Seeing that it has entered October, the territory of Qian Xiang Kingdom is still green, and there is no sign of bleakness.

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Since all the customs of the country follow those of the Great Zhou Dynasty, three or five miles outside the Qinglin mansion, they can’t do anything without the existence of the official reception Pavilion.
Just a few days ago, Sun Shaozong welcomed his new envoy Hou Yong to the official reception Pavilion.
But today, it was Hou Yong's turn to send him on a long trip.

As Sun Shaozong expected, the imperial court has no intention of convicting.
They only ordered Sun Shaozong to return to the imperial court immediately after the handover between Sun Shaozong and Hou Yong.

In addition, Hou Yong also brought a piece of good news.
Prince Yizhong whom Sun Shaozong had offended previously had been banned in the Zongren's Mansion because of the leak of his privately made firearms.
All his family's properties had been seized and sold, and even the coffins he had ordered had been resold to others.


Speaking of which, outside the pavilion and beside the ancient road, Hou Yong solemnly hugged his fist, and his face that looks like a thick horse's was somewhat lonely, “After returning to the capital, don't forget to go to my mother on behalf of me and say that I’ve arrived safe and sound, let her take good care of herself, and wait for me to go back and be filial!”

Different from the former ambassador Niu, Hou Yong was born in the army.
He and Sun Shaozu, Sun Shaozong's brother, were called “patrolling and defending camp tigers”, and had some friendships with each other.
Therefore, he did not match Sun Shaozong with his official position but called him ‘Erlang’.

Although it has only been a few days since they got along with each other, Sun Shaozong and this generous but not inconsiderate Brother Hou are in quite an agreement.

At this time, seeing this straightforward bold man like a black iron tower, he couldn't help choking when he mentioned his mother.
He was sad too.
He quickly hugged his fist and said, “Don't worry, Brother Hou.
When I return to the Shuntian mansion, I will visit Aunt often!”

“I shall thank you in advance first, brother!”

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Hou Yong said, waved his hand back, and immediately an attendant offered two bowls of wine.
He first handed Sun Shaozong a bowl, and then took one of his own.
He sent the bowl forward and said, “It's getting late.
After drinking this bowl of ‘send-off’ wine, you can depart on your journey.
Come, cheers!”


Sun Shaozong hurriedly raised his bowl to greet him.

When he poured the bowl of wine down his throat, he looked at Hou Yong and smiled.
As he was about to leave, he saw a horse outside the road of the official's reception pavilion galloping to him.
Although she was dressed as a man in a green hat when she opened her mouth from afar, it is as crisp as a warbler, “Brother Sun, wait for me!”

With this voice, Sun Shaozong recognized that it was Ruan Rong!

His heart was filled with joy and surprise.
He was glad that before he left, he could say goodbye to the little girl face-to-face.
What surprised him was that the girl was engaged today, but she went out of the city to see him off.
It wouldn't be a good thing if her future husband knew about it.

Sun Shaozong subconsciously stepped forward and asked, “Miss Rong, how do you…”

Before finishing his words, he saw Ruan Rong swooping down from the horse and jumping right into his arms.
He said decisively, “Brother Sun, I don't want to marry the nerd of the Pan family.
I want to go back to the Great Zhou Dynasty with you!”

This time, Sun Shaozong panicked.
He stared at her picturesque little face and wondered how to deal with it.


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At this moment, Hou Yong burst into a hearty laugh.
He came forward and patted Sun Shaozong on the shoulder.
He teased, “I didn't know that Erlang still have have such skills.
Makes me envy you!”

Sun Shaozong was too stiff to move.
He turned his head and said with a wry smile, “Brother Hou, don't talk nonsense.
Miss Rong is the daughter of Qinglin Prefecture, and the Pan family is the Minister of the Ministry of Revenue of Qian Xiang Kingdom.
If I take her to the Great Zhou Dynasty, how can the two families be willing to let me off?”

“What if they don't give up? Do they dare to go to the Shuntian mansion?” Hou Yong said casually, “The girl has ignored her reputation and integrity for you.
This intention is worth a lot of money.
Do you want to push her to that nerd Pan?”

Then, he glared with a fierce stare again.

He threatened, “I can tell you the ugly things ahead.
If you dare to do these unfaithful things, don't blame me for not treating you as my brother.
You'll have to interact with my big fist too!”


Brother Hou is a model of being eager for justice!

And the master of the pan family is just a book lover.
How can he be considered a fool?!

As mentioned earlier, although Sun Shaozong had some good feelings for Ruan Rong, he was still far from the love between men and women.
But the dignified daughter of the prefect does not hesitate to run away from home, but also to leave with himself.
How could he say no?

After a little hesitation, seeing Ruan Rong's face look flustered, he had to give a long sigh, bow his head and ask, “Do you want to go to the Great Zhou Dynasty with me?”

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Ruan Rong nodded without hesitation, and her raised face was full of expectation.


Sun Shaozong put a hand in front of her, “Let's place our hands together for an oath.
In the territory of Qian Xiang Kingdom, you have about eight days to figure it out.
As long as you feel regret, I will send you back to the Qinglin mansion without saying a word.
But once you set foot in the land of the Great Zhou Dynasty, you will be my Sun Shaozong's woman, and you can't repent!”

Ruan Rong stared at the big hand for a while.
Then she took a deep breath and put her white jade hand on it.
With a solemn look, she said, “If you don't let me down, I will never let you down too!”

After making that a vow, Ruan Rong felt relieved.
At the same time, she could not help but feel ashamed.
She hurriedly broke away from Sun Shaozong's arms, blushing and stroking the hair behind her ears.

“Feng Xin!”

Once Sun Shaozong made up his mind, he immediately put all his worries behind him.
He pointed to the white horse that Ruan Rong rode and said, “Tie it to the back of the carriage first, it's easier to switch on our way.”

Like Sun Shaozong, Feng Xin was also requested to leave for the Great Zhou Dynasty.
The difference is that he went back to the capital to report his work to the military headquarters, while Sun Shaozong went back to the capital to present to the Emperor.
This also means that he had to present himself to the emperor and brush a sense of existence before making further arrangements.

Feng Xin took the command to go lead the white horse.

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Sun Shaozong then said to Ruan Rong, “Please get on the carriage first.
After I bid goodbye to Brother Hou, we will set off.”

Ruan Rong nodded obediently, but she first untied her package from the white horse's back, and then greeted Hou Yong politely, before getting on the carriage.

“Brother Hou, I…”

“Come on, stop dawdling me here!”

Seeing that Sun Shaozong was coming to say goodbye to him, Hou Yong waved impatiently and urged, “You better hurry and depart on your journey.
If you delay, the victim should catch up!”

Sun Shaozong could only bow his hands in silence, snatched the whip from Feng Xin's hand, jumped onto the chariot, and shook it with his hands.
The horse immediately got up and went east along the official road.

Later, Feng Xin also turned over on the back of Sun Shaozong's black horse and followed behind.

Since that day, the three of them have been traveling overnight and rushed to the border between the two countries without delay.

Eight days later.

The three finally left the territory of Qian Xiang Kingdom and formally set foot on the land of the Great Zhou Dynasty.
That evening, Ruan Rong burned incense and worshiped three times in the direction of the Qinglin mansion.
When she got up, she was already in tears.

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