Wang Wang

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“But I can’t let Mr.
Shen continue to misunderstand our relationship–” Bai Lianhia looked at him pitifully.

“If he likes to misunderstand, then let him misunderstand.” Leng Sihan was initially worried about the Shen Family behind Shen Jiangling and was still thinking about how to blow past this incident. 

But the moment Bai Lianhua appeared in front of him, his heartstrings seemed to be tugged by an invisible hand. 

It was unknown where the courage to stop the person came from, but he took a deep breath, “Shen Jiangling–”

“Leng Sihan, you bastard!” Jiang Haotian was furious and rushed towards him, colliding his fist with his face.  

From childhood to now, it was the first time Leng Sihan was beaten by someone, and he was instantly angered.
In just a few seconds, the two got into a brawl. 

Women fought by pulling hair and slapping faces. 

Men were different, earnestly going for the flesh. 

It was reckoned that Leng Sihan had the protagonist’s halo because, after a short while, he had the upper hand and beat up Jiang Haotian. 

Shen Jiangling was anxious.
He wanted to help Jiang Haotian and struggled to get up, but a sudden burst of black appeared before his eyes, and his head pounded fiercely. 

He currently couldn’t even stand up, much less leave the bed to help. 

Shen Jiangling glanced around and saw a glass cup beside the bed.
Without another word, he picked it up and smashed it towards Leng Sihan’s direction with full force. 

Leng Sihan was unprepared and was smashed head-on by him. 

A “thump” sounded, especially loud. 

However, it didn’t knock him unconscious and only caused pain.
He looked at Shen Jiangling with disbelief, “Shen Jiangling, you dare to hit me!”

Leng Sihan threw Jiang Haotian onto the ground and walked toward Shen Jiangling. 

His face was as black as the bottom of a pot, appearing incredibly frightening. 

Shen Jiangling’s heart trembled for a moment, and when he saw Bai Lianhua’s gloating expression out of the corner of his eyes, the disgust in his heart deepened a few points. 

When Jiang Haotian saw Leng Sihan raise his hand, his small universe exploded.
He used all his might to throw Leng Sihan onto the ground, “You bastard, you actually want to hit Xiao Ling!” 

Shen Jiangling was about to ring the emergency bell when the door pushed open again. 

“Xiao Ling, are you okay?”

Shen Xuanjing, Shen Jiangling’s eldest brother, had rushed to the hospital after receiving Jiang Haotian’s message. 

When he entered the door and saw the bandages wrapped around Shen Jiangling’s head, he instantly felt his heart twist and didn’t even glance at the sound of fighting nearby. 

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“Big Brother, I’m okay, go help Brother Haotian!” Shen Jiangling anxiously shouted.

“Okay.” Only then did Shen Xuanjing notice the two people in a scuffle nearby. 

“What’s going on?” Shen Xuanjing looked at the messy room, pinched his brows, and asked, “How did Xiao Ling get hurt?”

“Big Brother, I went to look for Leng Sihan today, but found him and Leng Sihan hugging and kissing instead.
I got really angry and fought with him in the heat of the moment.
Then, Leng Sihan protected him and pushed me down the stairs.” Shen Jiangling briefly explained the cause and effect, “And so I ended up at the hospital.”

“Leng Sihan even wanted to hit me just now, but luckily Brother Haotian pulled him away in time.
Otherwise–” Shen Jiangling avoided the major incident and focused on the minor detail instead as he told the story. 

“What!” Shen Xuanjing was infuriated when he heard it.
He fiercely stared at Leng Sihan, wishing to give him a beating

“That was an accident!” Leng Sihan subconsciously protected Bai Lianhua behind him and retorted, “Lianhua was cleaning the room and accidentally tripped, how could I just stand aside and watch him fall to the ground?”

“Then your help was really quite lucky, you even kissed,” Shen Jiangling quietly added a knife. 

“I already said it was an accident! What else do you want!” Leng Sihan’s eyes were full of displeasure. 

In the past, no matter what he said or did and no matter how wronged Shen Jiangling felt, he would never retort. 

But today, he repeatedly confronted him.
Leng Sihan was annoyed and felt as if he was bitten by a dog that used to only wag its tail at him. 

“What else do I want?” Shen Jiangling laughed angrily at his arrogance, “You raised a mistress at home to hug and kiss, and somehow you’re making it my fault?” 

“Do you want me to give you an apology?”

Shen Jiangling kept calling him “mistress” to the point that Bai Lianhua felt his face burn painfully hot, as if he’d been slapped countless times. 

He clenched his fists hard and the nails dug deep into the flesh, even the veins on the back of his hands burst out.  

After Shen Jiangling finished his ridicule, his heart felt especially stuffy and his head throbbed in pain; the whole person felt unbelievably uncomfortable. 

“Xiao Ling, what’s wrong? Are you feeling sick? Wait a moment, Big Brother will go call a doctor for you.” When Shen Xuanjing saw that Shen Jiangling was feeling unwell, he threw the matter with Leng Sihan aside and prepared to go outside to call someone. 

He was so anxious that he forgot there was a call button near the bed. 

“Big Brother, I’m fine.” Shen Jiangling grabbed him and shook his head.
“Don’t trouble the doctor.
I’m just angry, I’ll be okay in a bit.” 

“Xiao Ling be good and let the doctor take a look, otherwise I’ll worry.” Shen Xuanjing’s eyes were full of concern. 

“Yeah, Xiao Ling, don’t worry about trouble.
It’s always good to check, I’ll have Director Zhang from the Brain Department come over,” Jiang Haotian said and made a phone call.
Soon, a few doctors with a crowd of nurses appeared. 

“Then, okay.” Shen Jiangling knew they were doing this for his own good and felt warm inside.
He did not continue to refuse. 

He was alone in the original world and no matter how seriously ill he was, he always had to endure it himself. 

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It was uncertain if he had gotten a heatstroke or something once, but at that time, he didn’t even have the strength to speak, much less get out of bed.
His head had a prickling pain, and he felt like needles were stabbing it. 

He passed out from the pain but then woke up again because of it countless times that day.
He even thought he would die in that rented room, and the whole person felt muddleheaded. 

The next day, he had a little bit of strength and ordered delivery.
He struggled to get up and get it. 

After eating, he walked step by step with several breaks to the health center to get a blood test, get some medicine, and then rested for half a month before healing completely. 

Therefore, although his world changed, he didn’t feel much resistance to it other than pity for the apartment he had almost bought. 

Because there was nothing in that world that he felt a longing for. 

After a rigorous examination, the doctor concluded from the results that it was a mild concussion and he would be able to recover after resting for some time without any sequelae. 

Jiang Haotian let out a sigh of relief.

He suddenly felt someone stuffing something into his hand.
When he opened it, he saw a white rabbit milk candy still carrying some body heat. 

His heart immediately softened. 

“Brother Haotian, I wasn’t sensible before and made you sad.” Shen Jiangling grabbed the quilt, his face full of guilt. 

Shen Jiangling had bandages wrapped around his head and due to the pain, both his face and lips were pale.
It looked as if a single gust of wind could topple him over.

The appearance really made one’s heart ache. 

Actually, the original owner always wanted to reconcile with Jiang Haotian.
He knew Jiang Haotian liked candy, so he often kept a few in his pocket. 

But, there was a Leng Sihan between them and a few malicious friends that purposefully incited discord.
The original owner was a pampered young master and foolishly listened to those people.
He thought that Jiang Haotian hated him and never knew that Jiang Haotian actually just hated that they were deceiving him. 

Jiang Haotian was too stubborn and never bothered to explain.
Therefore, all sorts of misunderstandings added up and the two eventually drifted apart. 

But now that Shen Jiangling was here, he wouldn’t let it happen again. 

“Idiot!” Jiang Haotian scolded, but the corners of his lips still rose uncontrollably.  

Shen Jiangling couldn’t help but laugh when he saw his reddened ears. 

Jiang Haotian was so easy to coax, one candy and he moved on from what happened. 

Shen Jiangling had a terrible headache.
Previously, he endured it himself with a deep breath, but now that there was someone to rely on, fatigue appeared on his face.
The upper and lower eyelid also began to battle one another. 

Jiang Haotian noticed and promptly called for the doctors and nurses to leave, for fear of disturbing Shen Jiangling.

Leng Sihan’s eyes flashed coldly as he watched him busy himself like this. 

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Bai Lianhua hid behind Leng Sihan and watched the large group of people bustling around Shen Jiangling.
His heart felt especially upset. 

Why could Shen Jiangling be born with a golden spoon in his mouth, getting whatever he wanted, but he had to be from a low-income family where he had to lower his head and be a lover for the sake of food and clothing? 

He was initially annoyed when Leng Sihan forcibly kidnapped and brought him to the villa. 

But after a while, Bai Lianhua got used to living in a luxurious villa, sleeping on a big soft bed, and eating food made from ingredients that he previously couldn’t even afford with several months of salary.
It was a life of getting whatever he wanted. 

Therefore, his standards were raised. 

Going from frugality to extravagance was easy, but the reverse was not. 

Now, Bai Lianhua definitely couldn’t accept living in a rented room of ten or so square meters, eating cheap takeouts, or running around every day and accompanying others with a smile to make a living. 

The hands on his side couldn’t help but clench tightly.
Bai Lianhua glanced at Leng Sihan, who was wearing a high-end suit worth at least six figures, beside him and a flash of determination appeared in his eyes. 

No matter what, he must hold tightly onto Leng Sihan!

Bai Lianhua knew what his advantages were when compared to Shen Jiangling. 

For someone like Leng Sihan, who was full of male chauvinism, they preferred people that depended on them for survival. 

But Shen Jiangling’s family background was too good and so many people were protecting him, which made it utterly impossible for Leng Sihan to control him. 

As long as Shen Jiangling felt wronged, a group of people would be willing to stand up for him.
How could Leng Sihan like others meddling in his decisions? 

Therefore, it was destined that Shen Jiangling would not receive Leng Sihan’s heart.

No matter how good Shen Jiangling’s family was, what’s the point if he still couldn’t keep a man?

Bai Lianhua glanced at the young man lying on the hospital bed, his eyes carrying hints of pride. 


When Shen Jiangling woke up again, Leng Sihan and Bai Lianhua were already gone.
Father and Mother Shen were seated at the bedside sofa, speaking in low voices. 

When they saw he was awake, they warmly greeted him and asked about his condition.

Shen Jiangling initially thought that he would feel at a loss about what to do, but perhaps due to the influence of his soul (forcibly) merging with the original owner’s, he could communicate very naturally with Father and Mother Shen.
He even subconsciously acted spoiled. 

Shen Jiangling felt somewhat helpless when he realized how he acted, but he was soon distracted by Father and Mother Shen’s gentleness. 

“Xiao Ling, what do you plan to do next?” Father Shen cleared his throat, eyes full of earnestness, “In the past, you liked Leng Sihan and we didn’t stop you because although he was a little cold, his character seemed okay.
But this time, he actually acted against you for another man…Father doesn’t recommend you staying with him.”

“Of course, if you really like him, your big brother and I can keep an eye on him and not let him go outside to——”

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“Dad, I want to break off my engagement with Leng Sihan.” Shen Jiangling looked at his family, who cared about him so much, and his heart felt warm, “When it comes to this stuff, if there’s a first time, there’ll be a second time.
I find the things used by other people dirty.” 

“Okay, then take good care of yourself first, and let us handle the matter with Leng Sihan.” Father Shen patted him on the shoulder, feeling incredibly distressed. 

Shen Jiangling used to like Leng Sihan so much that his eyes lit up whenever he talked about him.  

This was also why although they disliked Leng Sihan, they endured it time and time again. 

So how could Shen Jiangling speak such heartless words if he wasn’t heartbroken? 

When Father Shen thought about how his beloved son had been hurt so profoundly by that bastard Leng Sihan, he even wanted to chop the other’s heart. 

But he had to pay attention to his image in from of his youngest son, so he temporarily restrained himself. 

“En,” Shen Jiangling obediently nodded, “Oh, by the way Dad, because of our relationship, our family never guarded against the Leng Family.
What if Leng Sihan took this opportunity to go against our family by placing a spy in our company?

He didn’t forget how Leng Sihan had bankrupted the Shen Family in the original storyline.
He couldn’t help but express some concern. 

“Got it.
Later, I’ll ask your big brother to tidy up the company.
Xiao Ling, don’t worry.” Father Shen was stunned for a moment, but what Shen Jiangling said made sense.
He decided to give Shen Xuanjing a call later. 

“Okay.” Shen Jiangling let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Father Shen listened to his words. 

Mother Shen took out the insulated food container beside them, “Xiao Ling, you must be hungry now, come eat something to pad the stomach.
I’ve asked the doctor and you can eat everything here.”

“Thank you, mom.” Shen Jiangling took the spoon and looked at the steaming black-boned chicken soup in the bowl.
He felt both moved and guilty. 

This was the first time that someone came to visit him while he was sick, and this was also the first time he ate food prepared so carefully for him by someone. 

But these belonged to the original “Shen Jiangling,” he was just an outsider——

“That’s not true! You are me and I am you, we were originally one person, just that we lived in a different time and space.” 

An eager voice suddenly sounded in his mind. 

Shen Jiangling paused. 


Thank you for reading!

Were you surprised by the appearance of the original owner?

Also an FYI to the chapter titles, “wang” is kind of like the Chinese version of “woof.”

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