The evil dragon Venomzard, the Evil Calamity Dragon Emperor, has revealed itself.

The restricted magical power surged like a storm.

“Let’s fight seriously, hero.”

Vena strikes me with its wings and breath attacks.


A raging storm comes toward me, gouging the ground.

I strengthen my body with my Fighting Aura.

Even though the storm hit me, my body was not injured.

Carelessly, I swat it away with my right arm.


The storm that had been raging earlier was instantly obliterated.

“With the addition of the demon king’s power, you’ve gained more than twice the strength and physical strength you once had!”

The demon king seemed really happy that the hero had become stronger.

The evil dragon lunged at me with divine speed when I let my guard down.

I caught the tip of the dragon’s nose with my right hand.


A shock hits my body.
If it had been before, it would have shattered.

But my body was unaffected by it.

“You are unscathed by the full-force rush! Amazing!”

“What? That was full power?”

“I like your attitude toward the Demon King’s full power! That’s what makes you the master of the Demon King!”

Vena moves away.

Her mouth is filled with the full force of the dragon’s breath, and her entire body is covered with the dragon’s breath.

The mouth is filled with all of its magical power.

It was the strongest ray of destruction that I, the hero, once suffered from.

“I’m not sure if this is a good idea! Let’s go, hero!”


The dragon’s breath instantly reduced the vast forest within the school grounds, not to mention the school grounds, to nothing.

It was not too fast, yet its power was immense.

The trajectory of the attack was clearly visible to my eyes.

The demon king’s magical power that filled my entire body must have raised the level of my abilities as a hero.

With my super-enhanced physical strength, I swung my sword.


I struck the dragon’s breath head-on.

The slash cut the evil dragon in half.

Mhm! You’re the hero!”

The evil dragon’s transformation was released, and Vena fell to the ground in a heap.

“As expected of the Demon King, I can’t believe you’re still alive after receiving that blow.”

“You are the strongest man in history, after all.
I am delighted to be your familiar!”

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