is lies, and tried standing up as he intentionally lost footing.

”Take it easy, Esecleus. ”

[Vice-Chief Executive: Wright]

Wright suddenly became interested in Esecleus after singlehandedly clearing a B-rank threshold. He came out unscathed and Wright arrived there, ready to go in when Esecleus emerged with blood all over his clothes and the usual grin on his face. No one can wipe it off his face. He would grin whenever and wherever he wanted to.

”Just sit first and catch your breath. You don have to speak right now. We have time to hear the story. ”

But Isha was eager to know what happened, shaking Esecleus on his shoulders malevolently.

”Tell me, Esecleus! Where are Sir Vylan and the others?! ”

Isha was pulled away by other employees of the organization and was told to calm down.

”Rest assured, Ms. Isha. We will go there ourselves to check. ”

”The… ” Esecleus was trying to speak, reaching the air with his hand. ”The dungeon is collapsing. It might be buried by now in rubble. ”

One of Wrights men went inside the threshold and almost got hit by falling debris. Luckily, he was aware of what was happening, or else hed be crushed by now.

”I saw my life flash before my eyes! Esecleus is right! Its blocked, and its… closing already? ”

”But what about the monsters that ambushed them? Did they die? ”

Only Esecleus can answer them, and they expected him for them.

”They were chasing me. Vylan, all of Lions Mane, and the monsters died inside! And all I did was run away! ”

Emotionally, Esecleus showed remorse and pain in his eyes. He clenched his fist so hard, taking his acting top-notch to convince everyone even more.

”My life had always been hanging by a thread. I was standing on a thin line, surviving the harshness of this world. And honestly, I thought there was only cruelty and suffering waiting for me. But after running across an unidentified entity, I became overpowered. ”

Esecleus reminisces about his dark past. His days would start in the dirty alleys of a suburban area. He has nowhere to go, no parents to feed him, and never had a place to call home.

As the sun rises, all of the beggars, people who also have nowhere to go like Esecleus, would wake up early in the morning, looking for food. It was the only way to survive extreme hunger.

It was a race for all of them. And at the young age of six, Esecleus experienced everything, someone, his age should not be experiencing. All the harshness of this world, its unfair and unjust treatment of a young child was something he was molded into.

Esecleus was forced to grow up in such a discouraging and evil environment. So, to survive, Esecleus had to use every means possible. If he had to play the fool, he would gladly do so. In order to get out, Esecleus adopted traits he would use and became adaptive to his surroundings.

And by the age of ten, Esecleus sullied his hands dirty. He learned of the warmth of someones blood on his hands. Esecleus killed someone just for some spare food. Had he let it go, it would be him rotting five meters down the ground. Hmm, someone like him would not even get a proper burial. He might end up in the sewers and become food for sewage rats.

For months, Esecleus was haunted by the nightmare. The face of his victim would flash in his mind, bloodied and lifeless with its eyes staring deeply into his soul. He could not sleep and it was eating him mentally and emotionally.

And by the end of the year, at the age of fifteen, exactly three years later, Esecleus had his second kill. Unlike the first one where he suffered tremendous mental stress, going without sleeping for days, his second time was more of a subservient behavior.

”A voice was telling me to kill. I recently recovered from the trauma, and now my mind is telling me to become a total murderer. So I did. ”

Even so, Esecleus reached the point where he overcame his desire for blood. His natural instincts to kill, however, grew wilder and thus improving his knack for directing intense bloodlust, which would instantly have a weak-minded person down on their knees.

And when he became an adult, of legal age, Esecleus first set foot inside a threshold. He was inexperienced, and only heard about the monsters and saw them on televisions being sold in stores.

So, his first encounter with a monster was full of overwhelming nervousness, hands shaking, and panicking.

”Semper ad Meliora. ” Always onward towards better things.


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