【What is this newcomer doing? They’ve been motionless in the tree for so long.】

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【I just voted that the newcomer will live for half a year.
Don’t let me lose!!】

【You’re really daring to vote on a newcomer to live for half a year.
You must know that it’s been a long time since a newcomer has lived that long.】

A series of bullet messages floated through Ji He’s vision, but the barrage that floated past didn’t affect Ji He as he continued to hide firmly in the tree.

 [Host, what are we doing here?] The barrage was shared with Ji He by the system, so it could naturally also see the words.
In addition to these messages, the system could also see that the number of real-time viewers had dropped from the original fifty thousand to three thousand.
This data plunge was steep enough that the system found it a bit difficult to bear.

Ji He did not answer the system’s words.
He looked at the covered passage not far away that led between where they were and the safe zone.
According to the information provided by the system, he had been squatting here for more than three hours.

In the first hour, two teams came by, each with about a dozen people; in the second hour, five teams came by, each with seven or eight people.
Ji He’s hiding place was high and he could see far away.
He even saw that when one team left they bumped into another team coming over, and the two sides interacted a little.

In the third hour no team came by, but instead there were a dozen people over the course of the hour interval.
Most of them were in groups of two or three people.
If they encountered others, they would stay far away to avoid contact.

The system was still talking.
Although the voice wasn’t able to disrupt Ji He’s train of thought, he still felt a bit of a headache because of the sharp mechanical sound.
He frowned slightly and explained perfunctorily to the system.

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 ‘Of course to avoid these people.’

The system was puzzled and continued to ask: [According to the previous information, as long as the host runs far enough or stays in one location in the protected area, these people will not find the host.
It is obviously unnecessary for the host to stay here for so long.]

Ji He didn’t pay any attention to the system.
He looked at the time and saw that almost four hours had already gone by total, and it had been twenty minutes since the last team had come to check the area.

Ji He packed the backpack that he had hidden on the other side of the tree’s crown after he had climbed up the tree and prepared to go down.

It’s just that the moment he moved, a few barrages popped up again.
Ji He felt that these things floating in front of him would limit his movements.
He paused and asked the system, ‘Can the barrage be closed?’

 [Okay, now closing the barrage for the host.]

As the mechanical voice fell, the bullet chat was indeed rendered invisible.

 ‘Tem, what other surprises do you have that I don’t know about?’ Ji He said with a hint of surprise.

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When Ji He had woken up previously he had found himself inexplicably bound to this system.
After he took a brief moment to understand that he was on a strange survival show, Ji He chose to walk out of the reserve and hide in a tree to observe.
He hadn’t paid much attention to the system.
At first, he thought that the barrage floating in front of him when he woke up was from the strange show, but now it seemed that it was given to him

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