It was so gratifying.

“Did you buy arrows?—Was there anything else?”

Mitrof asked, and Grace shook her head.

“I just replaced a few damaged shafts—it wasn’t much of an expense this time.”

“…I’m sorry—you just ended up buying me all these great things.”

“It’s more dangerous for Mitrof to be on the front lines—equipping oneself is natural, but that’s not it… Now, shall I ask for a bath?”

“Bath! Oh, right, there’s a public bath in the city!”

“Weren’t there any in the Mitrof household?”

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“We had a steam bath at home—only the wealthier nobles have bathtubs at their homes.”

“Then wouldn’t it be better for commoners?”

“Are public baths really that good?”

Mitrof leaned in closer.

He knew that the commoners living in the town preferred to use the enormous bathing facilities called public baths.

However, in the Mitrof household, they would create steam by pouring hot water over heated stones in a closed chamber and using the steam to lift dirt from their skin and scrub themselves every day.

Although Mitrof was curious to try it, he didn’t have the chance to leave the house and go to a public bath.

In being kicked out of the house, he realized that he had gained that freedom and opportunity.

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For the past few days, Mitrof had only been wiping his body with a wet towel.
Dirt remained on his scalp and all over his body, and tiredness clung to his core.

“It’s not good if you’ve never taken a bath, Mitrof—a bath is like washing your life.”

Grace proudly said

“Washing your life?!”

Mitrof exclaimed.

“That’s right.
Especially for adventurers, if they don’t clean away the dirt and mental exhaustion, it could be fatal.
A bath and an adventurer are like two sides of the same coin.”


Mitrof exclaimed in admiration.

He clenched his fist, determined to go to the public bath that he had only heard rumors about.

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