he possession of others is shortened,” 1 but Leng Qing was an exception.

She relied on Shen Jiangling’s love for Leng Sihan to constantly toss him about.

Sometimes when she was in a bad mood, she would even treat Shen Jiangling as a punching bag.
It was unknown how many ugly things she’s said to him.

Shen Jiangling was apprehensive about Leng Sihan and never argued with Leng Qing.
No matter how wronged or uncomfortable he felt, he would endure it and never told anyone.

Gradually, Leng Qing felt she had a handle on Shen Jiangling, and her attitude became increasingly vile.

In the original storyline, when the Shen Family fell, and Leng Sihan cheated on him with Bai Lianhua during their marriage, Leng Qing completely forgot how good Shen Jiangling was to her and stood firmly on Bai Lianhua’s side.
She said her brother and Bai Lianhua were true love and that Shen Jiangling was a villain who relied on the power of the Shen Family to break apart the pair of Mandarin ducks.

She Jiangling lowered his head and restrained the ridicule in his eyes.

Should he say that it was actually the Leng family that wasn’t worthy?

Specializing in the production of white-eyed wolves.

“Then I will never get it.” Shen Jiangling put one of his hands in his pocket and revealed a careless smile, “He can marry whoever he wants, this young master isn’t serving anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Leng Qing didn’t expect Shen Jiangling to say such a thing.
She thought that if she threatened him like this, Shen Jiangling would apologize to her with the same fear and sincerity as before.

Now things had developed beyond her control, and for a moment, she didn’t know how to react.

“Do you not understand human speech?” Shen Jiangling tilted his head and watched Leng Qing’s changing expression with great interest.

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“Aren’t you afraid I’ll tell my brother?” Leng Qing’s eyebrows, which looked drawn with ten thousand lines, wrinkled tightly together and resembled a twisted black caterpillar.

“Up to you.” Shen Jiangling shrugged, his expression indifferent.

“Is there anything else? If not, I’ll leave first.” After Shen Jiangling spoke, he prepared to leave.

“Hey, Shen Jiangling, what is with your attitude?” Leng Qing was somewhat anxious and rushed up to grab Shen Jiangling’s arm.

The snow wolf noticed her movements and quickly blocked Shen Jiangling.
The sharp teeth reflected a glaring brightness under the sunlight, and along with the threatening growl, it appeared especially frightening.

“Ah!” Leng Qing was so frightened she fell directly onto the ground.

“My attitude depends on what you are.” Shen Jiangling folded his arms and looked down at Leng Qing without a trace of warmth in his eyes, as if he was looking at a dead thing, “Leng Qing, you need to understand one thing.
In the past, I was willing to yield to you and compromise because I liked your brother.
It had absolutely nothing to do with you.”

“I don’t have any interest in your brother now, so you better put your temper away.
I certainly won’t be chivalrous.”

“If there’s a next time, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Shen Jiangling’s aura stunned Leng Qing, and the other party had already walked far away when she returned to her senses.

She put her hands on the ground and tried to get up, but a sharp pain came from her ankle.

It was likely she twisted it when she accidentally fell.

Leng Qing still couldn’t believe it in her heart, was that still the Shen Jiangling she knew?

It was like a different person.

She got up with great difficulty and limped home, cutting an incredibly sorry figure.

The more Leng Qing thought about it, the more upset she felt.
In addition to the resentment and anger, she also felt a hint of suffocation.

After publicly criticizing Leng Qing, Shen Jiangling felt refreshed.

Not long after, he saw the mud-clad, hair-disheveled man with a shoe on one foot and red Christmas socks on the other.
He looked particularly battered and exhausted as he walked the dog back with a leash.

“Hey brother, your shoe fell off, and I picked it up for you.” Shen Jiangling held back his smile and handed the shoe to the other party.

“Ah, thank you.” The unlucky man took the shoe and knelt down to put it on.

The husky flicked its tail with an arrogant expression of “the heavens is number one, the earth is number two, and I am number three.” It looked at the unlucky poop-shoveler with some contempt in its eyes, as if it regarded the other party as trash.

“Has your family’s husky always been like this?” Shen Jiangling was a bit curious.

“It’s usually okay, but I didn’t let it out because it rained the last two days.
This guy kept howling and wailing at home, and the neighbors even came to complain.” The unlucky man wiped his face, “The sun came out today, and I supposed it felt suffocated at home cause it dragged me out as soon as I opened the door.
Oh dear, I need to hurry back to close the door.”

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“I see.”

“Just laugh if you want, no need to hold back.” The unlucky man revealed dead-fish eyes, and his expression was one of having nothing left to live for.

Shen Jiangling let out a laugh.

“Bro, what breed is your dog? It’s quite beautiful.” The unlucky man looked at the snow wolf with a hint of amazement.

“I also don’t know, I picked up Xiaosi outside.” Shen Jiangling rubbed the snow wolf’s head and raised the corner of his lips.
The pair of beautiful amber eyes were filled with tenderness, “It might be a husky and samoyed hybrid?”

“It does look a bit similar.” The unlucky man nodded.
He glanced at his own husky and wondered if he should find a female samoyed mate for it.

“My name is Song Yintian, and I live in the villa on the south side.
This dog is my son Alexander.
You can come to my house to play when you’re free.” The unlucky man wanted to shake hands with Shen Jiangling, but when he saw his muddy hand, he silently took it back.

“My name is Shen Jiangling, and this is my family’s Xiaosi.” Shen Jiangling smiled and said his house’s location.

Song Yitian wrote it down, and as he was about to leave, Shen Jiangling suddenly stopped him.


But it was too late.
Song Yitian fell to the ground and gave Mother Earth a firm hug.

It turned out that while the two were talking, the husky became impatient from waiting and circled around Song Yintian a few times.
It was still wearing a leash around its neck, and the other end was in Song Yintian’s hand……

“Are you all right?” It sounded pretty painful.

Shen Jiangling hurriedly helped him up, he felt sympathetic but also wanted to laugh.

This pair was quite amusing.

“I won’t die for the time being.” Song Yintian had an expression of having nothing left to live for, “See you again, bro.”

“If I can live to see you again.”

“Okay.” Shen Jiangling watched them leave and couldn’t stop laughing.

“Xiaosi, you’re still the most obedient.” Shen Jiangling squatted and hugged the snow wolf’s neck, rubbing affectionately.

The snow wolf’s body was a little stiff, but his ears still subconsciously became airplane ears.

The author has something to say:
There’s a type of dog called the other family’s dog orz
I also want a dog that can cover me with a quilt QAQ

T/N: Thank you for reading!

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