Min Yu nestled in Shao Mingwei’s arms.
In the quiet dawn, no one spoke.
He likes these moments where he and Shao Mingwei get along quietly.
They can do anything together, cook, watch movies, work, read books, or just embrace each other without doing anything or saying anything.
It’s very comfortable just holding each other, but it has to be only the two of them.
Min Yu is a very homely kind of person while Shao Mingwei has no close friends except Liu Yang.
Besides, he is already very busy working and studying in the student union, so he will stay at home when he has free time.
Min Yu likes to stick to him.
He also enjoys this habit of Min Yu very much, so everyone is happy. 

But now is obviously not a good time.
Shao Mingwei glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, lowered his head and kissed Min Yu’s hair whorl, and said, “It’s almost four o’clock.
Let’s go back to sleep, ba.”

Min Yu let him go and fell back on the sofa, closed his eyes, and said, “I’m so tired, I can’t walk anymore.”



Shao Mingwei smiled knowingly and asked him, “What should I do? Shall we sleep on the sofa? ”

“You carry me back.” Min Yu opened his eyes to look at him, stretched out his arms to him, and deliberately asked, “You can carry me, right?” 

“What do you think?” Shao Mingwei asked him back.
He stood up, bent down, and kissed Min Yu’s lips.
Min Yu conveniently wrapped his arms around his neck and hooked his legs around his waist.
Shao Mingwei supported his butt with both hands, exerting all of his strength.
He picked him up and walked towards the bedroom.


Min Yu put his chin on Shao Mingwei’s shoulder and asked softly, “Am I heavy?”

Shao Mingwei kneaded the meat on his butt.
“There’s only a little meat on the butt.”

Min Yu only smiled and didn’t speak.


Shao Mingwei placed Min Yu gently on the bed, knelt on his knees on both sides of his body, and put his hands beside his ears.
He hesitated for a moment and asked the thing he had recalled just now, “Did Professor Xue tell you about the photos?”


“Sorry, it’s my fault.
But I’ve already solved it, so it shouldn’t affect you.”


Min Yu was a little curious.
“How did you solve it? Did you beat him up?” 

Mentioning Zhao Sheng, Shao Mingwei’s expression turned cold.
“Not really.
I just deleted the photos so that he wouldn’t dare provoke you again.”

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In fact, Zhao Sheng didn’t even know who the other person in the photos was.
It’s exactly because he didn’t know that Shao Mingwei only threatened him verbally with a few words, but this matter concerns Min Yu, so Shao Mingwei would not allow the slightest possibility of it harming him to exist.
He was extremely nervous and concerned.
If this matter only concerns himself, it would not make him so anxious.

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Shao Mingwei didn’t pay attention to the earlier words he said.
He leaned closer to him.
His eyes were deep, and his voice was low.
“What did you just call me?” 

Min Yu’s cheeks flushed crimson.
He smiled and said, “… husband.”

Shao Mingwei densely kissed his chin and lips.
“Say it again.”

“Husband, husband, husband, husband…” Min Yu felt itchy and soft all over from his kisses that even his voice turned silky.

Shao Mingwei blocked his mouth.
The temperature in the bedroom rose rapidly for a while, lips and tongue were intertwined and the room was filled with the sound of water stains, whimpers, and gasps. 

Shao Mingwei sucked Min Yu’s earlobes and said with ambiguity, “Can you not go to the company tomorrow?”

Min Yu closed his eyes halfway, his reddish eyes curled up in a seductive and beautiful arc.
Hearing this, he opened his eyes and turned to look at Shao Mingwei, who was very close.
“En, what about you? What time will your class start?”


Shao Mingwei: “10 o’clock.”

Min Yu showed a languid smile and rubbed Shao Mingwei’s crotch with his knee.
“Then there’s still a lot of time.
You hurry up.” 

He was lying on the soft mattress under Shao Mingwei, complexion flushed and eyes moist.
In Shao Mingwei’s eyes, he was like a very beautiful peony, but this peony was not covering its fragrance at all.
The two buttons on his pajamas were unbuttoned with their entanglement, revealing half of his round and white shoulder and delicate clavicle.

Shao Mingwei seemed to be holding the filthy thoughts in his heart and was trying hard to suppress the sudden tyranny—he wanted to ravage the person under him fiercely.
He took a deep breath, wrapped his arms around Min Yu’s waist, and forced the two of them to reverse their position.
He pressed the back of Min Yu’s head with his palm, and said in a low voice, “You move by yourself today.”

After being taught a lesson by Shao Mingwei, Zhao Sheng didn’t plan to do anything anymore even though he was upset.
Thinking of Shao Mingwei’s expressionless appearance and the gloomy and oppressive eyes when he was gripping his collar, he was really somewhat scared, so he didn’t want to make a big deal about it.
Knowing that Xue Tanqi liked Shao Mingwei, he wanted to send it to him to retaliate against Shao Mingwei.
Now that the goal has been achieved, what else can he even do without the photos?

Even Zhao Sheng himself was inexplicably aggrieved.
He felt that he didn’t have much evil intention, so he didn’t plan to make it known to everyone.
As for Shao Mingwei? When he thought about it afterward.
Shao Mingwei’s attitude relaxed when he said the sentence, “I don’t know who your partner is”, which was enough to prove that person’s importance.
Zhao Sheng began to be a little curious.
Is Shao Mingwei’s partner a heavenly immortal? It fascinates him into confusion. 

Thinking of this, Zhao Sheng felt a little sour.
No wonder he could even reject Xi Zi.
He turned out to be gay.

Thinking of something, that something will eventually come when Zhao Sheng came out of the school with a schoolbag on his back.
As soon as he walked out of the school gate, a black car honked at him.
Looking at it, a tall and thin man in a gray suit with thin-rimmed gold glasses got out of the car and walked towards him.

The man smiled and said, “Are you student Zhao Sheng?”

Zhao Sheng was baffled.
He frowned and said, “I am.
Who are you?” 

The man was cultured and refined, but he speaks in a businesslike manner.
“I’m Ren Yiqing, our President Min wants to chat with you.”

Zhao Sheng seemed to have guessed the intention of the man but pretended not to understand.
“I don’t know any President Min.”

A trace of impatience flashed behind Ren Yiqing’s lens, but he still kept a proper smile on his face.
“It’s the thing about you and classmate Shao, I think… you don’t want to see the consequences of not going.”

Zhao Sheng was silent for a second, then said, “Let’s go, ba.” 

Ren Yiqing took Zhao Sheng to a well-known local private restaurant.
When passing through the corridor, Zhao Sheng used his peripheral vision to secretly look at the surrounding antique rock garden, delicate green plants, melodious music, and the handsome men and women in uniform walking to and fro.
He heard his dad complain that it’s difficult to make a reservation here.
The daily reservation is limited, and it’s never accommodating, but it is highly praised.
In addition to the reputation of its food and decoration, it can be seen that the background cannot be underestimated.

Ren Yiqing pushed open the door of the box, brought Zhao Sheng in, and quietly exited the room.

There was a person sitting at the round table inside.
Hearing the door close, he raised his head, smiled, and said, “Come and sit down ba.”

As soon as Zhao Sheng saw him, he recognized that he was Shao Mingwei’s boyfriend.
The feeling of familiarity under the bright lights was more obvious.
His whole body was so steady that he didn’t even need to guess to know that he was not an ordinary person.
A ray of regret suddenly appeared in Zhao Sheng’s heart, and he secretly scolded himself for being an idiot.
He was stiff all over, the corners of his mouth were pressed into a straight line, and after sitting down, he waited for Min Yu to speak without saying a word. 

Min Yu smiled, summoned the waiter standing in the corner of the box, then softly instructed.
“The guest is here.
Serve the food, ba.”

Then he smiled and said to Zhao Sheng in a soft voice, “The food here is good.
It’s usually not easy to have a reservation.
Fortunately, the owner is my friend who temporarily added a table.
You can have a good taste later.”


The more relaxed and kind he was, the more anxious Zhao Sheng became.
In the end, he couldn’t hold back and asked, “Who are you? What do you want from me?”

Min Yu seemed a little surprised by his question and raised his eyebrow.
“You don’t know me?” 

Zhao Sheng said, “I know that you and Shao Mingwei are dating.”

Min Yu smiled playfully.
“What else?”

What else? Zhao Sheng frowned and stared at him, trying to rummage through all the corners of his head to find clues.
This pondering really made him think of one, two, or three things.
“… I saw you at the cocktail party hosted by Chairman Xiang?”

His father wanted to take him along to the cocktail party, saying that he wanted him to see the world.
Unfortunately, for the host of the cocktail party, his father was not that really an important person.
The other party didn’t even greet his father at all.
On the contrary, he was very friendly to a man who had a good appearance and a tall and straight bearing.
He heard that he’s the chairman of the board.
His father always wanted to take him to the man to say a few words, but the man had been surrounded by attentive people all the time, and they couldn’t squeeze in. 

Zhao Sheng suddenly remembered that the person in front of him was the man at the cocktail party?!

However, this time Min Yu didn’t seem to have any impression at all, and there was a bit of confusion in his eyes, but he was well-educated and would not shame a person.
So he nodded slightly and handed Zhao Sheng a business card with exquisite workmanship.

“Huining Group…” Zhao Sheng silently read the words on the business card, and his heart trembled.

Coincidentally, the waiter knocked on the door to serve the food, so no one said anything for a while. 

After the waiter quietly withdrew, Min Yu took out a stack of paper and handed it to Zhao Sheng.

When Zhao Sheng saw it, it was surprisingly an information about his life, so detailed that every important exam result from childhood to adulthood was even recorded.

Min Yu subtly showed an innocent smile, then said, “I came to meet Classmate Zhao in a hurry.
I didn’t have the time to read more about it, but I’ve checked some information.
It was offensive.
I hope you don’t mind.”

Regardless of what Zhao Sheng was thinking, he didn’t dare show it on his face, and hurriedly shook his head and said, “No.” 

“That’s good,” Min Yu said.
“But after reading it, I discovered that your father’s company actually has some business dealings with Huaining’s branch.
This is really fate.”

Zhao Sheng didn’t know what Min Yu wanted to say, nor did he know what he should say, as if his usually pointed teeth and sharp mouth vanished in a blink of an eye.

Then Min Yu changed the subject and said with a smile, “You students are busy with your studies and have a tight schedule.
I know since it’s the same with Mingwei, so I won’t waste your time.
I will make a long story short.
Student Zhao Sheng seems to have done something that wasn’t supposed to be done, but I understand you youngsters have little things to do and are likely to be prone to impulsiveness.
I don’t think you intentionally did it.
I guess you now realize your mistakes and you won’t say anything about it.
Otherwise, although I’m not very capable, I’ll still be able to ask for a little price and it’s not impossible to make people go home and reflect.”

Seeing that Zhao Sheng seemed to be a little frightened, Min Yu smiled reassuringly.
“I heard that you have good grades, and you want to be Professor Xue’s student.
That’s very good.
I hope you and Mingwei can become good classmates in the future…” He glanced at the clock within the room, stood up, and said, “I still have something to do.
You enjoy your meal.
I have already settled the bill.” 

Throughout the whole process, Min Yu’s voice was gentle, but the aura surrounding him prevented Zhao Sheng from saying any words.

It’s been a long time since Min Yu left that Zhao Sheng recovered.
He discovered that his whole body was in a cold sweat.
Recalling that he seemed to have escaped the punishment of being dropped out of school just now.
He was stunned for a long time.
He suddenly took a large mouthful of vegetables, stuffed it into his mouth, then chewed it indignantly.
Thinking about Min Yu’s beautiful profile and smiling face, he both felt irritable and felt like he had drunk a large glass of concentrated lemon juice.
He doesn’t know why he felt sour.


Zhao Sheng thought silently.
He didn’t plan on doing something, did he? What’s going on with this husband and wife? Taking turns to warn him, then conveniently making a public display of affection?

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