“Thank you, but this watch still falls short compared to everything I’ve bought for your family.” Shen Jiangling took the watch from across the railing, “But I willingly gave those out, so I won’t ask for it back.”

He shook his head, appearing magnanimous.

Although Shen Jiangling felt distressed about the investments of the original owner, he didn’t intend to ruin the reputation of the Shen Family for it.

If Leng Sihan decided to spread this matter with great fanfare, how would people in the business world view the Shen Family?

“This matter can now be considered settled, so don’t come to find me in the future.
I have nothing to do with you.” After Shen Jiangling spoke, he went into the house with the watch.

The snow wolf eagerly followed Shen Jiangling, and after a few steps, it looked back at Leng Sihan, a mocking clear mist spewing from his nose.

Leng Sihan looked at the snow wolf that took advantage of the situation and became angry.

He was about to shout, but a person was walking in his direction from afar, and Leng Sihan didn’t want others to see the awkward situation he was in, so he hurriedly hid in his car.

When Father Shen and the others returned in the evening, Shen Jiangling mentioned this matter.

The family members let out a deep sigh of relief when they saw that he had really let go.

However, although Shen Jiangling had let go, Leng Sihan did not.

He was having difficulties in the company and was under tremendous pressure from the endless situations emerging one after another and the frequent questioning of the top board members.
It made Leng Sihan miss the days when he had the Shen Family’s support, the days when he received hundreds of responses with one call.

At first, he was still a bit embarrassed and would avoid people when he ran to the Shen house.

But when he saw that Shen Jiangling was really set on ignoring him, he could only harden his face and look for Shen Jiangling whenever he had time.

Even if he couldn’t enter the door of the Shen house, he would stand guard outside.
It made people extremely vexed.

Father Shen was worried that Leng Sihan’s entanglement would cause Shen Jiangling to plunge into this bottomless pit again, and his face blackened.

When Shen Yixiao heard about this matter, his head turned bald overnight, and his teeth itched with hatred.

After filming the following morning, he suddenly thought of an idea while chatting with the assistant and called Shen Jiangling, “Xiao Ling, what have you been up to at home recently?”

“Nothing much, just accompanying Xiaosi to play.” Shen Jiangling held a large comb to brush the snow wolf’s fur.

Winter was here, and the snow wolf had begun to change its fur, so every brush was covered with shedding fur.
Shen Jiangling was worried that the other party would go bald.

When Shen Jiangling thought about the snow wolf’s naked appearance, he felt it was a bit too spicy for the eyes.

It was too terrifying!

The snow wolf glanced at Shen Jiangling, who had a miserable and anxious appearance, and thought he was troubled by the matter with Leng Sihan.
It decided that it would find a way to end the Leng Group.

Shen Jiangling saved its life, so it was only fitting to help Shen Jiangling solve his problems.

However, the Leng Group still had deep foundations and could not be overthrown in the short term.
It required one to plan slowly.

“Xiao Ling, do you want to come to the crew to play for a few days?” Shen Yixiao asked with a gentle chuckle.

“Ah? Can I? Will I bother you?” Shen Jiangling wanted to because he’s never seen people film before.

These days, he would “coincidentally” encounter Leng Sihan every time he went out, and when he saw that face that clearly had a request but was still full of arrogance, he wanted to vomit!

As a result, he could only stay home and didn’t even dare to go out for a run.

Only ghosts knew where Leng Shan, that lingering spirit, would suddenly pop out from.

“Not at all, you don’t need to bring many things.
I’ll prepare stuff like clothes and shoes for you.” Shen Yixiao gave the assistant a look, and the latter immediately went to make arrangements.

“Second Brother, thank you! Second Brother is the best!” Shen Jiangling happily said.

The snow wolf immediately became unhappy when it heard those words.

Humph, he clearly said he liked itself the most a few days ago!

Sure enough, a man’s mouth is a cheating ghost.

The little idiot’s words simply couldn’t be trusted!

Shen Jiangling was an ingratiating and clever little liar!

The more the snow wolf thought about it, the angrier it got.
It simply turned around and pointed its butt at Shen Jiangling, ignoring him.

Shen Jiangling was happily chatting with Shen Yixiao and didn’t notice that something was off about the snow wolf.
He continued brushing the snow wolf’s fur, brushing the snow wolf’s butt from top to bottom.

All the fur on the snow wolf’s body exploded.
It turned its head and stared at Shen Jiangling, its foggy blue eyes full of disbelief.

This little rogue!

Actually touching its butt!

When it thought about the tail that’s been caressed, the ears that have been tugged, and the neck that’s been hugged, the snow wolf was angry with nowhere to release it.

It was taken advantage of all over by this little idiot!

How can there be such a shameless person?!

If it weren’t for the sake of saving its life, the snow wolf would have already chopped him up into flower fertilizer!

Shen Jiangling didn’t know why the snow wolf’s fur suddenly bristled and even found the fluffy snow wolf that resembled a white hedgehog adorable.

He stretched his hand, wanting to rub the fur that had exploded like a dandelion.

The snow wolf looked at the innocent eyes of the youth, and with nowhere to release its anger, the snow wolf ran out.

The snow wolf’s tail swept across Shen Jiangling’s face, but not only was he not angry, he was actually quite happy.

Their family’s Xiaosi had such smooth fur!

The brain circuits of the human and the snow wolf were not in the same channel at all.

“Oh, by the way, Second Brother, can I bring Xiaosi?”

The snow wolf paused when it heard these words.

It was about to reach the door but quietly walked back.

“Xiaosi? The dog you picked up?” Shen Yixiao was momentarily stunned.

“Yes, it is.
I want to bring it along.
It’s very clingy, and it’ll be sad if it doesn’t see me.” Shen Jiangling sighed helplessly, “It even has to sleep with me at night, really too coquettish.”

The corner of the snow wolf’s mouth twitched when it heard this.

Who in the world is actually the coquettish one?!

“I heard Song Yitian say that although his family’s Alexander usually treats him with disdain and looks down on him, but when he went out and placed Alexander at a friend’s house to be looked after, Alexander had howled for several days.”

“The friend couldn’t handle the noise and had no choice but give him a video call.
And as soon as Alexander saw him, it immediately pounced over.
It was very heartbreaking.”

Of course, it went without saying that the phone was accidentally pounced to the ground and the screen shattered, but there was no need to mention this.

After all, huskies were the directors of the demolition office.

With great destructive force.

“Sure, I’ll have someone help you with the delivery” Shen Yixiao had always indulged Shen Jiangling, so he didn’t find it troublesome and directly took action.

“Delivery?” Shen Jiangling glanced at the snow wolf, his expression a little embarrassed, “Forget it, I’ll have the driver send me.
I’m reluctant to put it in a cage.”

When the snow wolf heard this, it straightened its back slightly, a hint of satisfaction in its eyes.

Alas, there was nothing to be done, its charm was too great.

“…Xiao Ling, why are you raising a dog as if you’re raising a son?” Shen Yixiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Okay, whatever you want, but be careful on the road, okay?”

“En!” Shen Jiangling nodded and agreed, then went to pack his luggage.

He didn’t bring many things, and most of the stuff he did pack was the snow wolf’s dog toys and blanket, along with some snacks.

Shen Jiangling also requested Aunt Zhang to make two servings of potato and beef rice and to pack them in a food preservation container out of fear that the snow wolf would be hungry on the road.

“Young Master, you really won’t bring your own meals?” Aunt Zhang asked again.

“No need, I can eat on the road with the driver big brother and the bodyguard big brothers.” Shen Jiangling waved his hand, “Xiaosi can’t eat anything too salty, so it’s inconvenient on the road.”

“That’s true.” Aunt Zhang nodded and glanced at the snow wolf, a few hints of helplessness in her eyes.

“This dog is now living a better life than a person.”

“A person still needs to better their life first in order to have the money to buy good things for their pets.” Shen Jiangling said with a smile.

After packing up, he took the snow wolf into the RV, “Aunt Zhang, no need to send me.
I’ll be back soon!”

“Okay, Young Master, pay attention to safety on the road.
Don’t forget to call home once you’ve arrived at Second Young Master’s.”

“Also, don’t only wear a little because it looks good, you’ll catch a cold.
Also, don’t run around foolishly with others, okay?”

Aunt Zhang couldn’t help but earnestly warn and looked at Shen Jiangling with eyes full of reluctance.

“I understand.
Aunt Zhang, you also have to take good care of yourself.” Shen Jiangling waved at Aunt Zhang, his eyebrows curved.

The vehicle started, and Aunt Zhang couldn’t help but chase it a few steps.
Shen Jiangling also felt strangely upset in his heart.

He didn’t turn his head away until the vehicle turned, and he could no longer see Aunt Zhang.

“Hah.” Shen Jiangling sighed and suddenly didn’t want to leave anymore.

The snow wolf put its paw on his arms, seemingly aware of his low mood.

Shen Jiangling was instantly cured.

He hugged the snow wolf’s neck and rubbed the snow wolf’s cheek, and then said with a smile, “It’s okay, I still have you.”

When Shen Jiangling hugged it, the snow wolf’s pair of upright ears turned into airplane ears again.
It looked a bit funny when paired with the snow wolf’s cool and handsome face.

The bodyguard brother seated in the front smiled when he saw their interaction.

One of the bodyguard brothers had a somewhat thoughtful expression, “I don’t know how Ye Feng is doing now.”

“I heard it was taken home by Old Qi to raise.
It’s living a comfortable and simple life, but it’s just that it’s getting older and lazier.
Now it’s as fat as a pig.”

Ye Feng was a military dog raised in the army before they were discharged.
It had followed them through fire and water for several years and was exceptionally human-like.

As a result, when they saw how smart the snow wolf was, they didn’t think too much about it.

The car got onto the highway and purposefully stopped at noon for lunch.

Generally, the restaurants opened along the hallways received truck drivers that traveled year-round as their customer base, so most of what they sold were things like fried rice and stuff there were quick to make.
The price also wasn’t high.
Naturally, the food could not compare to Aunt Zhang’s craftsmanship.

If the person here was the original owner who was pampered since young, the food here definitely couldn’t be stomached.
Shen Jiangling was different.

He has been living a difficult life for a long time.
During university, he scrimped and saved on his expenses, only ordering a 50 cents meal each time with a side of the cafeteria’s free soup, which was pretty much his entire meal.

After a long time, the aunt who cooked the large mixture of vegetables couldn’t stand it anymore, but she also couldn’t break the rules, so every time she would put some sauce on it for him and would sometimes even “accidentally” put one or two pieces of meat in it.

His roommates in the same dormitory would also sometimes “accidentally” cook too much and ask him to “help” finish it together.

The summer vacation was okay as he could stay on campus and live in the dormitory, but that didn’t work for winter vacations.

During these times, many friends would invite him to play at their house for a few days and then go back to school together when it started.

Perhaps because of this warmth, he always remained grateful rather than becoming cynical.

Therefore, when he saw the dog lying in the alley in a miserable and battered state that day, he vaguely seemed to have seen his previous helpless self, so he stretched out his hand.

After eating, a few walked around the area a bit, moving their muscles and bones.

After getting into the vehicle, the bodyguard brother helped Shen Jiangling make the bed so he could take a nap.

After Shen Jiangling thanked him and lay down, the snow wolf was afraid that he would push the quilt off again, so it lay by his feet.

“Xiaosi, it’s great to have been able to meet you.” Shen Jiangling rested his head on the pillow, and his line of sight was coincidentally parallel to the snow wolf.

He shuffled forward a bit and buried his face into the snow wolf’s warm fur, whispering softly.

The snow wolf’s body instantly stiffened.

After a while, it turned its head away.

Fortunately, its fur was thick enough, otherwise, others would see how its wolf face had reddened into the color of a ripe and cooked crayfish.

This little idiot….he didn’t have any other skills, but he was quite good at being coquettish.

There was nothing it could do about him!


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