The first class was to be held on the training ground.

Today we will have a lesson on [Summon Familiar].”

The magic teacher looked around at the class.

“Servants?” (TN: Could also be read as Summon Servant)

“She meant Familiars, Julius-kun.”

Elise answers with a smile.

Since I helped her this morning, she has been more proactive in conversing with me.

“When you become a first-year student, you perform a ritual to summon a monster that will be your familiar.”

“Elise knows a lot of things, doesn’t she?”

“Heh heh, I guess so.”

Right after her hair was cut, her personality and appearance did a complete 180 turn.

She had a large smile beaming on her face.
Her back became straighter, and her large breasts became more prominent.

“A creature that matches one’s talents and future prospects is summoned based on the qualities of its summoner.
For the familiar of a great person, a creature with a dignified appearance is summoned.”

‘I see.
So it is like the embodiment of your strength and potential.’

“Now, we will perform the ritual.
Students, please stand here in a line.”

A magic circle is laid out on the ground.
A technique that did not exist 2,000 years ago was being used.

One of the students stands in front of the magic circle and puts his hands out in front of him.

“Put your magical power into this circle.
A follower will be summoned.”

When the student channeled the magic power, the magic circle flashed.
It then glows.

Suddenly, a White Wolf appears in the middle of the circle.

“White Wolf.
The level is… 15; it’s average.”

I thought so at the time of the fire lizard, but isn’t the level of the monsters also low?

“The next one is me! Let me do it!”

The next one to step forward full of spirit was my brother.

Look at me, ni-san! I will summon a fantastic follower that will make you grovel.”

Gaius reached out to the magic circle and channeled his magical power.


“Oh, this is wonderful! You summoned a beautiful griffon!”

The upper body is an eagle.
The lower half of his body is that of a lion.

“He’s the king of the skies! It’s level 50 as well!”

“What do you think, brother? This is the true power of the next head of the family!”

“What? This is the level?”

Level 50 is the level of strength that a mid-level adventurer can easily defeat solo, right?

“Then, ni-san, of course, you can summon a more powerful follower than me, right?”

“Well, I’m not sure.”

I stand in front of the magic circle.

I used「Full Concentration」to channel the magic power.


“What? Why is there a pillar of light?”

A light that could turn night to day shone from the magic circle.

“It’s a dragon!” Sensei fell on his buttocks and looked up at it.

There was a giant dragon, one as large as the schoolyard.

“No… I lost again…? Damn it! Damn it all!

But no one looked at my brother.

Their attention is focused on my summon.

“The level is unmeasurable! What in the world is this familiar?”

“What? You don’t know who this is?”

“I am not surprised.
I am sure you know my name, but few of you have seen me in person.”

” “It talked!?” ”

Both the teacher and the students were shocked at the same time.

“I’ve never heard of an intelligent follower!”

“It’s not like we can’t measure their level of intelligence!”

“What the hell is Julius to summon this?”

The dragon laughed at the students making a big deal out of it.

“This was unexpected.
How ignorant is the world to forget its savior? Isn’t that right, Hero?”

I summoned the Demon King Venomzard as a familiar.

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