versation quickly turned to dance and dance instructors.
Ilya focused on every word they said, lest she miss the conversation should her thoughts drift.

The topic of conversation changed so quickly that the chat that started with Rose soon changed to the knights of the Imperial Knights templar.

“I heard that Lady Taylor has been furious a lot lately because of the young Lady Taylor.”

“That's right.
It was discovered that the young lady was secretly dating a knight from the Imperial Knights.”

In that conversation, Ilya guessed that the topic would change to romance this time.
Love story is also an interesting topic for her.

However, there was one thing that Ilya overlooked: that she was the only young lady in the room, meaning she was the only one still unmarried.

As expected, attention was focused on Ilya when it came to dating.

“What does Lady Titonsser think of the knights?”

“Are you referring to the Imperial knights?”

I'm curious about young women dating.
As you may have heard earlier, it seems that Young Lady Taylor is meeting with a knight.”

Ilya thought of Stanley, whom she met during the ball.

Stanley was the second son of the Gardner family.
Stanley, who was not an heir to his family, was instead studying physics.

“Because Rose is a good person, it's not surprising that they fall in love with her after meeting her.”

“That's right.
It's amazing, though.
I thought all the knights were in love with Lady Honeywell.”

Someone jokingly responded to Ilya's words.

Ilya laughed at that, but the ladies here seemed quite sympathetic.

“Even if it sounds exaggerated, it was correct.
In fact, my cousin is also an Imperial knight.
I didn't say it, but he was in love with Lady Honeywell as well.”

“Is it only the knights? Even the servants of our mansion were in love with her.”

“Rumor has it that the Rose of Honeywell is so beautiful that no one can help but admire her.”

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Ilya's eyes widened at the whispers of the ladies.

They speak of acquaintances and relatives who are in love with Rose Honeywell.

I knew Rose was beautiful, but…
It's like a story out of a novel.
A story like a heroine who is loved by all men.

“Still, everyone will give up in the end if Lady Honeywell gets engaged to Duke Proud.”

“The engagement ceremony was postponed until next year because she is helping Marquise Rosenberg, but I hope the two of them get married soon.
If good men and women are in harmony, everyone will give up.”

Ilya's shoulders trembled as she quietly listened to their hopeful wishes.

Rose said she would break off the engagement, but everyone only knows now that the engagement ceremony has been postponed.

Unbeknownst to the truth, the ladies talked about how well-matched Elliot and Rose were.

The fact that the two got along well was well known to Ilya.
Just standing side by side was like looking at a painting.

Countess Healy, who was in the midst of a conversation, spoke to Ilya.

“Men lose their minds when a beautiful woman has someone worthy of her.
Isn't it so, Lady  Titonsser?”


Ilya struggled to raise the corner of her mouth into a smile, but found that it did not rise, and asked stiffly.

…It's strange to think that all men will only like Rose.
If you look at it differently, it sounds like Lord Stanley also likes Rose.

Ilya, who was scheduled to go to Baron Gardner's mansion the next day at Lord Stanley's invitation, felt the excitement of the tea party subside.

No! That's because there are so many people who like Rose.
Let's not include Lord Stanley in the list for nothing.

Ilya shook her head vigorously to clear away her thoughts.

Fortunately, the ladies no longer spoke of men adoring Rose Honeywell.

“By the way, Marquise Rosenberg is very late.”

“I know.
She is normally always on time.”

“What happened? I will have to call a maid to see if something happened.”

They realized that it had been quite some time since they had arrived in the greenhouse.

Just as Countess Healy was about to call for a maid, Alison appeared.

Upon her appearance, the noble ladies stood up from their seats, and Ilya hastily stood up, following them.

“Apologies, ladies, for taking so long.”

“Not a problem.
Thank you for the invitation, Marquise Rosenberg.”

When Countess Healy greeted, everyone followed suit and greeted along.

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Ilya bowed, but tilted her head when she couldn't see Rose, who should have come with Alison.

Perhaps the others noticed Rose's absence as well, Countess Healy inquired about Rose's whereabouts.

Didn't Lady Honeywell come with you?”

“Ah, Rose…won't be able to attend the tea party because I asked for something.
Let's all sit down.”

When Allison was seated, the ladies followed suit.
The maids placed fragrant tea and sweet desserts on the table.

Ilya was as polite as possible and enjoyed her time chatting with the ladies.

However, she was worried about Rose not being able to attend the tea party at Alison's request; Ilya would occasionally stare in the direction of the greenhouse entrance while drinking tea.

The place where Wells staggered to a stop as he ran out of breath after abandoning his work was the outbuilding in which Allison stayed.

When Wells arrived, a waiting maid escorted him.

As he followed the maid into the annex, Wells struggled to keep his legs from getting weak.

After passing through the door opened by the maid, Wells entered and found Rose lying on the bed.


Wells weakly ran to the bed, his legs shaking as if he'd suddenly fall over, and examined Rose's complexion.

The face of his sleeping younger sister was bloodless.

A maid approached behind him.

“I was on my way to the greenhouse with the Marquise when the young lady suddenly collapsed.
The doctor said that she had passed out due to extreme stress and that she would come to her senses if she got enough rest.”

“Stress? What is this kid going to be stressed about?”

At Wells' bleak shout, the maid trembled and lowered her head.

“My apologies.”

That's alright.
Did the Marquise receive any more inquiries from the guests?”

It seems that she has told the ladies that the young lady cannot attend due to a personal request.”

You may go.”

The maid left the room at a quiet but quick pace.

With the sound of the door closing, Wells raised his hand and carefully arranged Rose's bangs.

“Rose, what the hell is going on with you?”

He was very worried about his only little sister.


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