Chapter 10: The fat aristocrat thinks about what he needs

Once again, they encountered a boss-fang.
However, the group consisted of six individuals, and all of them were larger than the fang they had defeated before.

Luckily, Grace spotted them first using her superior eyesight, so they were able to avoid a battle.

The pack blocked the path that led downstairs, so the two decided to turn back.
Although they still had some energy left, it was dangerous to follow the same path back without any margin for error.

Grace emphasized that safety and a margin for error should be prioritized above all else during labyrinth exploration.

Mitrof concurred with her.

During their battles with the fangs, they were always in peril.
Each time was a life-threatening situation, and they never knew what injuries they would suffer if they let their guard down even for an instant.

They had managed to avoid any injuries today, but they couldn’t guarantee that they would be as lucky tomorrow.

“I think we should buy some more equipment soon,” Grace commented, turning back to Mitrof.

“Equipment?—do you mean armor?” Mitrof asked.

“You’re fighting on the front lines, Mitrof.
That means you’re at a higher risk of getting injured.”

Mitrof looked down at his clothes.
It was a gardener’s workwear gifted to him as a parting gift when he was kicked out of the house.
It was made of durable, thick hemp.
It was uncomfortable to wear, but it could get dirty or torn without concern.

“It would be better to travel light, but armor is out of the question.”

“Finding armor that fits Mitrof’s figure would be difficult—a leather armor to protect vital spots or even a shield might be good.”

‘Indeed,’ Mitrof nodded.

Fangs and goblins were quick, and their sharp blows were a threat.
Mitrof could deflect or dodge with his sword, but it was reassuring to have the option of protection just in case.

“We’re going to be spending a lot of time in the labyrinth—we need rest equipment.”

“Do adventurers sleep in the labyrinth?”

“If they dive deep enough, they do—parties with extra funds use vertical holes (pit).”

“Vertical hole?”

“It’s like a shortcut that the guild manages—it can take you down to the deeper floors all at once.”

“It’s very convenient.”

“But, in order to use it, not only do you have to meet the qualifications set by the guild, but you also have to pay a fee—it’s a privilege of the higher parties.”

It seems that even within the framework of adventurers, a hierarchical structure has been established.
They’re like nobles with money and power, allowing privileges.

“Someday, I want to use it.”

“Yeah, someday—until then, we have no choice but to walk on these two legs.”

The two of them successfully completed several battles and left the labyrinth.

They had their captured items assessed at the reception desk, just like yesterday.

The boss-fang’s fang, as expected, was worth something.
Even though they had fought hard against it, the appraisal amount was just “okay.” It was a bit of a disappointing amount, and he couldn’t help but feel a little down.
When compared to the appraisal value of the kobold’s items, even boss-fang’s item didn’t seem as impressive.

The time was dusk.

The two of them had dinner in the cafeteria while reflecting on today’s events and planning for tomorrow.

They were tired, and there was a need to reorganize their equipment.
They decided to rest tomorrow and gather equipment and other things.

“Do we have enough funds?”

Grace asked.

Mitrof nodded.

He couldn’t afford to spend recklessly, but he had received some money from his family.
It was a hand-to-mouth payment given in the name of preparation money.

“We’re a party now—I’m thinking of paying for half of Mitrof’s equipment.”

“I’m not sure about that—is it a rule among adventurers?”

Mitrof asked with hesitation.

He thought he should decline the offer.
However, it may have been a natural way of doing things for those who were adventurers.

“I don’t know about other adventurers, but that’s how parties help each other.”

“Who taught you that?”

“My father.
He used to be an adventurer.
According to him, party members pool together a certain amount of money as a reserve and use it to purchase shared materials and equipment.”

“I see.
That’s reasonable.”

“It’s not much of a harvest yet, but from now on, I think it would be better to do it this way—what do you think, Mitrof?”

“I think that’s a good idea—so if Grace is buying equipment, I’ll pay for half of it too, and I’ll pay for more than my share of food.
That’s absolute.”

Grace chuckled at Mitrof’s joke.

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