”What are you doing there? ”

Lucas Deutrich Laurence, the Second Prince of Rocette Kingdom. He walks over to the suspicious hooded man that is standing at the door of his fiancées room.

”Ah, Lucas, its me— ” Austin Brandon Laurence, the First Prince. ”I heard Diana Evans fell from the balcony of the palace yesterday. I thought there would be a funeral today but apparently she managed to get up this afternoon. So… as a good brother-in-law, I came with the intention to see if she is doing well. ”

”Huh, brother-in-law, you say? And in the middle of the night like this? ” Lucas didn understand what his brother was doing right now. Austin wasn the type of guy who looked after a woman for no reason.

”Yes, isn Diana Evans going to be my sister-in-law, am I wrong? We will celebrate your engagement tomorrow. Then after that you two will get married. Why? Are you still not happy with your fiancée…

Come on Lucas, weren you the one who brought yourself all the way to Lady Evans? Mother had given you better options before but you wasted all those choices yourself. ”

Lucas pouted, realizing that Austin was trying to escape the topic of him being in front of Dianas room. Alright, he will let him go this time. Its just that he doesn agree with the opinion of his older brother who is five years different from him. ”I told you, none of them are worthy of me, ” he said.

”Hah… yeah, thats what you always say. Your arrogance that made you end up with just the daughter of a lowly county who doesn even have royal blood. In order to raise her social status, our beloved mother even gave her the opportunity to make the engagement party as her social debut as well.

That was a great achievement. Luckily… I heard shes quite pretty. The soldiers even dared to compare her beauty to my Elisa. It makes me curious, just how… ”

Austin peeked inside the door he had opened a little. Too bad he couldn see anything from the gap, he should have opened the door wider. If only Lucas didn show up…

”Oh! If so, are you willing to accept her? You can take her to your side. You can make her a concubine in the future. ”

”And ruin my reputation? Hah! You think Im stupid? Mother wouldn give the title of Crown Prince to a prince who likes to play with fire. ”

It becomes an unspoken condition considering how history is engraved. For example, Charles IV, the former emperor—who was the grandfather for the current princes—was able to develop political power by not taking a single concubine. Until the end of his life Charles IV was fa

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