his was really the case but kept quiet.

As they got further away from the main street, the number of people gradually decreased.

When they entered the blacksmith district, they could easily tell who were adventurers just by walking along the streets, and Mitrof finally felt relieved.

There were sword and weapon shops lining the street, and although they could just enter any of them to look at the merchandise, deciding which one to enter was a dilemma.

He decided to go to the nearest shop.
Grace called out, “Hey, this one!” from behind, but Mitrof didn’t pay attention.

The shop looked more splendid than those around it.
A doorman stood at the entrance, and as Mitrof approached, he opened the door.

As soon as he entered, a man approached him.

“How can I help you today?”

“I want to see armor and also have my sword taken care of.”

“Understood—then you’ve come to the right place—as for the armor, would your servant be the one to take care of it?”

“No, I will.”


With a dumbfounded expression, Mitrof returned the same look.

The employee quickly looked Mitrof up and down.
Mitrof understood the meaning and movement of the employee’s gaze.

That’s right, he had come in his work clothes today.

This shop was more for nobles buying eye-catching armor.
Mitrof’s appearance as an adventurer, but his behavior like a seasoned noble, seemed to confuse people.

Mitrof scratched his nose, realizing his mistake.

“…Actually, I just remembered something—I’ll come back later.”

He said this and quickly left the store.

Grace was waiting nearby.

“Habits are scary—I still felt like a noble.”

“Well, I suppose it couldn’t be helped—I was scared because you went into such a shop without hesitation.”

“From now on, I have to remember to live on my own money.”

Nobles don’t care much about money.
Their focus is more on personal appearance, dressing up, and increasing their value.

Being the third son, Mitrof did not have the freedom to spend money as he pleased according to those values.

However, as a nobleman, he still had a lack of financial resources, and compared to the commoners, he undoubtedly consumed expensive things without hesitation—especially when it came to food.

“Grace, can you choose a shop for me?—I don’t know the market price.”

“Very well.”

Nodding, Grace selected a certain shop.

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