Alongside the birth of a certain world, a certain dungeon appeared. The place was never found for thousands of years and kept growing despite that.

Alongside the dungeon, the civilizations of that world and its inhabitants began to increase until some people found it and decided to investigate it. However, not a single one of those that entered the dungeon returned.

Many thousands of years had passed, and few people decided to investigate the place until someone finally left the dungeon after saying that he had conquered the place and obtained everything they wanted. That person called himself the dragon god, and he declared to the whole world that every year, ten thousand people had to enter the dungeon. Otherwise, some people will be forced to enter, and if they refuse it, their entire family will be killed by his curse.

After his declaration, the dragon god disappeared… people ignored his words, but one year later, people all over the world received the curse of the dragon god. Red marks appeared on their bodies, and if they didn enter the dungeon before the mark took over their bodies, those related to them would die… some people decided to ignore it, and some didn . In the end, over fifty thousand people died that year.

The curse persisted for over millennia, and people began to accept it like it was a part of the lives of those who were unfortunate enough to be chosen…

When Zane was five years old, his father received the curse of the dragon god… he didn

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