ing away! ”

He hustled, kicking off the ground and smashing one of the three cobras tails.

”Hiss! ”

The Queen Cobras attention shifted to Esecleus upon having its spawns getting hurt badly.

”Shit! ”

It spews its venom to Esecleus location. Its quantity was enough to liquefy Esecleus in just a matter of seconds.

Esecleus jumped to the side, hitting his back against a rock he was expecting before. Instantaneously, he climbed up on the rock, hiding behind it, when the Queen Cobra spitted once again his venom.

”Uwah! That obliterated the big rock! ”

Trevor and Elxid came to his aid. They had Queen Cobras attention shifted to them after casting magic spells onto it.

But it was not enough to inflict any serious damage on the snake.

”Hiss! ”

Its speed was unfathomable despite its huge structure.

”Its coming! ”

Elxid went to his right while Trevor tumbled to the other side, but he was met with the snakes crushing tail. The Queen Cobras tail was part of the valuable parts, and loot hunters claimed after killing it.

Petrified minerals formed as another weapon for the Queen Cobra, which is highly sought by loot buyers because of the number of minerals it contains.

”Guh! ”

Trevor flung away. He only stopped rolling when he hit his head on the wall of the snakes den, which resulted in him losing consciousness. It was created underneath the ground where there was only one way out, and the interior was filled with rocks it collected.

Elxid, on the other hand, tried climbing the snakes body with his one-handed sword. Luckily, he reached the Queen Cobras head. His resolve was unwavering. Elxid held the handle with both hands, about to stab the snake on the scaly back of its head.

It descended on the snakes head successfully. However…

”It snapped? ”

And the part where Elxid tried piercing cracked a little. His strength was enough to kill the snake, but the swords durability was lacking. Therefore, Elxid faced the consequences of his actions.

The Queen Cobra shook him off its head. Elxid was free-falling, and the

snake quickly ascended up in the air with its mouth wide open, about to swallow Elxid whole.

”Farewell, idiot! ”

Esecleus was overwhelmed with the sledgehammer. Three snakes about his size could not do anything against his crazy way of dealing with monsters. He does not fear nor shows any contempt when facing the monsters. Unlike the Queen Cobra, these three spawns of her do not possess the same amount of venom she can spew. Which means they can only transmit venom through their fangs.

Like a balloon filled with blood getting popped with something sharp, Elxids body was crushed, and blood flowed from both ends of the snakes mouth.

And then there were crunchy sounds reverberating inside the den as the snake chewed on it when it was not supposed to.

On the other hand, Esecleus grabbed one of the remaining two cobras tails, and he was dragged along, his body skidding on the rocky ground.

”Hmm? ”

After multiple decaying venoms being spewed everywhere, Esecleus noticed the change in the Queen Cobra. Instead of just swallowing Elxid whole, it munched on him, which was totally strange.

However, Esecleus thought that it might be its other way of enjoying its food, so he cast the thought aside.

The snake hissed at Esecleus, threatening him after he regained his composure and pulled the snake back after trying to crawl away.

e not going anywhere! ”

Using the sledgehammer, he began mashing its skin. The cracking noise became a piece of music to his ears. The soothing sound of the snakes scales breaking was something Esecleus could not get tired of listening to.

”Hiss! ”

Its cry sounded like it was calling for its mother. The spawn was asking for the Queen Cobras help before Esecleus completely destroyed its whole body.

With its agility, the Queen Cobra crawled as fast as it could, but she was too late to help her baby. Esecleus had gone, and turned the snakes head into a paste using the sledgehammer.

A loud hiss echoed, a sign that the Queen Cobra was pissed at the death of its baby.

Its speed increased, and before Esecleus could escape, his body was being squeezed tightly by the snakes tightening structure.

”Ahhhh!!! ”

Painfully, he felt his bones crushing everywhere in his body; his life felt like being squished out of its container. His guts were squeezed out like a paste.

And thus, Esecleus died for the first time.


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