Shao Mingwei strode across the road and entered the school gate.
When he passed the first intersection, the heat on his face didn’t still dissipate.
His eyebrows met, then he slowly stopped walking. 

After six o’clock, the sky hadn’t completely dimmed, but the streetlights on the campus were lit up one by one, illuminating half of Shao Mingwei’s face hidden under the shadow of the tree.
The surrounding was filled with students that came and went, either going back to their respective dormitories after eating, taking elective courses, or going for a self-study.
You can see them walking, cycling, or mounting their skateboards on the roads.
The surroundings were bustling with noise but Shao Mingwei couldn’t hear it at all, only Min Yu’s lowered eyes, reddish cheeks, rosy lips under the tip of his nose, and his soft and buoyant words “you’re an attractive and handsome person” kept lingering in his mind.

In Shao Mingwei’s impression, Min Yu has always been gentle and kind.
He admits that the other person is really good-looking, but his first impression when he first saw Min Yu was not how good his looks are.
It was just this afternoon that he suddenly discover–when the other party’s appearance became vivid and spirited–the real meaning of beauty, mixed together with an inexplicable and fascinating charm.



He could see that Min Yu was shy, and even showed a bit of fragility and gentleness when he said those words.

The curvature of the other person’s neck resembles that of a light-colored Chinese peony flower that slightly bends because of its blossoming petals. 

Originally, in the back mountains of their village, there was a large area filled with growing wild Chinese peony.
Their flowering season was May and June.
Shao Mingwei always passes there on his way after school.
The peony blooms quietly in the deep green valley, and the air is diffused with a faint sweet fragrance.


Shao Mingwei slapped his forehead immediately.
What mess was he thinking about?

But he couldn’t help but feel bewildered.
Are gay men as soft as… Min Yu?

Soft, yes, soft.
Shao Mingwei held the word in his mouth, secretly reflecting over it several times in his heart.


The light of the street lamp had passed through the gaps between the overlapping leaves, leaving a multiple blob of shadows and spots of light on the asphalt road.
Shao Mingwei carried a bag on one shoulder, standing under the tree, staring quietly at the chaotic lights and shadows in a daze.

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“Ole Tjcu.”

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Shao Mingwei was confused by his exaggerated reaction.
“What’s wrong with you?”

“A handsome guy’s halo is too dazzling.
I can’t open my eyes!” Liu Yang looked pained.

“…” Shao Mingwei, who was teased, fell silent and could only elbow him, then he walked forward in wide strides.

“Ai, ai, wait for me, okay?” Liu Yang cackled, “I was just kidding.
Ai, Weizi, you’re really great.” 

Shao Mingwei didn’t know what he was saying.
“What great?”

“You don’t have to pretend,” Liu Yang bumped into his shoulder, with a tone that said “you know what I mean”, then showed a wretched expression.
“Just now, you’ve gotten off from an expensive car.
You’ve already left the car for a long time, but the car still hasn’t left.
Surely it was because the person was watching you.
I observed for a while, the car has to have an estimated price of one or two million.
It’s a pity I didn’t see if the girl looked good or not.”

Liu Yang was full of regret.

When Shao Mingwei heard “you’ve already left the car for a long time but the car still hasn’t left,” his footsteps stopped unnoticeably, and felt some inexplicable relief in his heart without knowing why.
He then pursed his lips and said, “Where was your head going to? The guardian of the student I was tutoring was a… man.” 

“Ah…” Liu Yang was disappointed.
“A man, ah.
I thought you were next to a rich woman.”

Shao Mingwei glanced at Liu Yang surreptitiously and pressed his mouth together without saying a word.


After a while, Liu Yang was full of spirits again and began gossipping.
“Weizi, do you know that Xi xiaohua and the College of Accounting Yang Xuan is together?”

Shao Mingwei was taken aback.
“I don’t know, when did it happen?” 

Liu Yang scratched his head.
“It seems to be just last week.”

Shao Mingwei nodded, looking pensive.

“What, it hurts? I just said that Xi Zi is pretty good, you rejected her and now you’re regretting it, ba!” Liu Yang said with bitterness.

Shao Mingwei smiled and shook his head.
“No, I just…” 

“You’re just?”

He just felt that worldly affairs are impermanent.
Two months ago, he thought of trying and going out with Xi Zi, to the extent that he even planned about a future with her.
He didn’t expect that things would develop into this kind of situation.
It feels like a lifetime had passed.

Seeing that he didn’t plan to say anything, Liu Yang also chose to not question him, only because he thought that there’s a certain person who was particularly hilarious.

Shao Mingwei didn’t know what Liu Yang was thinking about in his playful head, and asked, “What are you laughing at?” 

Liu Yang couldn’t hold back a “pfff,” and burst into laughter.
“I’m laughing at Zhao Sheng, hahahaha, really amusing me to death.
Just thinking about how you rejected Xi Zi and still refused to be together with him, this must be his retribution for bothering you every day.
Just the mere thought of it makes me smile.
That complete idiot! Someday, I must laugh in front of his face!”

Shao Mingwei “…”


That afternoon, when Min Yu showed his spirited mood from time to time before Shao Mingwei’s eyes, his expression was as beautiful as peony flowers.
He doesn’t know what Min Yu meant by it, but every time he thought of his bright face, his heart would suddenly tremble lightly. 

He felt that he had become a little strange, very unlikely of his usual self.
It was unknown how many times he thought that letting Min Yu send him back that day was a mistake.
During the day, when he was busy studying or doing part-time jobs, he could put it in the back of his head.
But at night, when he goes to bed, he would occasionally wonder amid the snoring of his roommates: what would he do if he met Min Yu again?

However, for the next two weeks, Min Yu didn’t show up.

Shao Mingwei gradually breathed a sigh of relief, but the mere glimpse of the pair of sneakers placed in the corner of the dormitory a strange feeling would uncontrollably rise in his heart.

By the end of June, Shao Mingwei completed his exams in all subjects.
In addition to regularly reporting to Professor Xue’s laboratory, he officially started his summer vacation.
Shao Mingwei moved back to the small apartment he rented for Shao Rong and gave Aunt Jiang a break.
They both agreed with each other that when school starts again, he’ll contact her. 

Qi Jingchun still has one week left for her last term exams.
She plans to travel after the exams.
Shao Mingwei estimated that it’ll take two more classes and his make-up lesson will end.
Thinking that Shao Rong’s situation has not been very good lately, aside from Nights, he had been still unrelentingly looking for a part-time job.
He finally got a job from a phone store in a shopping center, located on the first floor as a mobile phone salesperson at the counter.
He had a good figure and strong efficiency.
After passing the required training, he started working without much effort.

Every 8:30 in the morning, Shao Mingwei, wearing a white shirt and black trousers standing on the corner of the counter, will attract a lot of attention.
In addition, he always had a good attitude and right eloquence.
After a few days of work, the counter transactions he is responsible for have increased.


On this day, he was patiently introducing a mobile phone’s features to a customer with his head down.
When the customer carefully compared the two mobile phones, Shao Mingwei raised his neck slightly to relax his spine, and unconsciously looked at the entrance door and saw Min Yu and another young man walking in.

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