T/N: Words in bold were originally in English in the raws. 

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For the next few days, Shen Jiangling would come over every day to accompany the snow wolf to talk.

Although the snow wolf didn’t respond much, he still happily chattered by himself. 

“Big guy, guess what I brought for you today?” Shen Jiangling hid his hands behind his back and walked towards the snow wolf’s play area with a face full of smiles. 

The slanted golden sunlight shone from the transparent window and fell on the snow wolf’s sleek fur. 

Thousands of golden lights flickered and bounced on the snow-white body with the rise and fall of its breath, resembling a peerlessly marvelous dance. 

When the snow wolf heard the familiar voice, it slowly turned its head and stared fixedly at Shen Jiangling with its misty, ash-colored eye, a bit of arrogance and disdain inadvertently flowing out. 

It was as if a mighty and aloof deity was gazing down at the small and weak humans. 

If the snow wolf was currently in its human form, then this look of contempt toward humans would definitely make people feel dissatisfied. 

But with fur, it was different. 

Shen Jiangling was blinded by its handsomeness and wanted to kneel down and loudly sing “Conquer.” 1

Their family’s big dog is so cool!

Ahh, want to sniff!

He thought so and did so. 

However, just as his face was about to be buried in that snow-white and smooth fur, a slightly sturdy paw pad was pressed against his forehead, pushing his head back slowly but firmly. 

The disgust in the snow wolf’s eyes was almost overflowing. 

Shen Jiangling didn’t mind and grabbed the snow wolf’s paw with a smile and kissed it, “Ah, you even want me to kiss your paw, how are you so coquettish?’ 

The “coquettish” snow wolf: ……

As long as you’re happy. 

Shen Jiangling attentively took out an insulated food container.
His eyes were full of brilliance under the illuminating sunlight, “Ta-da, this is your favorite simmered rabbit meat, are you happy?” 

Smelling the fragrance of the rabbit meat, the snow wolf reluctantly nodded and then waited for Shen Jiangling to serve the meat for it to eat. 

Shen Jiangling placed the simmered rabbit meat in a large bowl, then puffed and blew on it before putting it in front of the snow wolf, “Big guy, quickly eat.”

“Eat more, so your wounds will heal faster.” 

Hearing this, the snow wolf’s ears faintly trembled.

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Shen Jiangling took an Alpenliebe lollipop from his pocket and put it in his mouth.
He watched the snow wolf eat with a smile. 

The lollipop was too big, so his cheeks bulged out like a hamster stuffed with melon seeds, looking very cute. 

The black-haired youth sat on a chair in a snow-white down jacket, his slender and beautiful calves swayed gently in the air, the movements were relaxed and full of content. 

The snow wolf glanced at him between bites, and a strange feeling spread from the bottom of its heart. 

No one has ever appeared beside him in such a relaxed manner. 

Those people were always either cautious of him, loathed him, or had ulterior motives. 

Everyone would tremble with fear whenever he had a cold face or revealed a somewhat displeased expression. 

But Shen Jiangling was different, he didn’t seem to be afraid of him.

What a strange human. 

“Why are you looking at me?” When Shen Jiangling noticed the snow wolf, he rubbed its big head while beaming and then asked with a smile. 

Snow wolf:……

You may not believe it if it was said out loud, but if anyone else had dared to touch its head like this, their hand would be long gone. 

The snow wolf silently bit the edge of the big bowl, dragged it far away from Shen Jiangling, and then lowered its head to continue to eat. 

Shen Jiangling didn’t mind.
He held the lollipop in his mouth, admiring the elegant scene of the snow wolf eating. 

One person and one wolf, it was rather compatible. 

“Oh right, big guy, I haven’t given you a name yet.” Shen Jiangling swatted his own head and said. 

“Let me think, hmm, what would be a good name for you.”

Hearing this, the snow wolf looked up at him. 

“What do you think about Money? Your Chinese name could be Wangcai?” 2 Shen Jiangling rubbed his chin and looked at the snow wolf with a smile. 

With a “crunch,” the snow wolf bit off the rabbit’s spine, chewing it twice or thrice before swallowing it down. 

“How about Lucky instead? And Chinese name Wangcai?” Shen Jiangling’s face was full of jest.

A few traces of ferocity appeared in the snow wolf’s misty blue eyes, and its sharp fangs were slowly revealed. 

“Okay, okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” Hearing the snow wolf’s low, threatening roar, Shen Jiangling quickly raised his hands in surrender, but his bright eyes and continuously swaying calves revealed that he was not at all frightened by the snow wolf’s fierce attitude. 

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“Hmm, but what’s a good name? It’s so hard to choose a name.” Shen Jiangling held the lollipop in his mouth, his words unclear, “Big White? Whitey? Snow Treader?” 

After racking his brain for a long time, Shen – Naming Waste – Jiangling suddenly had a bright idea, “You might as well follow my surname and be called Shen Xiaosi3! Our family has three children, and you’ll be the fourth, you’re my little brother from now on!” 

“I originally wanted you to be my son, but then you’ll have to call my parents grandma and grandpa.
It’ll make them sound so old, so let’s just go with Shen Xiaosi!” 

Snow wolf: ……what the Shen Xiaosi!

But out of fear that Shen Jiangling would really name it something unconventional like Incoming Luck and Prosperity Dog Egg, the snow wolf lord could only lower its proud head and reluctantly accept the name that sounded like it was chosen at random. 

Once a wolf falls into the city, it will be bullied by the people. 

It was indeed a decline in public morals with each passing day. 

Public morality is not what it used to be. 

“Wow, I’m so smart!” Shen Jiangling wasn’t aware of the snow wolf’s inner monologue and felt delighted with himself. 

“Shen Xiaosi, do you like this name?” Shen Jiangling pitter-pattered to the snow wolf’s side and asked with a beaming smile.

Snow wolf:……

The other party doesn’t want to talk to you and even labeled you as idiotic. 

“If you don’t speak, I’ll take it as you agreed!” Shen Jiangling raised his hand and stared fixedly at the snow wolf, his eyes curved, “Come on, let’s high five.” 

The snow wolf didn’t want to pay attention to him. 

Shen Jiangling took the initiative to grab his front paw and clapped his palm to it. 

The snow wolf had an expression of having nothing left to live for. 

Shen Jiangling was originally quite afraid of this big guy, but during this period of interaction, he discovered that the big dog was not as fierce as he imagined, even if it revealed a menacing expression sometimes, it wouldn’t really hurt him.
As a result, Shen Jiangling’s courage was gradually fattened. 

Bit by bit, he tested the bottom line of the big white dog, getting closer and closer to the bar each time.
But surprisingly, no matter what he did, the big white dog never got angry. 

Gradually, Shen Jiangling took a mile when given an inch. 

This person ah, must not be spoiled.

If you’re not careful, he’ll be spoiled rotten. 


Shen, you came to accompany the dog to play again?” The nurse lady walked in after pushing the door open and asked with a smile. 

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“Yes,” Shen Jiangling nodded.
When he saw that the snow wolf had finished eating the simmered rabbit meat without leaving a single drop behind, he packed up the insulated food container, “Big sister, you’ve worked hard changing the medicine for our family’s Xiaosi.”

“This is what I should do.” The nurse lady took a pile of stuff and walked beside the snow wolf.
While dealing with the wound, she said, “Mr.
Shen, your family’s dog is truly very obedient.
When I change the other pets’ bandages, they would yell non-stop; some would even be fierce and bite people, but your family’s dog has never been like that.”

A husky had arrived to be vaccinated this afternoon and started howling before the needle even touched its body.
The nurse lady was absolutely drained by it. 

“That’s a given, our family’s Xiaosi is the best, right?” Shen Jiangling squatted in front of the snow wolf and smiled at it. 

The snow wolf glanced at him, stood up, and turned its butt towards him. 

Shen Jiangling didn’t notice he was being disdained and even reached out to rub the snow wolf’s rump.

Snow wolf: !!!

It really was at its wit’s end with this little rascal. 

Just do as you please. 


A few days later, the snow wolf’s injuries were almost healed and could be taken home to rest.

Shen Jiangling was exceptionally happy and had the driver bring an RV over to meet this great ancestor. 

However, they encountered a problem after settling the hospital bills. 

The snow wolf refused to let Shen Jiangling put a leash on him. 

“Xiaosi, be good and let me put your leash on so we can go home, and once we get home, I’ll untie it for you, okay?” Shen Jiangling crouched in front of the snow wolf with the leash in hand and consulted in a patient and gentle manner, “Aiya, please wear it, otherwise you’ll scare people when you go out with how big you are!”

The snow wolf didn’t respond and quietly stared at Shen Jiangling, his method of rejection wasn’t too excessive.

Every time Shen Jiangling tried to move the leash in his hands toward its head, the snow wolf would use its paw to press down on his hand. 

How could the noble and proud snow wolf lord go out with a dog leash, does he not want face anymore?!

When a doctor, nurse, or poop-shoveling officer with their own pet walked by and saw the interaction, they couldn’t help but smile. 

Shen Jiangling sighed, and when he was about to raise his hand and try again, the snow wolf’s primary doctor suddenly said, “Mr.
Shen, your dog is already an adult, would you like to get him sterilized? 

“Huh?” Shen Jiangling raised his head, and a bit of confusion appeared in those light amber eyes, “Sterilized?” 

“Yes, dogs have two estrus periods each year, and during these periods, male dogs will become fierce and tyrannical and tend to fight.
At the same time, they will mark their territory with their urine and will even display some indecent behaviors, such as rubbing against a person, my suggestion is——” 

The snow wolf, who has never been afraid of anything, even in the face of death, clenched its legs out of reflex when it heard the doctor’s deranged advice, its wolf face horrified!

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It didn’t wait for the doctor to finish and directly took the initiative to put its head into the leash.
Then, the snow wolf arched its head into Shen Jiangling, telling him to quickly take it away from this terrible place! 

The Great Nicolas4 Snow Wolf can be killed but not disgraced!

It absolutely cannot become a eunuch wolf!

“Pfft!” Shen Jiangling couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the snow wolf’s nervous appearance.
He waved to the doctor, “I’ll think about it.
If it really doesn’t do, I’ll find a female dog for him.
We’ll leave the sterilization and whatnot be.” 

“Then, okay.” The doctor shrugged his shoulders.
He was just making a suggestion. 

“Okay, Xiaosi, say bye-bye to the big brother doctor.” Shen Jiangling patted the snow wolf’s head and said with a light tone. 

The snow wolf stared coldly at the bastard doctor that wanted to cut off his family line and decided that when it returned home, the first thing it’ll do is bring down this hospital!

“Why are you so rude.” Shen Jiangling helplessly tapped the tip of its nose and exchanged a few more words with the doctor before finally leaving under the snow wolf’s impatient urging. 

The bodyguard brothers helped Shen Jiangling carry everything onto the car.
They glanced at the valiant snow wolf beside Shen Jiangling and revealed a somewhat bewildered expression, “Hey, do you think that the young master’s dog kind of resembles a wolf? Why is its tail hanging down?” 

“It kind of does, but it’s definitely a dog.
This is the capital, not some forest deep in the mountains.
Where would a wolf come from?” 

The bodyguard had a face of indifference, “Plus, if this big guy is really a wolf, would it be so obedient?” 

“That true.” The bodyguard nodded and did not delve further into the matter.

The author has something to say:

Dog Gong: Even if I were die, if I were to jump down from here, I absolutely refuse to wear a leash!
Shen Jiangling: Let’s learn about sterilization?
Dog Gong: Where’s the leash? Put it on this lord.



A song by Chinese singer Na Ying.


“Wangcai” roughly translates to “prosperous wealth.”


Xiao Si = Little Four(th)


Nicolas initially originated from “Nicolas Cage,” but at some point, Chinese netizens started to put it in front of their names out of amusement or for a dramatic effect.
I believe that is what’s happening here as well; it is not related to the name of the gong.

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