However, Leng Sihan also felt somewhat flustered in addition to the indignation. 

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A few days, Father Leng called him home and severely reprimanded him.
He ordered him to break up with Bai Lianhua and to go to the Shen house to coax Shen Jiangling back. 

Leng Sihan had always been haughty and hated receiving orders from others the most.
Therefore, although he regretted having a fallout with Shen Jiangling in his heart, once Father Leng pressured him, it was like reverse psychology, and he disagreed. 

He had a huge quarrel with Father Leng and returned to the house he had settled Bai Lianhua in. 

His mood gradually calmed down under Bai Lianhua’s comfort. 

He initially thought Shen Jiangling was temporarily throwing a tantrum, and after a short while, he would run over to him like a dog wagging his tail.
It wasn’t like this hadn’t happened before. 

But who would have expected that Shen Jiangling was quite composed this time? So many days had passed, and let alone running over to greet and dote on him, there wasn’t even a phone call, and he even cut off all cooperation with the Leng Group!

Leng Sihan was used to the Shen Group’s help and had taken their aid for granted. 

Now that the Shen Group had pulled something like this, it was equivalent to a blow to the head!

On the one hand, the phone call was to vent his dissatisfaction, but on the other hand, it was to sound him out. 

Shen Jiangling’s reaction made Leng Sihan tightly furrow his brows. 

He wasn’t sure if Shen Jiangling was genuinely determined to break off with him, or if he was just forcing him to bow his head by loosening the reins before tightening them.  

“Sihan, I heard from the assistant that you are in a bad mood these days.
Is there anything I can do to help you?” Bai Lianhua pushed open the door and came in.
He looked worriedly at him. 

When Leng Sihan saw Bai Lianhua, he did not relax, and his brows only furrowed tighter together. 

Shen Jiangling was initially fine and obeyed his every word until he saw Bai Lianhua that day and was accidentally pushed down the stairs by him…… 

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In the original plot, Leng Sihan had fallen in love with Bai Lianhua, but in order to receive the Shen Group’s assistance, he married Shen Jiangling. 

Currently, he and Bai Lianhua had yet to fall madly in love, so it was easier for him to give up. 

Choosing between something fun to pass the time and his own business empire, it didn’t require any thinking to know which was more important. 

When Bai Lianhua saw his expression, his heart skipped a beat. 

He had heard about how the Shen Group had cut off cooperation with the Leng Group, and he also knew that the youth on the hospital bed that day was the young master of the Shen Group. 

Bai Lianhua wasn’t stupid.
He was aware that in order to save the cooperation between the two groups, Leng Sihan would definitely give him a sum of money and then rekindle his relationship with Shen Jiangling.

But how could that little bit of money compare to the Leng Group?

Bai Lianhua clenched his fists.
He was unwilling to be dumped like this. 

He must do something. 

“Sihan, I brew a pot of chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea for you.
You’ve been suffering from some excessive internal heat these past two days, so drinking this will be good for your health.” Bai Lianhua made a great effort to appear like he didn’t know anything and smiled softly at Leng Sihan. 

“You’ve worked hard.” Leng Sihan responded, neither warm nor cold. 

Bai Lianhua bit his lips as he poured a cup of tea for Leng Sihan. 

Shen Jiangling didn’t know about Bai Lianhua’s decision.
After he hung up the phone, he told Shen Xuanjing about the matter. 

Shen Xuanjing sneered and told Shen Jiangling to ignore it.

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A few days ago, he had greeted Father Leng to see when the two families could meet to cancel the engagement.

But Father Leng was like a roach.
He was slippery, found every possible way to shirk responsibilities, and refused to discuss the matter properly. 

Shen Xuanjing consulted with Father Shen, and they decided to simply use their actions to show their determination with great fanfare. 

In his heart, his younger brother was exemplary in every way, yet Leng Sihan actually pushed his brother down the stairs for someone that couldn’t compare to his brother in any way.
If he didn’t get Leng Sihan to lose a layer of skin, his surname wasn’t Shen!

When the snow wolf saw Shen Jiangling’s indignant appearance, a smile flashed in its eyes. 

The little idiot was no longer stupid.


One morning a few days later, the doorbell of the Shen house suddenly rang. 

Aunt Zhang was out buying groceries, Mother Shen had gone out to socialize, and Father Shen and Shen Xuanjing were at work, so only the rice weevil Shen Jiangling and the snow wolf were home. 

At that moment, Shen Jiangling and the snow wolf faced off in front of the refrigerator. 

Neither the man nor wolf budged. 

When he heard the doorbell, he curled his lips and was a bit unwilling to concede, “Fine, I won’t eat ice cream anymore, okay?” 

Only then did the snow wolf slowly lower its paws on his arm. 

It wasn’t because the snow wolf was nosy, but because Shen Jiangling, this dead child, had no control when eating. 

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He had overeaten ice cream a few days ago and gotten diarrhea to the point that his whole body was weakened, and he trembled whenever he walked.
It made those around him anxious to death. 

He finally recovered with great difficulty, but he still wanted to eat! Can the stomach even handle it? 

When there were others at home, Shen Jiangling could endure it, but now he was home alone.
If the snow wolf hadn’t held him back, Shen Jiangling would have sent himself back to the hospital again!

Shen Jiangling had a cold body constitution with icy hands and feet.
It would always take a long time to warm them up at night when he stuffed them under the snow wolf’s stomach.
He was clearly so afraid of being cold, yet he loved to eat cold foods. 

The snow wolf sighed, feeling incredibly helpless. 

If it wasn’t because Shen Jiangling saved its life, and if it were someone else, the snow wolf could care less if they ate ice cream to death!

Shen Jiangling let out a “humph” before he trotted over to open the gate. 

Forgive the little commoner who had only ever lived in rental apartments that needed keys to manually open the door, so he completely forgot that there was an electronic screen in the living room that allowed them to communicate with the guests outside and also had a button that could directly open the gate. 

As a result, Leng Sihan saw the black-haired youth panting as he ran toward him in an off-white sweater and slippers. 

The sunlight fell on the youth, giving him a warm halo.
He looked exceedingly soft and gentle.

Leng Sihan had not looked so closely at Shen Jiangling in a long time. 

In his heart, Shen Jiangling was merely a useful tool.
No matter how he treated Shen Jiangling, the other party would always desperately cling to him, so it didn’t matter what his attitude was like. 

There is an apt saying, “people are restless about what they can’t have, and those who are favored are fearless.”

And Leng Sihan was the fearless one. 

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But after what happened these past few days, he inexplicably felt excited when he saw how much the other party looked forward to his arrival. 

However, Shen Jiangling had clearly seen who the visitor was before Leng Sihan could show a smile. 

His lips gradually pursed, and his amber eyes were dyed with indifference and alienation. 

However, he had already walked out, so if he were to go back in, it would unavoidably look like he was running away from a battle. 

Shen Jiangling resisted the urge to roll his eyes and walked to the front gate.
He looked at Leng Sihan through the railing and indifferently asked, “Leng Sihan, what are you doing here?” 

Leng Sihan thought that Shen Jiangling was just throwing a tantrum.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have rushed out to welcome him without properly putting on clothes. 

Therefore, even though Shen Jiangling looked like he couldn’t wait to write the words “report what you have to say or leave if there is nothing to say” on his face, Leng Sihan couldn’t help but feel a bit of superiority. 

Leng Sihan faintly raised his chin and looked down at Shen Jiangling, “I came to see how you’ve been living.” 

“If you have something to say, just say it.
I’m busy.” The other party’s condescending attitude soured Shen Jiangling’s mood. 

Who did Leng Sihan think he was? 

The president of the country?

Did he need to put down a red carpet and set off firecrackers to welcome him?

A gust of icy cold wind whistled by and passed through the gaps of his sweater.
It stuck to his body, and Shen Jiangling couldn’t help but shiver. 

He should’ve put on a coat before coming out!

Suddenly, the “thump thump thump” of footsteps sounded behind him, and he turned his head to find the snow wolf running over with his down jacket in its mouth. 

A sweet smile instantly bloomed on Shen Jiangling’s face.
He bent down slightly to take the down jacket and also hugged the snow wolf’s neck, “Wow, Xiaosi, you are so kind! I like you the most! Heart!

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