”Envy and Jealousy. ”

What actually is the difference between these two? As time passed by, people began to associate and ignore the fact that envy and jealousy are two completely different things, which also come with some congruency to each other.

Envy (noun) is a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone elses possessions, qualities, or luck.

Envy (verb) desires to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to (someone else).

While jealousy is feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages, feeling or showing suspicion of someones unfaithfulness in a relationship, fiercely protective or vigilant of ones rights or possessions.

However, these two prevalent words can corrupt whomever they strike. It can cause evil thoughts in people experiencing these two wicked feelings.

And that is what a guild of hunters is feeling as of right now when a major backlash to their fame occurred after the so-called ”gods scabbard ” took the spotlight and one-sidedly annihilated a B-rank threshold all to himself.

Esecleus reckless actions angered all of his guildmates, which led to utter hate and evil thoughts.

Inside their three-story headquarters, all of their employees and hunters had gathered except for Esecleus since he is somewhat of a pain to deal with. Moreover, Esecleus had been absent for most of the guild meetings, but he was clearing low-level thresholds other guilds had already set their sights on.

He may be tied to the guild by a contract, but his refractory behavior would not let himself be a pet or someone others could order around.

If so, then why join a guild? By joining a guild, Esecleus will now be able to participate in clearing mid-level thresholds and it also comes with benefits an independent hunter won get. So, joining a guild is a must for hunters aiming to hit it big.

Training and special programs to improve hunters also come with joining a guild.

But before we delve further into the story, lets understand what these thresholds are and how far human capabilities have reached after their appearances in the world.

Earth became a leeway to two otherworldly dimensional worlds unknown to humans. Along with the emergence of the thresholds came the appearance of terrifying creatures, and people began to bloom with overwhelming talents. Only those who opt to fight these monsters were given the ability to express themselves in front of the cries of people who suffered from the massive invasion. And those with the aptitude for power discovered their hidden talents later on.

50 years ago, human lives were at such peace at that time but then these thresholds popped up out of nowhere all over the world, which later on changed and greatly affected Earth.

Since then, Earth has not been the same peaceful place because thresholds can appear at any time, and humans can only predict some of them with the help of gifted hunters. However, the human race quickly adapted to the change, and powerful people sprang from all over the world.

[Guild Leader: Vylan]

One thing I forgot to mention is that most humans started to ignore the use of surnames, thus reducing their whole identities to only first names. However, there are still people that include their parents last names alongside their given names to commemorate or show signs of respect for their parents.

In Vylans case, he chose to have only his given name when he reached adulthood, although his parents decided to give their last name to him.

Inside his office, whilst reading the enraging recent achievements of Esecleus, his secretary who was bustling on her way arrived with a piece of important news.

”S-Sir Vylan! ”

She was out of breath after taking the stairs when their only elevator did not work due to malfunctioning. Before speaking, she tried catching her breath first as she was being calmed down by Vylan.

”Speak whenever you
e ready, Isha. ”

Vylan put the tablet down on his table and fixed the way he was casually sitting with his feet crossed on top of the table.

”The investigation team of Hunters Organization found an A-rank threshold near the church of Sodonia City. ”

Vylan tilted his head to the unsurprising news Isha had brought him.

”Hmm? Is that all? You could have just emailed me this, Isha. ”

”No, sir. I wanted to tell you this in person because they found out that the threshold was empty. No monsters were seen inside except for a sword stuck on the ground. ”

”This is new, ” Vylan chucked his chin, slowly submerging in his own thoughts. ”Maybe someone went there first then killed all the monsters then left? When did this threshold appear? ”

Isha finally decided to sit down on a chair in front of Vylans table, then let out a sneaky exasperated sigh.

”About an hour ago. ”

”Then, someone couldn possibly have cleared an A-rank threshold unless it is a group. Maybe this threshold is a trap, yeah? ”

”Exactly, sir Vylan! ”

Ishas face brightened at the word ”trap ” because she knows how they could utilize this empty threshold they were talking about. However, Vylan, on the other hand, has not caught on to what Isha wished to say yet.

”Do you have an idea in mind? ” Vylan, who was genuinely unaware of Ishas intentions, asked. ”You seem wicked. Only if you could look at yourself with that grotesque expression right now, youd be terrified. ”

”Now, now, sir Vylan. I am always as angelic as people see me. Anyway, what I have in mind is this threshold will be the perfect place to trap Esecleus. Weren you planning on getting rid of the nuisance in your guild like we always do? ”

Seductively, Isha climbed up on top of the table with her face gradually reaching for the smirking face of Vylan after hearing her great idea.

”Now thats interesting. We can set up a trap for Esecleus by threatening to revoke his contract if he does not intend on participating in the raid. ”

”Wonderful! ”

Their lips came in contact, sharing hot and sensual kisses after sharing a wicked plan. It continued on for a minute, going at it with their tongues swirling inside each others mouths, mixing all those salivae they have produced at the heat.

Isha pulled away a bit from Vylan and then spoke of the definitive plan she thought of: ”Ive received a message from Esecleus that he is gonna be free tomorrow. Also, Ive already constructed a solid plan we can use against Esecleus if you want things to progress tomorrow. Just say the word and I can work on it, then send the file to everyone you want to participate in. ”

Before answering Isha, Vylan pulled her closer again, giving her yet another long kiss, then a couple of pecks on her lips before letting her go.

Their relationship was nothing more than a leader and a secretary.

”The earlier, the better. If we can do this right now, then it will be best. I just wanna get rid of that **ing bastard who thinks highly of himself when he is nothing more than crap on the street. ”

”There, there, sir Vylan. You
e letting anger get the best of you again. Always stay calm and focused. ”

”I am. Its just that… after his recent achievements, Esecleus just kept getting on my nerves. ”

What comes after their conversation is something your playful imagination can guess. And they did it for half an hour at lunchtime when no one would dare go to Dylans office.

On the same day, Esecleus was currently wandering around a black market, looking for ingredients he will need later.

While whistling in the dark alleys of Sodonia City, he stumbled across a shop that sells the ingredients he was looking for, and at a low price at that.

The chimes clang soothingly on his ears upon gently pushing the door open. He was welcomed by the ominous aura coming from the counter.

e not from here. Hmm? Ive seen you on the daily news. ”

What a long ass white beard he got there, thought Esecleus, approaching the man of old age sitting behind the counter whilst peeling a green apple with a small dull knife.

”Im flattered that people are starting to recognize the fruit of my labor. ”

Esecleus pulled out a piece of paper; written down was the list of ingredients he needed.

”Quite the interesting list of things you want. Are you trying to summon an abomination? ”

”Kuku, that might be the case. Who knows. ”

He shrugged his shoulders while laughing and looked around at the items being sold inside.

”Sodonias mayor is one hell of a corrupt leader, huh? He is blatantly pocketing the money of his people and since he has power and connections, no one can really defy him. Or else death will come knocking on their doors. ”

Esecleus had been to Sodonia City several times already and he can really put his head on how poor the city is when most cities are blessed with valuable resources.

The mayors corruption led the city to become the third poorest city in the country.

”Criminals at large would run to this part of the country because law barely exists here. ”

”And people like you would get out of this hellhole scot-free. Only the foolish ones will dare to lay their hands on a B-rank hunter. ”

Anyone in their right mind knows who to mess with and who they should not. And because of the skyrocketing fame of Esecleus—with news all over the country about his recent feats where many people think it was an easy thing to do—he became more noticeable, yet hard to approach due to the unwelcoming vibe he possessed.

”Ive got all the ingredients you needed. What would you need all this monsters blood? ”

”Kuku, it is a secret! ”

Later that day, Es

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