“It’s shaking a lot.
And it’s very slow.
Why aren’t they using any strengthening magic?”

It’s magic that can strengthen the strength of an object and its running speed.

‘In my previous life, it was given to various things because of its usefulness.’

It’s a rudimentary magic that anyone can use, but it was not used here.

It was then.



The carriage suddenly stops.

I looked out the window and saw the coachman sitting by a wheel.

“I’m very sorry waka sama! The wheels are broken!”

With a face that looks like the world has ended, the coachman bows his head many times.

“Wait a minute.
I’ll fix it.”

“I’ll return to the mansion immediately and get the tools…? Aren’t you angry?”

“It’s not your fault, is it?”

With a blank expression, the coachman stands still.

I got out of the carriage and went around to the side.

“The wheel ran on a stone and broke.
It’s not a big deal.
Let’s fix it quickly.”

I held out my hands toward the wheel.


The broken wheel was restored in a blink of an eye as if it had returned in time.

“Wow, amazing! The wheels are perfectly repaired!? How did you do it!?”

“Eh, that was just a simple spell.
Couldn’t you have done this?”

“No way! I’ve never seen such advanced magic since I was born!”


If it’s just repairing broken things, even a child should be able to do it, right?

I guess he’s not good at magic.

“Come on, let’s continue.”

“But at this rate, you’ll be late for school.
This old horse’s legs are… not the best.”

It didn’t take too long to fix, but it seems that the horse that pulled the carriage wasn’t strong to begin with.

I quickly cast [Reinforce] on the horse and wheels.

“Perfect, let’s go.”

The driver sits in the driver’s seat, and I sit in the back.

He whips the horse.
Then the horse started running at a tremendous speed.

“Wha–!? This is too fast!”

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