s about to leave to find her child.

“Please, take me to my brother.”

“I'm sorry, dear.
I need to find my child…
Oh right.”

The woman led Rose again.
The place the woman went was an article in charge of public order.

“Knight! This child has lost her way.
Please find her parents.”

“Of course.
Where did you first meet the child?”

“It was in front of the building with the red roof over there.
I have to find my child too.
I will go first.”

The woman who entrusted Rose to the knight quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Left alone with the knight, she felt herself further drifting away from Wells.

“Little girl, can you tell us a little about your parents and how they look? You don't look like a commoner from the way you're dressed.”

The knight bent down on one knee in front of Rose.
The sword at his waist dragged against the floor with a crackling sound.

It sounded louder to Rose, who got frightened and looked at the knight, terrified.

The stranger alone had terrified the child, but then the knight's shaggy beard and large scars on his face were enough to amplify the fear Rose felt.


Eventually, Rose burst into tears and rushed backward.

“Wait for a sec, kid!”

The voice of a knight urgently calling her came from behind, but to Rose's terrified ears, it was only the roar of a monster that was surely coming to eat her.

More people flocked to the plaza for the upcoming fireworks display, and Rose Honeywell's small frame ran into the crowd of adults and families and managed to get out of the crowd and away from the knight.

Standing in front of a store that closed early, Rose looked around.

No matter how many times she turned around, it was an unfamiliar place.
She couldn't see a single familiar face.

Brother, mommy, daddy…”

Rose shed tears, sitting down on her knees.

If I wait here without moving, my family will surely appear.

She began to weep bitterly.

But the fear didn't go away, so all Rose could do was whimper and weep.

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The moment she cried, shoulders shaking, the sound of firecrackers hitting Rose's ears.

The fireworks started.

When I saw it last year, it was very beautiful, but now, even that beautiful flame feels scary.

Rose buried her face in her lap.

“Brother, mommy, daddy.”

As if it were a spell to calm her mind, Rose constantly called out to her family and raised her head only when she felt a light tap on my shoulder.

Are you lost?”

The first thing that imprinted in Rose's eyes was the blue hair.

A boy who looked younger than Wells gazed at Rose's face in surprise.

“Are you a Honeywell?”

It was a boy who knew Rose's last name.
Rose held the boy's hand as if it were a rope.

“Yes! I'm a Honeywell.
Big brother, do you know the Honeywells? Please help me.
I lost my brother! I want to go home.

Finally, someone who knows me appears.

Tears fell from Rose's eyes again.

“Huu, waa.”

The relief she felt did not stop the tears.
The boy took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped away the tears.

The boy's hand wiping the tears was clumsy, and his soothing voice was tinged with embarrassment.

“There, there, don't cry.
I know where the Duke of Honeywell is.
I'll take you.”

“Huh, really?”

I saw Duke Honeywell and Wells desperately looking for you.
Can you walk?”

The boy pulled Rose's hand.

I try to stand up, but my legs hurt, and I keep falling.

“No, I can't move my legs.”

When Rose panicked, the boy gave up his back without hesitation.

“Get up.”

“Is that okay?”

Maybe this way, we will go faster.
Come on.”

Rose carefully placed her arms on the boy's back.
It was the first time he had been carried by men other than the Duke and Wells.

Rose, who was carried by tall men, was unfamiliar with the low vision of being carried by a boy.

“It would have been very high if my brother or father were carrying me.”

The boy let out an airy laugh.

“Do you know how expensive it is to ride on my back?”

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“My father and older brother are also expensive.
Father, brother…”

The memory of her family made Rose's mood darken again.

I want to go quickly and be embraced by my family.

The boy must have heard Rose's sobbing and hurriedly changed the subject.

“Look at the sign for that store over there.
Doesn't the blue remind you of the sea?”

Rose shook her head.

“I have never seen the sea.”

“What? You've never seen the sea?”

Books were all Rose could use to see the sea.

The capital they lived in was in the inland of Tristan Empire, and the sea was far away, so it was not an easy distance to come and go.

Rose did not answer because she was somewhat embarrassed by the boy's surprised question.

A boy's voice filled with laughter was heard.

“Then I will definitely take you to the sea someday and show you around.”

The voice was very sweet.

Rose was drawn to it and raised her head.

All I see in front of me is blue hair.

It was then that a streak of light touched his hair.

The blue flame dyed the boy's blue hair even bluer and brighter.

Looking at the color, Rose recalled the sea Wells had shown her in the book.

The sea, which she had never seen before, opened before Rose's eyes.

The wind of early summer and the slightly muggy heat.

It was definitely something she never felt until just now.
Everything felt new and different.


It was difficult for Rose to tell whether the loud sound was the sound of fireworks rising in the sky or the sound of her heart.

Feeling this strange and unfamiliar feeling, Rose buried her face in the boy's back.


Before she knew it, Rose couldn't hear any noise from the people or the sound of firecrackers.

Right now, the only thing that surrounded Rose's ears was the sound of her heart beating like crazy.

Rose, not hating the feeling, slowly closed her eyes.

I was curious about the boy's name, but I don't have the energy to fight how sleepy I am.

…When I wake up after a little sleep, I'll ask him what his name is.

However, in the end, Rose did not get to hear the boy's name that day.

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