bbed his aching temples. 

“I know.” Shen Jiangling nodded, feeling somewhat reluctant to part.
He waved at the big dog, “Big guy, have a good rest.
I will come to see you tomorrow!”

“You have to be obedient here, oh.” 

Knowing that Shen Jiangling was leaving, the big dog’s eyelids trembled and looked toward him. 

“Are you reluctant to part with me?” Shen Jiangling had already walked to the doorway, but when he saw the big white dog staring at him, he dashed back and kissed the big dog on the forehead.
He cheerfully said, “It’s okay, properly recuperate here, and I will be able to take you home in a few days!”

The big dog who was kissed: “……”

“Xiao Ling!” Jiang Haotian was about to suffocate, “That’s a stray dog, how dirty is it, how can you——”

“Didn’t he just take a bath, he’s not dirty!” Shen Jiangling grinned and pushed Jiang Haotian out, “Didn’t you say to go home? Let’s hurry!” 

Watching Shen Jiangling’s lively silhouette, the big dog’s eyes softened a little. 

That’s right, the dog that Shen Jiangling picked up was actually –ahem- not a dog, but a snow wolf. 

More precisely, it was the current head of the Gu Family, Gu Chaoci. 

The Gu Clan possessed the bloodline of the wolf clan and could transform between their human form and beast form regardless of gender.
However, they wouldn’t rashly expose this ability in front of ordinary people. 

They have no interest in being caught by the research institute to be experimented on. 

Every family in the Gu Clan was led by the only snow wolf in the clan. 

The next snow wolf would be born only when the previous snow wolf dies. 

And during this period, the black wolf of the clan was in power and was responsible for guiding the snow wolf cub. 

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When the snow wolf cub comes of age, the black wolf will return the authority as head of the clan to the snow wolf. 

The ranking system of the wolf clan was strict, and typically there will not be any mistakes. 

But there will be exceptions to everything. 

And the unfortunate Gu Chaoci encountered this exception. 

That black wolf was fine at first and also taught Gu Chaoci earnestly. 

But after being in power for a long time, he gradually became reluctant to pass the position of the head of the family to Gu Chaoci.
But he couldn’t break the rules, or else the clan would attack him. 

Therefore, the black wolf decided to deal with Gu Chaoci. 

After Gu Chaoci dies, the next snow wolf will be born, and he will be able to remain in power for another 18 years. 

And if he can use that snow wolf in the future, then the power will always be in his hands. 

All kinds of conspiracies and tricks have surrounded Gu Chaoci since he was fifteen.
His original white canvas was slowly dyed various colors. 

At the age of eighteen, the black wolf tried to kill him but failed. 

He and the black wolf have been fighting to this day. 

In fact, with Gu Chaoci’s ability, there are ways to prevent the black wolf from jumping around.  

But he liked the sullen expression the black wolf displayed when he tried everything in his power yet couldn’t do anything but obey his orders, so he kept the black wolf to amuse himself. 

Unexpectedly, he pitted himself and almost lost his life. 

Gu Chaoci was injured this time because he competed with someone for a piece of land a few days ago. 

It was said that the other often used underhanded methods, but he didn’t take it to heart and was hit. 

When the accident happened, he tried his best to avoid it but still suffered severe injuries. 

The other also had backup plans, so he could only transform into his beast form and climb out from the car’s shattered window, hiding in a trash can. 

This was probably the most challenging period in Gu Chaoci’s life. 

He was starving and freezing these days, and his wounds would be in excruciating pain with the slightest movement.

The humans were disgusted and shooed him away, but that wasn’t worth mentioning.
It was the ferocious stray cats and dogs that were his greatest threat. 

Gu Chaoci had not slept peacefully at all these days, for fear that a stray dog would bite him while he was deeply asleep and he would never be able to see the sun again.

Although he felt that life was boring, he did not want to die in such a suffocating manner. 

At the very least, it was only enough if he dragged the black wolf to hell. 

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Gu Chaoci initially thought that once his subordinates realized he had disappeared, they would definitely come to find him. 

However, a week passed, and there wasn’t the slightest stir. 

He knew those people must’ve either been subdued by the black wolf or were hindered. 

Originally he thought he would freeze to death, but Shen Jiangling unexpectedly picked him up, it was truly……

The situation of the Gu Clan was currently unknown, and he was also injured, so rashly returning was simply throwing his life away. 

It would be better to temporarily stay with the person who picked him up to recuperate and then return after recovering. 

Gu Chaoci pondered in his heart and thought of this. 

The circle in the city was only so big, so the slightest news was quickly passed from person to person. 

Therefore, he has heard about Shen Jiangling’s foolishness and Leng Sihan’s good blessing more than once from other people’s discussions. 

In Gu Chaoci’s opinion, Shen Jiangling was an idiot that would still happily laugh and help Leng Sihan count the money after being sold by him.
And the idiot was not only stupid by himself but also pulled his family to do stupid things, which is also quite remarkable. 

That Leng Sihan was precisely a white-eyed wolf.
No matter how good you are to him, he will still bite back in the end and eat it clean. 

However, a few days ago, he seemed to have heard that Shen Jiangling, this little idiot, acted in the nick of time and wanted to end his engagement with that bastard Leng Sihan? 

It was unknown if he had really made a decision or was just playing hard to get again.

One couldn’t blame Gu Chaoci for thinking this way, in fact, most families in the upper circle of the capital thought this way. 

Because Shen Jiangling had been humbly in love with Leng Sihan for so long, it didn’t seem possible that he would suddenly change his attitude so much. 

Forget it, forget it.
Because he saved his life, when he recovers from his injuries and reclaims the authority of the Gu Clan, he will protect this little idiot a bit. 

The snow wolf’s pointed ears faintly trembled as he decided. 


The author has something to say:

Current snow wolf: Tch, little idiot!
Future snow wolf: Wife! Look at me wife, look at me!

【About how the doctor at the pet hospital did not recognize the gong as a wolf, the explanations are as follows: (1) many dogs look similar to wolves, such as huskies, Alaskan malamutes, Czechoslovakian wolfdogs, (2) wolves are not as docile as dogs and seldom live in areas where humans are, (3) the doctor in the pet hospital has only come into contact with dogs, not wolves, (4) I can’t make anymore up, just treat it as the plot needs it.
If the doctor at the pet hospital recognized the gong as a wolf, then he would have already been sent to a zoo or wildlife protection center, and this novel can’t be written anymore orz】


I’m glad Jiang Haotian found a family.

Also, fun fact, pronouns for she, he, and it all sound the same in Chinese [ta], but whenever Shen Jiangling refers to the gong, he uses the pronoun [he], while Jiang Haotian has been using [it]

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