The Extra’s Return

Family Conflict

ody lift. I, who was already sitting down, immediately stood back up.

He brought his face closer to mine.

”How dare you! Trash who humiliated our family…! ”

Daniel spits out his words with all his might. Had he talked like that far enough away from me, I would have definitely ignored him.

But since his face is right in front of mine, I won let him spit out his words—not because of his words, but because of the spittle of saliva from his mouth—it reminds me that Ive eaten food mixed with other peoples saliva in the slums.

So, I stopped him before he finished.

”How disgusting! ”


I frowned while pushing his chin up with both hands, so his face was facing the air. Then I kicked him right in the stomach. As a result, he was forced to release his grip on my collar and retreat backward in a few steps.

Holding his stomach, he winced in pain. His eyes widened too. Maybe he was surprised that I dared to fight back.

”Bastard!! ”

It didn take long, he immediately rushed forward towards me like he was ready to run over me. Since we weren that far from the start, he immediately threw a punch so he could hit me in the face.

Just before the punch hit my face, he stopped his punch in midair. Not out of goodwill, but because of the loud sound of the door opening.


The door was wide open.

”What are you doing? ”

An old man with a mustache and a thin beard who had just arrived immediately shouted.

”Daniel. Back off! ”

”B-but, father. ”

”Don argue! ”

The old man snapped at Daniel. Then Daniel backed off without further arguing.

So hes Baron Warwick?

I tried to remember his face. The impression I have is still the same. He looked like an ordinary old man. He is Baron Delray Warwick. He is the head of the family.

”Thalia, why don you stop them? ”

”Well, what else can I do? They
e still young. So conflict like that is inevitable. ”

Baron Warwick asked his wife. But Thalia still answered casually, as if carefree. When Thalia answered, she shrugged her bare shoulders. Yes, she is wearing a dress that opens at the shoulders.

It was now clear that these three people were allied. Thalia clearly supported Daniel when he bullied me.

Was the owner of this body used to be bullied by them too? I wondered in my mind.

In my previous life, when I was kicked out of this house, Thalia didn act much. There was only Daniel who was ecstatic as if he had become a madman.

I remember he used to say, ”Now, Im the only heir to the title of father. Hwahaha. ” He said while laughing madly.

I wonder why Thalia doesn react like Daniel.

I watched Thalia.

She was a middle-aged woman with a beauty that still lingered on her face.

But that wasn my main focus, I noticed a strange level that I hadn noticed before.

Thalia continued to massage her temples like a person with a headache.

Before I focused too deeply on Thalia, Baron Warwicks voice came back to my senses.

”Mesties, Im glad youve changed. Ill bring your stepmother and stepbrother to punish them for bothering you. So, Ill have the servants prepare the food. You can eat by yourself. ”

”Its all right, Father. ”

I replied with a smile.

He nodded. Then took Thalia and Daniel out. Before Daniel came out, he gave me a death glare.

”I will remember your behavior. I will beat you later. Today you survived, but will you survive later? Just wait for me. ”

”The survivor is you. ”

I replied with a small mumble. He didn seem to hear, as he kept stepping out of this room.


In the midst of this quiet, silent, and still room, I took an empty chair and sat on it. Since everyone had already left, I relaxed my muscles.

What I was gripping fell straight to the ground.


Its a fork. The fork slipped out of my hand and hit the floor. It shook a little and finally stopped.

Not without reason, I was holding the fork. Earlier, when I had kicked Daniel, I reflexively grabbed the fork that was on the table. Theres no way Im going to stand by without fighting back.

As soon as I gripped the fork, I immediately prepared to attack him.

If he hadn stopped hitting, Im sure I would have stuck the fork in my hand into his throat.

I was 100% sure earlier that I would be able to stick the fork down Daniels throat.

If Baron Warwick hadn bothered, there might have been a bloody scene here.

”Haahh~ I have to fix this habit. ”

Self-defense response.

It was what I got from living hell in my previous life. People who hurt me are enemies, that was my life guideline, that I have, in order to survive in this cruel world.

But now, I need to have some form of tolerance for those guidelines. However, Im not going to delete that guide, because thats the result of what I learned after living in this world for so many years.

Ignoring the dark expression that might be on my face, I stood up and left the room.

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