en Jiangling finally realized that the man standing at the bedside just now was the protagonist gong of the novel, the overbearing president, Leng Sihan. 


And the one holding Leng Sihan’s arm was the little white flower protagonist shou, Bai Lianhua.

His current identity was Leng Sihan’s fiance, the vicious male supporting character that existed to increase the difficulty of the protagonists’ love. 

Shen Jiangling slowly opened his eyes after sorting out his thoughts.

Leng Sihan’s brows were so wrinkled that they could almost kill a fly, and his voice was colder than the coldest days of the year, “Shen Jiangling, who are you pretending to be weak for? Don’t think I’ll pity you just because of this!”

Shen Jiangling’s sharp eyes saw that when Bai Lianhua, who was behind Leng Sihan, heard this, the corners of his mouth raised into a smug arc.

Yes, this individual was not a little white flower but a black-hearted lotus. 1 

No wonder the original owner had such a miserable end. 

Shen Jiangling rubbed the quilt and was about to say something when the door was suddenly pushed open. 

A man wearing a black trenchcoat strode in, and when he saw Shen Jiangling lying on the bed, his footsteps stopped. 

“Xiao2 Ling! How did you get hurt? Is it serious? Does your head still hurt?” 

The man bent down, wanting to examine the wound. 

But facing the tightly wrapped bandages on Shen Jiangling’s head, he didn’t know what to do and was so anxious that he wished he could give his eyes x-ray function. 

Perhaps it was due to the influence of the original owner, but when Shen Jiangling saw the young man, his nose instantly soured, and his eyes became wet. 

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The man in front of him was Jiang Haotian, the original owner’s close childhood friend.

When Jiang Haotian saw his reaction, he became even more anxious.
He hated that he couldn’t rush out and drag the doctor over right now. 

“Brother Haotian, I’m fine.” Shen Jiangling grabbed his sleeve and forced out a smile.

“Still saying you’re fine, you’re in so much pain you’re crying!”

“I’m not in pain.
I’m just a little moved, I didn’t expect Brother Haotian to still be willing to take care of me.” Shen Jiangling sniffled, feeling a little embarrassed. 

There was also this scene in the original plot.
After “Shen Jiangling” entered the hospital, Jiang Haotian rushed over in a hurry. 

But before he could question him, the “Shen Jiangling” who loved Leng Sihan to death insisted that he hadn’t stood firm and accidentally fell down the stairs. 

Jiang Haotian wanted to ask Leng Sihan for an explanation, but “Shen Jiangling” protected Leng Sihan as if his life depended on it and, in a moment of desperation, made a lot of excessive remarks. 

Jiang Haotian was stabbed by him and hated that iron could not become steel.
In the end, he flicked his sleeves and left, completely severing their relationship. 

However, when the Shen Family was almost forced into bankruptcy by the Leng Family, Jiang Haotian still tried to protect the Shen Family.
Unfortunately, he failed in the end. 

In short, Jiang Haotian was a very good person.

Such a good person should not be harmed. 

“You–” Jiang Haotian wanted to rub Shen Jiangling’s hair out of habit, but when he raised his hand halfway, he lowered it and lightly patted his shoulder instead.

Seeing that Shen Jiangling was really all right, Jiang Haotian turned his head, and when he saw Leng Sihan, his face instantly fell, “Leng Sihan, what’s going on? How are you taking care of Xiao Ling?”

Leng Sihan’s face darkened because of Jiang Haotian’s aggressive tone, “What does this have to do with you?”

“I’m Xiao Ling’s friend, how could it not have something to do with me?” The hospital was under the Jiang Group, so as soon as Shen Jianglin was admitted, someone immediately reported the matter to Jiang Haotian, which was how he arrived so quickly. 

Leng Sihan has long found Jiang Haotian unpleasant to the eye.
Although he didn’t like Shen Jiangling, he still couldn’t tolerate others coveting what was his. 

Whenever he saw Jiang Haotian warmly caring for Shen Jiangling, he had a feeling of being offended. 

“You are just an outsider–”

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“Brother Haotian is not an outsider.” Shen Jiangling interrupted Leng Sihan’s words and earnestly said, “He’s my family!”

Leng Sihan and Jiang Haotian were both stunned when they heard this.

“Shen Jiangling!” Leng Sihan didn’t expect Shen Jiangling, who had always been so docile, to stand on Jiang Haotian’s side.
His face tinged with anger. 

“Brother Haotian is very good to me.
He has protected me since I was a child, he’s no different from a biological brother.”

“No matter what I want, he would get it for me, but what about you?” Shen Jiangling steadily looked at Leng Sihan and said word by word, “Leng Sihan, we’ve been together for so long, but it’s only ever been me putting in the effort.
We’ve known each other for so long, but have you ever given me a single thing?”

“I admit I fell for you first, and your actions aren’t completely unforgivable.”

“But we’re already engaged, yet you unexpectedly raised a mistress at home in such a grandiose manner and even pushed me down the stairs for this mistress.”

“Don’t you think your actions are too much?”

“If you like someone else, you can directly tell me, and I won’t continue to pester you.
But instead, you decide to give me a green hat silently.
What did I do wrong for you to humiliate me like this?”

Leng Sihan was dumbfounded when he heard this. 

He was indeed wrong in this matter. 

“Don’t maliciously slander us, Sihan and I are innocent! It’s not what you think!” Bai Lianhua stood up from behind Leng Sihan.
He opened his arms and stood in front of him while speaking loudly. 

“Sihan?” When he heard how he addressed him, Shen Jiangling slowly curled his lips.
He looked at the two of them with great interest, “You’re shouting his name so intimately, yet you still want to say you two are innocent?” 

Who are you deceiving?

If the person here was still the original owner that loved Leng Sihan to death, he definitely would have exploded in anger. 

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.
If you really mind it, I can leave.” Bai Lianhua’s eyes instantly turned red.
He raised his arm and wiped his tears, showing a hint of strength within his perseverance.
“As for the money for the clothes… I’ll work hard to pay it off.
I-I’ll leave first.”

Leng Sihan immediately grabbed his hand and said the classic line of an overhearing president, “Who allowed you to leave without my permission?”


Fun Fact: The protagonist shou’s name (Bai Lianhua) sounds nearly identical (but with different characters) to the word “white lotus” in Chinese.
“White lotus” is a Chinese internet slang for someone who looks pure on the outside but is rotten inside.


“Xiao” directly translates to “little” and is often used as part of a nickname for someone younger.

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