Min Yu put his arms around Shao Mingwei’s neck as he sat on his lap, resting his head on the nook of his neck as he panted.
His eyes seemed a little dazed, not wanting to move.

Shao Mingwei slowly stroked Min Yu’s smooth back from top to bottom, blaming himself for not being able to control his desire even when Min Yu was unwell.
Thinking of what the two of them had done just now, his ears turned a little hot.



It was unknown when the movie was paused.
The warm room was silent and ambiguous, and the only thing you would hear was the low breathing.

Min Yu calmed down after a while.
When he lifted his eyes, he saw Shao Mingwei’s red ears.
He smiled with a trace of doting and affection, then raised his head and pursed his lips to kiss the place. 

Shao Mingwei’s undulating chest paused, and he lowered his head where he happened to meet Min Yu’s gaze coincidentally.


Min Yu’s white arms, smooth and round shoulders, and slender neck protruded from the blanket.
The curve from his chin to his lips was beautiful.
His red lips were glossy and plump when kissed.
His soft and warm eyes that were looking at Shao Mingwei were filled with an elder’s love and a bit of playfulness.
Compared to the big young boy, he seems more at ease and calm.

But that’s just what it looks like on the surface.

Shao Mingwei pursed his lips and asked softly, “Does it hurt below?”


Min Yu blushed and licked his lip.
He nodded slightly, then said coquettishly, “It hurts a little from the rubbing.”

Min Yu’s appearance was like the radiant sunshine of spring.
And in addition to their closely attached skin, there’s also that sticky sensation of bodily fluids that only the two people could feel under the blanket.
Hearing this sentence, Shao Mingwei’s breathing stagnated, and the thing that had just tasted meat a while ago showed some sign of waking up again.
He quickly looked away, and said in a tight voice, “Then let’s clean, clean up.
I will help you… take a look.

With that said, Shao Mingwei took a few paper towels and wiped his pants randomly, then hugged Min Yu and put him on the sofa.
He lowered his gaze and took off his dirty underwear, buttoned his pajamas and smoothed them, then finally wrapped him meticulously with a blanket.
He rolled his underwear into a ball and somewhat hastily said, “I will get you a hot towel and wipe it.
Don’t take a shower today.”


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“Sc.” Cr Zlc Te kjamtfv tlw vb jii atlr mjgfoeiis, tlr tfjga yfmjwf rboafg jcv rboafg yfmjerf bo atf sbecu ibnfg. 

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Shao Mingwei’s steps faltered, then he crouched down in front of Min Yu as if nothing had happened, and lifted the hem of the pajama for Min Yu to hold.
After that, he subconsciously held his breath and gently placed the soft and hot towel on his lower abdomen to wipe it clean.
With the towel going down, Shao Mingwei’s eyes inevitably fell on Min Yu’s sex organ.

A moment ago, he didn’t pay much attention to it, but now Shao Mingwei has the time to take a closer look.
Min Yu’s place was neither big nor small.
When it stood up, it was delicate and straight, but now it has shrunk softly into a fleshy-pink rod, so pitiful and lovely that it was exactly the same as its owner. 

The adjective Min Yu used a moment ago suddenly appeared in Shao Mingwei’s mind.

He felt that his thoughts were extremely weird, but he couldn’t stop his eyes from floating upwards.
After cleaning his rod and its surrounding side, Shao Mingwei held it with his free hand, and then carefully held the middle of the column and turned it in another direction, continuing the movement of his hand.

Min Yu was holding the hem of his clothes in his hands, his lower body was naked and Shao Mingwei was seriously and carefully wiping his genitals.
He felt that this scene was really lewd and shameful.
He bit his lip for fear of making strange noises.

Min Yu’s body was stiff.
Fortunately, Shao Mingwei was also in a state of awkwardness and embarrassment.
He forced himself to focus on the work at hand and was not allowed to have any other thoughts.
Therefore, his movements turned somewhat mechanical and numb.
That’s why he did not notice anything unusual about Min Yu. 

To continue going down, Shao Mingwei first had to wash the towel again and bring it back.
He hesitated for a moment and said without looking at Min Yu, “I’ll lift your leg.”

When he heard Min Yu humming from above, he held the other person’s thighs, bent them upward, and spread them to the sides.
The private part between the thighs was completely exposed to the light.
The shy hole that suddenly came into contact with the air outside immediately shrank, and even the liquid that had not completely dried up was glistening.


With his eyes receiving such sight, Shao Mingwei’s movements stopped instantly.
He subconsciously wanted to look up at Min Yu.
Unexpectedly, Min Yu covered his eyes, and heard him say in a muffled voice, “Don’t look at me.”

His tone seemed to be too embarrassed to meet people’s eyes.
Shao Mingwei was inexplicably not nervous and embarrassed anymore, he only whispered, “Okay.
I won’t look…” He slowly pulled down Min Yu’s hand.
Listening to his words, he lowered his eyelids, and suddenly lowered his head and kissed the pink and tender hole. 

“Ah—” Min Yu briefly cried in surprise, and then mumbled with a blushing face, “What are you doing…”

Shao Mingwei didn’t also know what was going on with him.
He originally thought before that this kind of behavior was unseemly, but now he is doing things that he didn’t dare to think about before.
In his eyes, everything in Min Yu is clean.
Tempting him, he used his lips and tongue to taste and comfort him.

Shao Mingwei gradually moved up, his thin lips lightly pecking at Min Yu’s soft genitals.
His breath hovered above it.
He heard the suppressed breathing in Min Yu’s nostrils.
His voice was deep and low.

He continues up to his lower abdomen, navel… and nipples.
The small crimson flesh has shrunk back, and the round pink areola rested quietly on his chest, undulating along with Min Yu’s breathing. 

Min Yu’s hands clenched his fists on both sides of his body, the tips of his eyes including his body were pink, and it was not until Shao Mingwei kissed his chin that he held onto Shao Mingwei’s shoulders and said while trembling, “Hug… hug me.”

Shao Mingwei stretched out his long arms and drew Min Yu in his embrace.
He took a deep look at the fragile man in front of him, kneeling on one knee on the sofa, he kissed him.

Fortunately, Shao Mingwei stopped promptly.
He kissed him and then helped him clean up.

“It’s a little red and swollen.
Can we put on some medicine?” Shao Mingwei softly touches Min Yu’s inner thigh with his fingers. 

“En.” Min Yu obediently nodded.

After applying the medicine, Shao Mingwei looked at his watch.
It was almost eleven o’clock, and said, “It’s time to go to bed.

He took Min Yu to the door of the bedroom.
Shao Mingwei was about to close the door when Min Yu held his hand.

“?” Shao Mingwei looked down at him. 

Min Yu showed a bashful smile.
“Let’s sleep together, ba… I want to sleep with you.”

Shao Mingwei paused and said okay.

The two of them had seen each other’s nakedness, so Shao Mingwei would not be hypocritical about this matter.

On the double bed, Min Yu was lying in Shao Mingwei’s arms.
The tip of his nose was on the boy’s warm chest. 

Shao Mingwei pulled the quilt up for him and felt his forehead again.

The temperature was just right, Shao Mingwei felt relieved.
If Min Yu started to burn up again because of him, he would blame himself until he fell asleep.
He patted Min Yu’s back lightly and suddenly recalled something.
“The twelfth is your birthday.”


Min Yu was stunned and looked up at him.
In the dark, the line of Shao Mingwei’s chin was particularly beautiful.
He hesitated for a moment and said, “En.”

“I didn’t want you to spend money, so I didn’t tell you.
Anyway, I didn’t want to…” His voice suddenly became smaller, and he said coquettishly, “Once you get a year older, there’s nothing good about it.” 

“Unlikely.” Shao Mingwei kissed him on his forehead and asked, “Do you have free time for that night?”

“I do have time at night, but I have to go back to the ancestral house at noon.
The old lady is always interested and likes these lively events.” Min Yu asked in a soft voice, “Are you going to surprise me?”

Shao Mingwei answered shyly, and then added, “It’s nothing special.
Don’t expect too much.”

Min Yu shook his head, then hugged Shao Mingwei’s waist tightly.
The side of his face pressed against his chest.
“As long as you prepare it, I’ll be looking forward to it.” 

Shao Mingwei couldn’t help but chuckle.
His heart wasn’t so uneasy anymore.
He also hugged Min Yu tightly.
With this kind of intimate posture, he said warmly, “Okay…it’s late, go to sleep, ba.”


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