The Extra’s Return

Remove Poison in the Body

message window.

[Detoxification was successful.]

[Please choose a name for your skill!]

I didn expect that I would be able to instantly cleanse the poison in my body. I thought it would take a few days.

Is this World System helps? Either that will be a good thing or a bad thing. As for names, since Im not good at naming, Ill name it, ”Poison Resistance. ”

[The skill has been named Poison Resistance.]


I immediately rushed, as soon as I finished showering, I got out of the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the clothes in my closet are the ones Ive worn for several years. Nothing new.

”Well, whatever. ”

I picked up a random black outfit that looked better than the rest. Although its a bit difficult, I can finally wear this complicated nobles clothes

Then I stood in front of the mirror.

Now the smell of alcohol is no longer in my body. The dark wrinkles are no longer under my eyes. Nor was there any sign on my face that I had drunk alcohol. My mind doesn spin anymore either.

It felt strange to see myself suddenly looking younger than usual.

Unknowingly time passed quickly. After knocking on the door, then a servant came in after I gave the order to enter.

”I will escort Young Master to the dining room. ”

He was the servant I had beaten before. His face was still swollen. I could only cover my mouth so as not to burst out laughing. The important thing is that he is more polite to me now.

”Yes. Lead the way. ”

He walked in front of me and I followed him like a duckling. That way, I don have to be afraid of getting lost because I kind of forgot the layout of the rooms in this mansion.

On the way, I can see several maids on duty cleaning the furniture or doing other work. When I was passing, they saw me and stopped their activity.

Dimly, I could hear the voices of people who seemed to be gossiping about something. They whispered in each others ears while looking at me.

[You activated the Skill The Five Sense – Sense of Hearing.]

Hmm? Why is it suddenly so easy to use skills?

When the system message appeared, I circulated the mana in my body. Somehow it feels so much easier. Is this another help from the system?

When I use The Five Sense skill to improve my hearing, I can hear their voices.

”Hey, isn that Young Master Mesties? ”

”It seems so. Will there be a storm today? I heard hes shutting himself down because he doesn have a mana core yet. ”

”Well, isn that a natural thing? People say, if a nobles son doesn have a mana core, then hes called family trash. But what does that have to do with storms? ”

”Stupid, thats just a figure of speech! ”

”But thats also weird. Why did he suddenly come out after so many years of depression? Why did he come out well dressed. ”

”That servant in front of Young Master Mesties is Gil? Why is his face so swollen? ”

”Well, I don care. The important thing is that I get a salary. ”

”…. ”

And so on… Some saw the amazement on their faces at my appearance, but some just insulted me—I mean, this body.

Well, since what they insulted was the behavior this body did before, rather than myself, I ignored them. But for some reason there was a little anger ignited in my heart.

After I glanced at the maids one by one, as if I shot a laser out of my eyes, the maids started to turn their faces away.

They started pretending to continue their activities; cleaning furniture, sweeping, or running away. Surprisingly, some of the maids kept staring at my face without blinking. Aren they afraid that their eyes will fall?

All the maids in this mansion were from knight families that were under the auspices of the Warwick Family. All that so that there are no spies from other nobles.

But… Mana core, huh. I thought about what they just said.

Indeed, those who have mana cores, are the ones who are easier to cultivate, store or manipulate mana.

It would be a lie if I answered that I don want to have one, but I am still very much aware that it is impossible.

Well, theres no point in me continuing to hope for the impossible like that. Im glad that the realistic nature I had on earth still exists today.

”Young master, we have arrived, ” Gil told me that.

Now, I know that his name is Gil, from the maids words. After I nodded slowly. Then he slowly opened the door.

As soon as this door in front of me opens, I will meet the entire Warwick family members.

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