On the way back, Ji He also passed another highlighted area.
He thought that the sky wasn’t too dark, so he decided to go around and have a look.

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In the end, by the time Ji He returned to the clearing by the creek his backpack was filled with bamboo shoots, ginger and green onions.

“Boss, you’re back!” As he had promised, Wang Xuan had been obediently staying beside the bamboo forest and didn’t leave.
He watched Ji He come over with a large bag from a distance, then ran over and helped Ji He lug over the backpack.

Wang Xuan looked through the open zipper and saw that there were a lot of bamboo shoots and grassy vegetation inside: “Boss, why did you get so many bamboos here? What are you going to do with them?”

“They’re useful.
Do you want to try them later?”

What’s the use of bamboo? Could you eat it? Wang Xuan refused again and again, and said firmly: “The nutrient solution I eat is enough.”

Ji He got Wang Xuan’s help, and the two set their backpacks near the creek’s bank.
Wang Xuan still hadn’t gotten over his fear of the things in the river, so as soon as he put down his backpack he ran back to the edge of the bamboo forest.

Ji He didn’t pay heed to Wang Xuan, he simply poured out all the bamboo shoots in his backpack.
There were ten bamboo shoots and twenty gingers in total, along with a pile of green onions he didn’t bother to count.

The backpack had a large capacity and could hold such massive bamboo shoots.
Now that everything inside was poured out, Ji He realized that the storage capacity of the backpack seemed to be a little bigger than it ought to be.

     [Ding- Task Triggered]

     [Distinguish Edible Plants: 0/100] 

     [Reward: Unknown]


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Ji He looked at the small hill of ingredients piled up in front of him.
He picked so many things but it hadn’t triggered a task until just now.
He figured it was because he had encountered some sort of system bug which also caused the system to give him a less simple task.
He didn’t expect such a random trigger.

“Boss, it’s getting dark.”

Wang Xuan was a little scared.
The darkness here represented danger.
In addition to the animals that you would normally see, there were also some purely nocturnal creatures that would cause problems at this time.

Wang Xuan had been relying on hiding in the trees since he came here to pass each night.
Although this had made his viewing rate drop extremely low, almost every distribution day he was able to get enough nutrient solution by relying on his survival time.

This time, although he came here with Ji He under the bait of the nutrient solution, it both dark and they were riverside.
The double whammy of danger made Wang Xuan’s panic start back up again.

“That’s right.” Ji He looked around and saw that it wasn’t too dark yet.
It was probably around five or six in the afternoon and there was still plenty light out, but it was indeed much darker than before.

Ji He beckoned to Wang Xuan, “Come and help me peel these bamboo shoots.”

Wang Xuan was a little hesitant.
He wandered around the edge of the forest for a while, but when he saw that it was getting darker he came over.
Wang Xuan was still in the observation period, so Ji He didn’t give him the knife, but instead cut the bamboo shoots open and handed them to Wang Xuan for him to peel.

Wang Xuan looked at the knife in Ji He’s hands with envy and asked, “Boss, why do you have a knife?”

“Oh, and that little shovel you can assemble.”

Ji He looked at the Swiss Army Knife in his hand, which he found in his backpack after waking up along with his shovel.
In fact, he had a whole set of tools in his backpack.
The shovel could also be disassembled and reassembled into a saw, as well as other tools.

He originally thought it was a novice benefit, but when he heard Wang Xuan’s question Ji He realized that while it was indeed a novice benefit, it seemed to be one given by the system.

Ji He scratched the bamboo shoots and asked casually, “There are so many people here, does anyone have a knife?”

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“Ought to still be some, but only a few.
I’ve only seen Qin Hu and his guys.
Back once when I was spending the night in a tree I saw that they were attacked by a group of wild animals and Qin Hu had to take out the knife so they could escape.”

“I haven’t seen much of the others.
It’s really big here, and I don’t usually go out of the woods.” Wang Xuan recalled the things he had seen before.
He suddenly realized something and quickly added: “Even though I’ve been in the wooded area all the time, I actually know a lot of stuff.”

Ji He didn’t prepare all the bamboo shoots, only half.

“Okay, you peel it here first, and I’ll set the fire.”

Ji He took the shovel and walked to the bamboo forest again This time he didn’t go deeper, but stopped at the edge of the forest.
Wang Xuan looked over curiously and saw that Ji He had used his shovel to whack at a two meter thick bamboo which was already tottering on the verge of collapse.

Wang Xuan only felt a chill on the top of his head, He didn’t dare to look at it any longer, and immediately lowered his head to concentrate on peeling the bamboo shoots.

Ji He didn’t know that what he was doing had once again reinforced Wang Xuan’s visceral fear of him.
He was just glad that the shovel was really sharp.
There was only that and a saw to use, but there was no axe in the newcomer’s gift bag.
He had still been worried about how to chop down trees.
He figured since the shovel was so strong it shouldn’t be too difficult to cut down some branches.

Soon Ji He came back with a pile of bamboo and a shovel’s worth of bamboo leaves.

“B… Boss, after all this is done, what else do you want me to do?”

Ji He piled the bamboo leaves aside, looked at the river, and then at Wang Xuan, and decided to hand the shovel to him, “Go and shovel some more bamboo leaves, and I’ll pick up some rocks by the river.”

Wang Xuan heard this as Ji He showing consideration and care for him by letting Wang Xuan be the one to go to the bamboo forest while in exchange Ji He himself would have to go to the riverbank.


Wang Xuan’s enthusiasm was ignited.
He took the shovel and patted his chest with resolve, saying that he would definitely bring back a lot of bamboo leaves.
Although he didn’t know why Wang Xuan was so excited all of a sudden, Ji He still thought that things were developing in a good direction.

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After watching Wang Xuan’s overflowing enthusiasm to go shoveling for bamboo leaves, Ji He went to the river to move stones to build a fire pit.

This would be the first time he had been to this river as he had been stopped by Wang Xuan the last time he had wanted to take a look.
Ji He observed the stones on the bank and looked into the river.

 ‘Tem, can I drink this water?’

 [Yes, it is not poisonous to the human body.]

Ji He nodded with satisfaction, when suddenly a dark figure in the water swam by in front of him.


 Is that a fish?

Ji He hesitated a bit not because of what it was, but simply because the shadow was really too big.
It was probably as long as one of his arms…

 How delicious is this!!

Ji He, who had been hungry all day, decided to find a way to get that fish.

In front of this fish, bamboo shoots are a thing of the past!

~~~~~The Author Has Something To Say~~~~~

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Happy Dragon Boat Festival! ! ! ! (Happy holidays are coming!)

~~~~~Translator’s Quest Log~~~~~


1:    Distinguish Edible Plants: 10/10

Reward: Highlighting Mode

In Progress:

1:    Catch Small Animals: 0/10

Reward: Unknown

2:     Distinguish Edible Plants: 0/100

Reward: Unknown

~~~~~Translator’s Skill Page~~~~~

Picking:     Lv.1

Digging:    Lv.1

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