The snow wolf had sharp ears and keen eyes, and when it heard the two’s conversation, it initially wondered whether it should restrain the shame and wag its tail, but the following discussion allowed it to exhale a big sigh of relief. 

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The leash strapped around its neck was a bit uncomfortable, and the snow wolf couldn’t help but tug at it with its claws. 

However, what was this when compared to the death of its progeny?

Thinking of this, the snow wolf still had some lingering fears. 

It was able to leave the pet hospital, but what happens now?

Only ghosts knew what kind of traps the black wolf had planned, so if this matter caused a big racket and the black wolf found out, then it shouldn’t even think of making a comeback. 

The snow wolf could now turn into its human form, but not to mention the horror of transforming into a human being in front of the public eye, even just the fact that he won’t have a single piece of clothing on his body……the snow wolf was not an exhibitionist. 

Shen Jiangling noticed the snow wolf’s movement and bent down to help him adjust the leash. 

He lowered his head, and the tips of his hair swept across the snow wolf’s nose, bringing a burst of numbness. 

Shen Jiangling didn’t notice that the other party’s pupils suddenly contracted when his hands touched the snow wolf’s neck. 

For a wild animal, places such as the neck and abdomen were weak points and should not be casually touched. 

The snow wolf had a bit of a headache. 

Shen Jiangling was really too daring.
If it weren’t for its strong self-control, he would have long been knocked down and bitten. 

It raised its eyes and happened to meet Shen Jiangling’s fair and elegant neck, a neck that it could snap in one bite, and suddenly felt a little uneasy. 

Isn’t this little idiot too defenseless? 

If it were to erupt and hurt someone, it would be impossible to save them. 

What a little idiot, stupidly idiotic. 

No wonder he would be played around in circles by that bastard Leng Sihan. 

The snow wolf had a solemn expression, pondering about it. 

It didn’t take long for the neck area to feel much more comfortable.
Shen Jiangling clapped his hands and said gently, “Okay, does it still feel uncomfortable now?

The ears faintly quivered, and the snow wolf shook its head. 

“Oh right, Xiaosi, when we get home, you must be obedient.
Don’t scream or bite people, do you hear?” Shen Jiangling opened a food container and took a piece of turkey from it.
He fed it to the snow wolf’s mouth. 

Shen Jiangling had fair and slender hands, resembling the lower white half of green onions.
It looked especially beautiful against the red jerky. 

One could tell at first glance that it belonged to those types of pampered young masters. 

The snow wolf looked at it for a moment, then rolled up the jerky with its tongue, inadvertently brushing against Shen Jiangling’s fingertips.
The warm and moist feeling appeared and disappeared in a flash. 

It wasn’t a real stray dog, so how could it bite someone? 

What a joke. 

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“If you don’t answer, I’ll take it as you agreed.” Shen Jiangling smiled and rubbed the snow wolf’s head. 

The latter avoided it with a look of disgust. 

Shen Jiangling had a bit of motion sickness.
After the vehicle started, he took a piece of chocolate from his pocket and removed the golden aluminum foil wrapper before putting it in his mouth.

Perhaps it was because the temperature in his pocket was too high, the chocolate had melted a little.
He didn’t waste any and carefully licked the aluminum foil. 

Shen Jiangling suddenly sensed that someone was watching him.
He turned around and discovered that it was the snow wolf. 

“What’s wrong? Did you want to eat some too?” Shen Jiangling tilted his head to look at it, the heroic silhouette of the snow wolf reflected in his amber eyes. 

The snow wolf felt somewhat ill at ease by his focused gaze and gently dug at the white wool blanket laid out in the RV. 

Shen Jiangling’s hand that held the chocolate and the one that held the jerky…… were the same one. 

It was kind of like…that type of indirect action. 

The old virgin, who had lived for 20-something years and never been in love, was a little embarrassed. 

Then, a piece of jerky touched its mouth. 

A voice carrying a smile rang out, “Xiaosi, dogs can’t eat chocolate, eat the jerky instead, okay?”

The snow wolf glanced at him and opened its mouth. 

“Ah, if it’s like that, does that mean I can’t eat chocolate either?” Shen Jiangling stared at the snow wolf, looking pensive. 

“Why?” One of the bodyguard brothers in the front row couldn’t help but ask, his tone a little nervous, “Young master, are you allergic to chocolate?”  

“No, it’s because……” Shen Jiangling appeared solemn, “A single dog was still a dog!”

“Pfft!” The bodyguard brother laughed, his shoulders shaking, “Young master, how are you so funny?” 

The snow wolf looked at Shen Jiangling, who had a face full of smiles, and its foggy blue eyes were dyed with warmth. 

Maybe this accident wasn’t a bad thing for him?

Compared to watching those fools and black wolf jumping up and down in the business world, the youth was still a bit cuter. 


Father Shen and Shen Xuanjing were working at the company, and Shen Yixiao was still shooting a film with the crew, so when they returned, only Mother Shen and Aunt Zhang, their nanny, were at home. 

Hearing the sounds of the vehicle, they both came out to greet him.
They were startled when they saw the sleek and beautiful snow wolf led by Shen Jiangling. 

“Xiao Ling, is this the dog that you picked up?” Mother Shen’s face paled. 

She assumed that the dog Shen Jiangling picked up was a puppy, so she didn’t worry about it. 

These past few days, she saw Shen Jiangling running out every day and was quite happy about it.
If Shen Jiangling has things to do, then he won’t think about that bastard Leng Sihan all the time. 

But……this dog was really too big!

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It reached Shen Jiangling’s waist when sitting!

“Yes, Mom, it’s called Shen Xiaosi.
I named it, doesn’t it sound nice?” Shen Jiangling had a face full of pride. 

“Yes, it sounds nice.” Mother Shen’s thoughts were all on the snow wolf, and she didn’t notice what Shen Jiangling had said at all.
She resisted the urge to pull Shen Jiangling and escape.
She swallowed her saliva with great difficulty, “Xiao Ling, the dog you picked up is so big, will it bite people?” 

“Not at all.
Although Xiaosi is a little bigger, it’s super obedient.” Shen Jiangling squatted, stretched out his hand, and looked at the snow wolf with a beaming smile, “Come on, Xiaosi, shake my hand!” 

The snow wolf turned his head away and ignored him. 

So childish!

“Aiya, let’s shake hands!” Shen Jiangling pouted and, under Mother Shen’s terrified gaze, pulled the snow wolf’s front leg and illustrated the words “arrogance due to overindulgence” to the greatest extent, “Shen Xiaosi, my mom is here, give me some face, okay?”

“I know you’re the smartest!” 

The snow wolf was losing patience because of Shen Jiangling’s pestering and finally reluctantly raised its paw and placed it on Shen Jiangling’s palm.  

In a way, perhaps the reason Shen Jiangling could be so unbridled and unscrupulous was due to the snow wolf’s indulgence?

Because if the snow wolf’s attitude were more unyielding or more fierce, the other party definitely wouldn’t dare to act like this. 

A bright smile instantly blossomed on Shen Jiangling’s face.
He shook the snow wolf’s paw and then looked at Mother Shen proudly, “Mom, look, I told you Xiaosi was super obedient and super smart!” 

“Alright, alright, come in first.” Mother Shen stared attentively at the snow wolf for a moment, and when she was sure that the other party had no intention of attacking, she let out the breath she was holding. 

“Okay.” Shen Jiangling stood up and clapped his hands, a smile hanging at the corner of his lips, “Xiaosi, let’s go home.”

When it heard the words “go home,” the snow wolf’s eyelids trembled. 

It faintly raised its head and looked at the exceptionally gentle youth bathed in the golden sunlight, and its heart suddenly softened. 

He really was…… a little idiot that would bring anyone home. 

The snow wolf tried to ignore the throbbing in its heart and arrogantly thought. 

After entering the house, the snow wolf sat down and touched the leash with its paws.
The meaning couldn’t be more obvious. 

Shen Jiangling immediately untied it, “If you hadn’t reminded me, I would’ve almost forgotten about it.” 

What responded to him was the hot air from the snow wolf’s nose. 

Shen Jiangling wasn’t upset and took it to familiarize itself with the environment at home.
Although he knew that the snow wolf couldn’t understand what he said, Shen Jiangling still happily introduced him to the house’s room layout and decorations. 

At the very end, he sat cross-legged on the bedroom floor and fished out a large storage box from the corner stuffed full of dog toys: frisbees of various colors, canvas balls, rubber balls, plush toys, knots, and everything else that one could think of. 

“Come here, Xiaosi, pick a few you like and let’s go out to play!” Shen Jiangling looked at it with a face full of expectation. 

Snow wolf:……

It didn’t like any, thanks. 

“Is it because you like them all and don’t know which one to choose?” Shen Jiangling picked out a blue frisbee, “Let’s try this first!”

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He took the snow wolf to the lawn in the garden,” Xiaosi, let’s play!”

Shen Jiangling threw the frisbee with force. 

A minute later, the scene he imagined of the snow wolf chasing the frisbee did not appear.
Shen Jiangling looked at the snow wolf seated as steady as Mount Tai near his feet and inexplicably saw a bit of ridicule in the other’s eyes. 

It must have been his imagination!

Shen Jiangling ran over without complaint and picked up the frisbee.
He scratched his head in puzzlement and found an excuse, “It must be because my posture for throwing the frisbee was wrong, let’s try it again?

The snow wolf gave him a side-eye.

Don’t waste your efforts, even if you throw it a hundred times, I still won’t run after the frisbee like a stupid dog! 

As a result, when Mother Shen walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor, she saw her family’s silly son repeatedly throwing out the frisbee, only to run over and pick it up himself.
His mouth opened and closed, and it was unknown what he was talking about. 

The big white dog with supple fur sat on the ground and quietly watched Shen Jiangling pick up the frisbee. 

Mother Shen silently covered her face. 

The scene was too beautiful to look at. 

It was unknown if the person was accompanying the dog to play or if the dog was accompanying the person to play. 

Shen Jiangling was out of breath and sat down on the lawn, leaning against the snow wolf, “Xiaosi, why are you so dumb? I’ve demonstrated it so many times, but how come you still don’t know how to play?”

There was a note of complaint in his voice.  

The snow wolf saw his small face flushed and sweaty and moved aside in disgust. 

The corners of Shen Jiangling’s mouth raised so high that it could hang an oil can. 

“Is it because you don’t like playing with this?” The youth asked sullenly and threw the frisbee onto the ground. 

Seeing the youth’s dejected look, the snow wolf sighed. 

It picked up the thrown aside frisbee and put it in Shen Jiangling’s hand, hinting at him to throw it out again. 

Shen Jiangling wearily looked at him, “What’s wrong?” 

The snow wolf patted his arm with its paw. 

“You want to play?” Shen Jiangling became a little more energetic. 

The snow wolf nodded. 

Shen Jiangling instantly came back to life. 

He threw the frisbee in his hand, and the snow wolf shot out like an arrow at lightning speed.
Soon after, it returned with a frisbee in its mouth. 

Seeing the beaming smile on Shen Jiangling’s face, the snow wolf’s mood also became a little brighter. 

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It didn’t know why, but it didn’t like seeing Shen Jiangling’s unhappy expression. 


In the evening, Father Shen and Shen Xuanjing came home.
Like Mother Shen, they were startled by the huge snow wolf. 

The “it’s a little big” that Jiang Haotian used to describe it was really not the usual kind of “big” ah……

However, after seeing that despite the snow wolf’s unruliness, it was still relatively docile and had no intention of attacking people, they were relieved and only told Shen Jiangling to be careful and not to be bitten by it. 

Shen Jiangling responded with a smile. 

Knowing that the snow wolf didn’t like eating dog food, he specifically asked Aunt Zhang to make him a big bowl of rice with beef and potatoes. 

Seeing the snow wolf eating happily, Shen Jiangling was also very happy. 

After eating, he took the snow wolf for a walk in the garden to digest.

Afterward, Shen Jiangling sat in the living room to watch TV.

After a trip out, his feet were a bit cold, and they were still freezing after putting on slippers. 

Looking at the snow wolf lying beside his feet on the blanket, he suddenly had a bold idea. 

As a result, when the snow wolf was attentively watching the news channel, it suddenly felt something burrowing under its stomach. 

It glanced down and saw a pair of slender and beautiful calves tightly pressed against its stomach.
It was not difficult to guess what was going on. 

The snow wolf raised its head and stared at Shen Jiangling. 

Shen Jiangling held his neck and pretended nothing happened, but his toes quietly moved twice.

So warm!

The snow wolf sighed and didn’t haggle with Shen Jiangling.
It just shook its head helplessly. 

Shen Jiangling observed the snow wolf’s movements out of the corner of his eyes, a hint of craftiness flashed across his eyes, and the corners of his mouth were raised high.  

After showering at night, Shen Jiangling sat on the ground and wiped the snow wolf’s four paw pads with a wet towel.
Then he patted its butt and pointed to the large, specially customized kennel in the corner, and cheerfully said, “Go dog-kachu!”

Snow wolf:……

What should it do if it wanted to smack this unruly little rascal’s butt until it bloomed? 

The author has something to say:

Dog Gong: I definitely won’t play frisbee like some stupid dog!
Shen Jiangling: ying QAQ
Dog Gong: Where’s the frisbee? Bring it here!


Thank you for reading!

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