tonished when he saw who it was.

The small body was covered in a black cloak, right down to the feet.
Due to the fall, only the hood that had covered the head had been thrown off.

The skull of a human was visible inside.

“There was a monster! A monster was here!”

A voice was heard from behind.

Mitrof instinctively reached for his sword hilt.

“N-No! I’m not a monster!”

The skull rattled its jaw, making a sound like ringing a bell as a girlish voice spoke.

“A monster that manipulates human hearts!”

“I’m not manipulating anyone! I’m a human!”

“You look like nothing but bone!”

“I’m a human who turned into bones! I’m not a monster! There are circumstances, um… it’s a misunderstanding…!”

The figure was frantically explaining, gesturing with his hands.

The old Mitrof wouldn’t have believed such a thing.
There was no such thing as a human with only a skull, and its appearance was clearly that of a monster.
Such a dangerous existence must not be left alone.

However, the current Mitrof is an adventurer.
He dived into the labyrinth, saw and fought against real monsters.

He did not feel the strong hostility from those monsters and the unpleasant air that made the back of his neck tingle when he saw this figure.

Hasty footsteps approached.

Mitrof reflexively turned around and went out of the corridor.

“Whoa! Hey, kid! A black-cloaked monster came this way!”

“…Oh, it ran in that direction.”

“It infiltrated the city! Be careful!”

Several men ran together, their eyes bloodshot and foam at the corners of their mouths.
What would happen if they caught up to him?

When he faced those men, the back of his neck tingled.

After confirming that there were no more pursuers, Mitrof returned to the passageway.

He thought the girl would have already left, but she was waiting obediently.

“…Why are you sitting like that?”

“I just wanted to thank you… for saving me.
I owe you my life.”

She straightened her black leather gloves and bowed her head.
Her face was covered in a hood, and now she looked small and delicate.

“No, it’s okay.”

He wondered why he had protected her, even though she was a suspicious and unknown skeletal person.
There was no benefit to protecting her.
It seemed as though his body had moved on instinct or some sort of primal urge rather than rational thought.

The girl sat on the cobblestone, looking up at Mitrof without moving.
Her skull face was not visible due to the darkness under the hood.

“Excuse me, are you an adventurer?”

“Yeah, so what?”

“In that case, I have a request.”

The girl lowered her head deeply as she spoke.

“Could you take me to the labyrinth as a porter, please?”

“…It’s going to be a hassle.”

Mitrof’s shoulders slumped.

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