em so thrilled that my voice won’t come out.

Among them, the most unknown of all was the owner of this mansion.

Cedric Maynard.


Yesterday morning.
When Lillian barely opened her eyes, at first it took her quite a while to figure out the situation.

An unfamiliar ceiling, an unfamiliar bed, and an unfamiliar blanket.
None of them were familiar, so I had to go through my memories for a long time in a hazy mind.

‘I collapsed and everyone was crying…’

Judging by the high quality of the things visible to the eyes, this is the Duke’s residence, and it seems that she hasn’t been kicked out yet.

At that moment I secretly let out a sigh of relief and looked away.
Lilian was startled when she met eyes with Cedric, who was sitting next to her.

It was surprising that Cedric was there, but as soon as I turned my eyes, our eyes met.

‘Could it be that you’ve been looking at me all along?’

Lillian opened her mouth involuntarily.

“Duke… sir?”

The problem arose after that.
As soon as the cracked voice called out to Cedric, Cedric’s face seemed subtly crumpled.
Of course, it might be Lillian’s misunderstanding since it was a bright dawn as it had not been long since dawn, but because Lillian was born and raised in the orphanage, she is not good at reading the expressions of the people she faces.

And to Lillian, Cedric seemed upset about something.

But what on earth could Cedric be upset about when I woke up?

“How are you feeling?”

“Ah… I think it’s okay.”

Saying that Lillian tried to stand up but failed, and collapsed again.
A definite wrinkle appeared between Cedric’s brows.
He looked at Lillian with a very disapproving look on his face, then pulled himself up.

“Lie down, I will call someone.”

Since Cedric had gone that way, Lillian hadn’t seen him again.

Are you still unwilling to accept me? Did she make a mistake in her sleep when she was asleep?

‘No, it won’t be.
Let’s not think too badly about it.’

People in the mansion already accepted Lillian as the daughter of the duchy.

Maybe Cedric will be busy in his way, so he might not have much time to devote to his daughter.

Of course, in my heart, I wanted to visit Cedric and ask him if it was Cedric who stayed by her side all night.

‘They said that a child who complains is hated.’

Lillian didn’t want to be hated.
It wasn’t just because I felt bad.
Lillian was the one who didn’t care who hated her.


‘Swan would surely be loved wherever she went.’

This is because she was Swan’s stand-in.

Lillian herself had to become a beloved child to make up for what Swan missed.

Fortunately, it didn’t seem too difficult.
Strangely enough, the people in this mansion liked it even if she just breathed or mumbled.

There were various reasons for liking it.
Small height, small hair, small hands, small mouth, etc.

‘I should cut my hair short.’

Even if you can’t help but grow taller or do other things over time, you can maintain at least one thing that can be loved.

Lillian thought, still looking down at my chubby hands as if she had not lost all her baby fat.

Suddenly, while we were eating, something a maid said came to mind.

— When you grow up, you’ll be really beautiful.
I promise you.


It didn’t matter to Lillian whether or not she was beautiful, but since she was going to be Swan’s double, she liked being pretty.

Because Swan was a prettier child than any high-end doll.

Unlike a poor child like herself, a lovely and pretty child, as if she was made to be born in such a luxurious mansion and among people who love her.

‘So, at least for Swan’s sake, she must be recognized as a child of this family.’

Everyone in Maynard treated Lillian as if she had already become a princess, but she hadn’t been formally recognized yet.

If Cedric suddenly changed his mind, Lillian could be kicked out immediately, and Lillian was well aware of that fact.

‘You can’t relax.’

Don’t trust anyone, don’t rely on anyone.

Spending time surrounded by a luxurious life and friendly people could have prevented her from taking over Swan’s life.

‘It would be nice if I could know the Duke’s thoughts clearly…’

The moment she thought so, something caught her eye.

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