e dining hall.

“The head of the family, his wife, and your younger brother arrived before you.”

Charlotte bowed at the entrance.

It seems that my family members are inside.

The maid opens the door, and I enter.

There is only one surprisingly long table in the back of the spacious dining room.

A sumptuous breakfast is laid out on the table.

“After all, Gaius is the pride of our Carlisle family.”

“As expected of Gaius.
Unlike your dry onii-san, you are a son I can be proud of.”

The elderly man sitting at the top of the table is supposedly my father, right?

A woman about his age is sitting beside him.
That must be my mother.

Sitting in front of her is probably my younger brother.

But the color of their hair was different.

Julius has jet black hair, while the younger brother, Gaius, has hair that is shining gold.

I approached and greeted them.

“Good morning, everyone.”

“ “………….” ”

My parents glance at me.

But without even saying a word, they resume eating.

It’s a strange reaction.

When your son greets you, shouldn’t you greet him back?

“Hi, brother, good morning.”

Unlike my parents, my brother was the only one who greeted me back.

Oh, he seems like a nice guy.

“You’re late for breakfast yet again.
Are you on the verge of drying up?”

My younger brother has a refreshing smile on his face.

His blue eyes are like the sky on a summer day.

“Sorry, I overslept.”


“Hmm? What’s wrong, Gaius?”

“… It’s nothing.”

Gaius’ expression suddenly turned sullen.

I tried to sit next to him, but no chair was nearby.

However, there was one far away at the end of the hall.

There were also dishes on the table.

Well, looks like I’ll be sitting over there for today.

“What the hell was that? If it’s the usual elder brother, you should have been disappointed, but it’s no fun today.”

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