


“Then sponge first.


“Sure thing, handsome♡”


Kanako-san said happily.


“Yosh.. goshigoshi♡” (T/N: Sounds of scrubbing)


“Ah~, that feels good.
Just the right amount of force.”


“Touma-kun’s back, a boy’s back.
I am feeling a little nervous.”


“I-If you say that, even I’ll get nervous.”


“It’s alright.
Do you want to get more excited?”



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“No, I’m your personal housekeeper.”


“No, you’re my wife.”


“Hehe, I am ♡’


Kanako-san stopped the sponge.


“Then I’ll do it with my hands now.”




“Hai, yoshi yoshi ♡”


“Ah, … your hands feel so nice and smooth.”


“Really? Not enough?”


“I think the finishing touch should be this gentle.”


I’ll shower it off.”


Kanako-san slowly and carefully rinsed the foam off my back.


“Ah, shoot.”


“What’s wrong, Kanako-san?”


“I forgot to wash you with my breasts.
Shall I do it for you now?”


“No, it’s fine.
It would look like some kind of indecent place.”


“Oya Oya~? You’re talking like you know something, eh~?”


“I-it’s just an impression I have.”


“E~? So, do you want to experience it with me before you grow up?”


“No, I won’t go anywhere when I grow up.
Kanako is there and ……”


“I-I see.
… hehehe, something about that makes me embarrassed.”


Then, for a while, we remained silent, only the sound of the shower echoed.

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