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This creature was trying to kill him.

The fact was terrifying.

Accompanied by a wheezing cry, the goblin rushed towards him.


Instinctively, he stepped back, but reason told him it was useless.
Yet his instincts were afraid.

The goblin leapt up, swinging its short sword overhead.

There are gaps, reason said.

Terrifying! cried his instincts.

He couldn’t move, he just watched.
So this is how beginners die, Mitrof realized.


An arrow pierced the goblin’s forehead.
The next moment, the goblin was thrown back and rolled across the stone pavement, the sound of the short sword clattering echoed.
Mitrof was standing there dumbfounded.

“Are you alright?”

A voice came from behind.

Mitrof slowly turned around.

There stood a girl with blue eyes.
She had a beautiful, jewel-like radiance.

She held a short bow in her hand, and had a quiver on her back.
Her fur clothing was more akin to that of a forest hunter than an adventurer.
Silver earrings dangled from her long pointed ears, for she was a member of the elven race, known as the folk of the forest.

“…T-Thank you.
You were a great help.”

“No problem.
We help each other in the labyrinth, don’t we?”

Though she looked young, her voice was light, like the sound of a rolling bell.

However, her way of speaking was oddly old-fashioned, which made Mitrof somewhat confused.

“There aren’t many people who would really help like you did.
You’re a good person.”

“That’s right.
I’m a good elf.
It’s boring to die in a place like this, so be careful.”

The girl approached the goblin with ease, retrieved her arrow, and used a knife to cut off its left ear.
Goblin materials were worthless, so the only reward for defeating one was the bounty for the left ear.

As he watched the girl’s departing back, Mitrof sheathed his rapier, which was trembling in his hand.

A rusty short sword lay on the ground.
It belonged to that goblin.

He picked it up, stared at it, then threw it at the wall.

It would be boring to die here.

Mitrof thought the girl was right.

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