Sun Shaozong's ‘arbitrary behavior’ in front of the mansion naturally attracted a lot of servants and nannies, not to mention if someone dares to gossip about it, not even half dared to stay to see the show.

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The reason is that Sun Shaozu's way of running a family is very different from that of the Rongguo Mansion, and his means are more severe than those in the army.
Not to mention being just ordinary servants, even his concubine in the backyard, if there is any disagreement, he is also prone to beating and scolding as the light punishment and sells them to brothels as prostitutes as the heavy punishment.

Therefore, the whole mansion was cautious, and no one dared to violate Sun Shaozu's taboo.

Sun Shaozong led Ruan Rong into the Sun's mansion.
According to his memory, he found a place near the guest room in the east wing.
He also ordered servants to go to the backyard to find some nannies and servant girls and help Ruan Rong to decorate the room.

When he was so busy with matters of his return, he heard his door was knocked open by a person.
A strong man with a face full of beards rushed in.
He swept his bronze bell-like ox eyes around.
Without saying a word, he raised his vinegar bowl-sized fist and was about to punch Ruan Rong's face.

His fist was like a thunderbolt, or at least a few hundred kilograms of strength.
If it happens to hit, Ruan Rong will die on the spot!

Fortunately, Sun Shaozong was not far away.
Seeing this, he hurriedly stopped in front of Ruan Rong and raised his fist to meet him.


Two fists collided at one place, which seemed like dull thunder on normal days!

Sun Shaozong's body shook a little, but the man with a leopard's head and eyes stepped back five or six steps, grinning and rubbing his shoulders.
It was obvious that he had suffered a lot.

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“Erlang! I haven't seen you for a year and your strength has become stronger!”

The man shook his shoulder and gave praise.
Then he yelled, “Get out of the way! Let me kill the vixen, and break your confusing thoughts!”

“Big brother!”

Sun Shaozong blurted out ‘big brother’ in his mouth, it turned out that this leopard-headed man was no one else, but his elder brother, Sun Shaozu.
When chatting with the nannies earlier on, they all said that he was on duty in the Yamen patrolling camp.
Who would have thought he would come back so soon!

“Since you still know I'm your elder brother, then get out of my way!”

He saw Sun Shaozu holding his fist and shouting angrily, “Do you think being a civil servant is that easy?! Nine of your subjects have been transferred.
Seeing that it has only been more than a year, three of them have been cheated to get dismissed from the government office, and one of them has been sentenced to death for his greed on the disaster subsidies!”

At this point, he lowered his tone a little, “Listen to me.
Kill this vixen.
As for the civil servant position, give it to the people who’d like to go.
It’s just a beautiful woman.
What kind of style do you like, I can change it for you!”

Hearing this, Sun Shaozong was speechless and hurriedly said, “Big brother, how can this be the same? I…”

“What the hell is different?”

Sun Shaozu didn't give him a chance to interrupt at all.
He glared at him and said, “I don't think you've seen a woman before, so you're bewitched by this vixen! Otherwise, let’s make it this way.
After you kill this vixen, if you see anyone you like in my backyard, you can take it and have a good night spent with her.
I will give her to you as compensation!”

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Although Sun Shaozu is also a greedy and lecherous person, he always only regards women as playthings and never takes them to heart.
That's why he said this.

He seemed to think it was a good idea, and casually recommended, “Those concubines may not be as good as this vixen in terms of color, but they are all good in bed! During bed, Chun Tao is good at being on top and the male is at the bottom, Jin Baoping's good at oral skills, and Cai Die is good at…”

Seeing that the man didn't agree with his words, he exposed all the private matters of his concubines on the bed.
Sun Shaozong was so speechless that he secretly said in his heart, why would I get involved with such a ‘top-notch’ brother?!

But he can't just let him go on like this.

So Sun Shaozong raised his eyebrows and said coldly, “Big brother, if you keep talking nonsense, I will move out with Rong'er and wait until you can accept us before moving back again.”

Sun Shaozu was shocked when he heard the speech,

Then he jumped to his feet in anger and scolded, “Oh my god! Are you rebelling on me?! I've been raising you ever since you were five years old.
But for the sake of this vixen, you wanted to…”

Before he could finish, Sun Shaozong pulled Ruan Rong out and walked away.
Sun Shaozu, who was bluffing, rushed to the door and blocked the door.
A pair of his bull eyes stared angrily at him, but he dared not continue to say anything.

Sun Shaozu had four hobbies in his life.
One was the greed for power, the other was lust for women, the third was his love for alcohol, and the fourth was being a brother complex.

It doesn't matter what the first three items are, but his brother is his lifeblood.
Usually, he extremely cherished and cared for his brother.
When he sent his younger brother to the Kingdom of Qian Xiang to avoid disaster, Sun Shaozu, a man like an iron tower, was so stunned that he was crying on the dock that he almost lost his breath.

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Now it's not easy for the brothers to meet again, how could he be willing to let his brother move out?

It was from the fragments of his memory that Sun Shaozong learned the nature of his big brother being a brother complex that he threatened him with ‘running away from home’.

Seeing that this move has achieved the desired results, Sun Shaozong is using the method of using emotion to move others' hearts and using reason to make others understand to continue persuading his big brother.

Who would have thought that Ruan Rong suddenly hesitated and said, “Brother Sun, don't hurt your relationship as brothers because of me.
In fact…
as long as I can be with you, I…
I don't care so much about the status.”

This was the first time she had exposed her thoughts of “doesn’t care much about the status” in front of Sun Shaozong, who was shocked after he heard her.

One should know that the difference between wives and concubines these days is no difference between heaven and earth!

Ruan Rong is at least the daughter of a senior official of the third rank.
Although the value of the official position of the Kingdom of Qian Xiang is lower, she has no reason to take the initiative to be someone else's concubine!

“I didn't expect this girl to be sensible.”

Sun Shaozu was overjoyed.
He laughed and said, “What is the status of a woman in the family? Don't we all depend on whether a man likes her or not? Previously, one of my concubines annoyed me because of the concubinage issue.
Ever since then, I didn't even take a look at her until I was dead!”

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This kind of thing, this kind of word, is estimated that only he will be able to do and say such a thing!

“Big brother, what are you talking about?”

Sun Shaozong yelled, and he looked back at Ruan Rong and said, “I didn't take you home from afar for…”

“Master, Master!”

Before he could finish his words, he saw a gatekeeper rush in and stammered excitedly, “Outside…
Outside, there came a eunuch who said that he was ordered by His Majesty to ask the Second Master to enter the palace immediately!”

All the people in the room were stunned at what they heard.
According to the law of the imperial court, foreign ministers and officials like Sun Shaozong, even if they were summoned for an audience in court, they had to report to the competent military department first.

After the approval of the Ministry of War, they have to go to the Ministry of Rites to perform the ceremony.

Only after graduating from the temporary 'training class' of the Ministry of Rites can they go to the palace gate to hand over the name sign and wait for the emperor to turn over the sign.

Now, he suddenly got an oral order to exempt all these formalities.
It is a great grace to say it.
But as the old saying goes, when things are unusual, there means something is wrong!

The Emperor was in a hurry to summon Sun Shaozong.
It’s not likely to be unreasonable?

Moreover, it was not long before Sun Shaozong got off the ship, and he had not even had time to report to the Ministry of War.
How did The Emperor know he was back?

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