hat all rained down on Esecleus spot. More and more fog piled up in the air, obscuring their visions, and disabling them from seeing what was happening to their target.

”Don stop until I say so! ”

A barrage of spells and skills were thrown at Esecleus location. Vylan told them not to stop until the ground began to shake and rocks above them, debris started falling.

”All of you, stop! ”

”Did we overdo it? ”

They all wondered what was reduced of Esecleus. Anyone who receives and has direct contact with that amount of spells would definitely die. No one would be able to survive an attack enough to massacre a whole citys population.

It was one of the reasons why the dungeon was collapsing. Another cause of it was the awakening of a power beyond human understanding. A power so strong that only the gifter himself would be able to match.

However, it was incomplete, raw, and needed some polishing, for great power comes with great responsibility.

”Blood was shed… but it was not enough. I wish for more blood to be spilled. ” says the texts floating above them in scary fonts and tinted in red.

Twenty-five was still among the texts. The number of their raid party. And it just went down all of a sudden.

A womanly scream echoed in their ears, their gaze instantly turning towards the direction.

They saw their comrade pointing at something lying on the ground. Everyone saw the butchered remains of their fellow guild members. The death was so brutal that some of them gagged and eventually threw up upon seeing it.

”Wh-Who did this? ”

Panic went over their heads, those who were weak-willed. Their immediate reaction was that monsters were lurking around, and killed one of them.

One by one, their numbers drop significantly, and more pints of blood were scattered on the ground.

”Whats happening?! ” asked Vylan, confused about what is occurring around them.

No one saw things happening around them. Here and there, the bodies of their dismembered comrades dropped dead. Some had their throats slit while others had it worse.

”Find out who is doing this and see if Esecleus is already dead! It can be that bastard! ”

They literally saw Esecleus earlier pull bottles off the monsters blood out of nowhere.

”Only something sharp can reduce them to this state! ”

Vylan only realized that the sword he was holding was missing.

”Did he take it?! Fuck! I don know whats going on anymore! ”

His comrades silhouettes became blurry except for Zaul who was on the other end of his direction inside the magic circle. Behind his co-captain, over his shoulders, Esecleus face trickles with the blood of his victims, and a wide sinister smile marked itself in his mind.

Esecleus had his hand covering Zauls mouth with the sword threatening the pitiful co-captain on his neck.

Soundlessly, Vylan read Esecleus lips.

”Wait for your turn. You will be last. ”

With the strength of both of his arms, Esecleus broke Zauls neck, then mercilessly stabbed the dead co-captains head with the sword. He stomped on his head to pull out the stuck blade, thus further igniting Vylans raging resentment of Esecleus.

Zauls bloody body thudded down to the ground, and Esecleus disappeared once again in the midst of the psychological disturbance going on at that moment.

Vylan was wildly looking everywhere and he would see Esecleus gaze locking with his, and the murdering of his remaining comrades.

For several minutes, only their cries for help and whimpering could be heard inside the dungeon. The explosion of their magic spells, which blindly damages their friends, ends up causing more damage to the dungeon. Sooner or later, they will be buried because of the now huge debris falling from above.

And Vylan could do nothing but watch his comrades get slaughtered by a lone man with a condescending look on his face. The most sinister of them all. A much more terrifying being other than all of the scary monsters he fought in the past. Nothing could be compared to how monstrous Esecleus had become.

”Its time to think about the life youve had, Vylan, ” began Esecleus, his voice vibrating inside Vylans head.

Vylan froze on his feet, his legs shaking, and unable to process the scenarios that took place in front of him.

”Revisit the time you have been an asshole, Vylan. Im sure youll make a whole ass movie. It is not too late to repent, although your sins won be forgiven. I shall serve as the judge and punish you for your irredeemable sins. ”


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