eatedly opens and closes her mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah… No, erm, m-my apologies.”

The maid then proceeds with the treatment, her eyes moving restlessly.
She stops the bleeding, disinfects it, and puts a bandage on my forehead.

“Hey, why didn’t you use healing magic?”

It’s just a cut on the skin.

It’s at a level where it can be quickly healed with magic.

“Healing is advanced-level magic, and only the best mages in the country can use it.”


While I was stunned, my treatment seemed to have been completed.

“Thank you.
Sorry for the trouble.”



The maid dropped again the first-aid kit she was about to take with her.

“A-Are you feeling unwell…? Shall I call a doctor?”

“No, it’s not something that serious… by the way, who are you?”

She froze instantly.

“Erm, I’m just a little disorientated! That’s right, my memory is a little fuzzy from when I hit my head!”

“… My name is Charlotte.
I am Julius-sama’s personal maid.”

“I am… Julius?”

“I’m going to call a doctor after all!”

Charlotte just ran off without even putting away the first-aid kit.

“What just happened? Well, I better heal myself.”

I removed the bandage and invoked elementary recovery magic,「Lesser Heal」.

The wound healed in the blink of an eye.

“What, I can use it just fine, the healing magic.
This is advanced….?

Appearing in an unfamiliar place.

The common sense of the maid.

“Could it be that [Secret Art of Reincarnation]… succeeded?

“The doctor will be here in an hour!… Wai- Julius-sama? What happened to your wound?”

“Eh, I healed it.
With magic.”

“M-Magic!? Julius-sama used magic!?”

She hurried towards me.

“It’s healed? No way, to think the manaless Julius-sama could use such advanced magic…”

Looking at the beautifully healed forehead, the maid mumbled in dismay.

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