She blinked blankly, covering her cheek.

She was hit before she could even prepare for it, it came as a huge shock.

Still, one hit in the cheek cuts your vitality by 100?!

Apparently, it was the body of a frail girl, so it seemed that she was vulnerable to attacks.

Well, at least it’s easy for me to see how hard I’ve been hit from how the numbers show.

The guidance window that just appeared in front of her was full proof that she had fallen into the game world.
Even though the world was so realistic, some of the systems used in the game were still available.

She managed to come to her senses and turn to look at the Duke.

An elegant middle-aged man with blonde hair and blue eyes was looking down at her with cold eyes.

“Duke Etzel has asked for His Majesty’s consent to make you his bride.
He even pulled the Meritorious Right card on him! It’s now an issued decree!”

“…I did not know that.”

It was not a lie at all.

She did not expect Duke Etzel to make a move this soon.

He acted faster than I thought.

But Duke Basel didn’t seem very interested in whether her words were true or not.

It didn’t seem like he was listening to her in the first place.

“How dare that Eastern peasant makes my business go awry?”

Duke Basel was trembling with rage.

He was ready to slap her once more at any moment.

However, Vivian, wearing a mask of a kind sister instead of a cold face, lightly grabbed Duke Basel’s arm.

“Father, don’t be too mean to her.
Violet did nothing wrong.”

With blonde hair and blue eyes that resembled the duke, she was a typical beauty in people’s opinion.

In addition, she had a good reputation in social circles for her high status and elegant dignity as the daughter of the Duke.

All the nobles praised her beautiful heart for being kind to her stepsister Violet, who was brought by her father’s remarriage partner.

Whenever she called someone into the mansion to match her clothes, she pretended to care more about Violet’s than her own dresses.

People praised Vivian even more when they saw her like that, but… 

The clothes she picked out for her stepsister were all designs that did not suit Violet.

All of them were sophisticated and expensive, but they were emphasised with too much glamour, so it was difficult for Violet, who was still young, to get accustomed to them.

Nevertheless, Violet appreciated her stepsister’s kindness and always wore the clothes she had chosen.

That being said, people acclaimed behind her back that ‘Lady Adeline’s daughter, Violet, only has a beautiful face, since she has no fashion sense at all’.

It was also said that Vivian, who had both looks and a great sense, was not to be compared to her, as the Duke’s real daughter was definitely a world different.

She used Volet as an accessory to make her shine.

It was a really wicked method.

“Were you startled, Violet?”

After comforting her father, Vivian came to her and let out a small sigh.

“I heard that Grand Duke Etzel came to the capital and happened to see you and fell in love with you at first sight.
He even mentioned the Meritorious Right to His Majesty and asked for you to be his wife.
The imperial family turned upside down because of that.”

So he really said that.

He hated it so much when he heard the idea from me though.

In the end, Grand Duke Etzel seems to have accepted her words that it was the most natural excuse.

“His Majesty has persuaded him to reconsider since the wedding is just around the corner, but the Duke insisted.”

“As long as Grand Duke Etzel has issued a decree, His Majesty cannot refuse the request.”

While Vivian explained the situation to her, the Duke of Basel, who had regained his composure, looked at her coldly.

“You’re destined to get married into that poor eastern corner of the country now.”

It was intimidating, perhaps.

Born and raised in the capital, if she was the real Violet who knew nothing about the outside world, she would have been terrified as the Duke intended.

After the death of her mother, Adeline, Violet became even more dependent on the Duke and Vivian.
Thus, leaving the capital without them was a death sentence for Violet.

But she wasn’t that violet.

“Father, what are you saying? Poor Violet has turned pale.”

Vivian once again blamed her father and clasped her hands.

“Don’t worry, Violet.
We still have a chance to turn things around.”

“Turn things around?”

“His Majesty hasn’t given a definite answer yet.
He’ll take quite much time.
In the meantime, you just have to convince the Grand Duke.”

So that’s how the story came to be.

The emperor could not directly refuse.

The Meritorious Right was bestowed upon the family of a loyalist who died while protecting him.
If he had promised to grant any request of theirs but then go back on his words, the monarch’s authority will fall to the ground.

When the Emperor’s in such a difficult position, no one could step forward to help him.
Therefore, there was no choice but to force Grand Duke Etzel to change his mind and withdraw the decree on his own.

“If he like you enough to use the Meritorious Right, he will surely be shaken by your request.
You want to stay in the capital too, right? It is an honour to become the Crown Princess after all.”

As Vivian patted her on the back with friendliness, Duke Basel, who was standing next to her, also joined her.

“You must change the Grand Duke’s mind at all costs.
It’s all for your sake.”

The Duke of Basel looked at her, emphasising the phrase at all costs.

“He’s someone who is obsessed with a woman he does not even know well, to the point of using his family’s merits.
Sure enough, he will easily be swayed by your words.
Meet the Duke and persuade him.”

In the end, it was about passing all the responsibility on to her.

But she didn’t protest.

I’ll meet with His Grace and try talking it out.”

Formally and decently, she would have another opportunity to meet and talk with Duke Etzel.

There was absolutely no reason to refuse.

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