After the run, he took a shower.
Then, Shen Jiangling changed into a set of thick blue pajamas and sat cross-legged on the tatami in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows.
He basked in the sun while brushing the snow wolf’s fur, eating its tofu1 every now and then. 

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Even when the snow wolf caught him, he wasn’t afraid and continued his actions with a smile. 

The gentle youth hummed a little unknown tune, and the corners of his mouth were raised into a clear and soft arc.
If one were to ignore the hands that were taking advantage of the fur, the scene would be quite harmonious. 

“Young Master, why are you wearing so little? Which if you caught a cold?” Aunt Zhang came out of the kitchen and saw Shen Jiangling wearing a wool sweater, her face full of disapproval. 

She took a blanket and draped it over Shen Jiangling, muttering out loud, “How old are you now, and you still can’t take care of your body? Don’t leave the hospital just to be re-admitted, pei pei pei, what nonsense am I talking about?” 

When the snow wolf heard this, it nodded its head earnestly in agreement. 

If it hadn’t pressed onto the quilt last night, Shen Jiangling definitely would have caught a cold. 

Aunt Zhang slapped her mouth but didn’t hear Shen Jiangling’s impatient shouts. 

She looked down and saw the gentle and elegant youth looking at her with a smile, and her heart instantly softened. 

“I know, Aunt Zhang.” Shen Jiangling gathered the blanket and obediently said, “Thank you for your care.” 

“Child, you…” Aunt Zhang sighed, a bit distressed, “Why does it feel like you’ve suddenly grown up?” 

“It might be because I’ve experienced more and come to understand a lot more things.” Shen Jiangling stroked the soft blanket and warmly said, “So I know who is good to me and who isn’t.” 

“I wasn’t very sensible before and often lost my temper.
Aunt Zhang, don’t be angry because of me.” 

He raised his head and looked at Aunt Zhang, his eyes were full of fragmented golden lights and looked especially beautiful.  

“How could I?” Aunt Zhang shook her head and looked at Shen Jiangling lovingly. 

When she goes out to buy groceries, she would sometimes encounter nannies who worked for other families in the community. 

After conversing with them, she discovered that the Shen Family was indeed excellent. 

Not only did the Shen Family never treat their nanny like a servant, but the salary was also very high, and they would give her a vacation during holidays. 

Last year, her son was out of town and got into a car accident.
She was incredibly anxious at that time, and it was actually Shen Xuanjing that helped arrange a hospital and found an expert to perform an operation.
Otherwise, even if the leg wasn’t completely destroyed, he would still be limping for the rest of his life. 

Mother Shen even gave her a two-month paid leave to go back and take care of the son.

Of course, Aunt Zhang was not the kind of person to take advantage of someone else’s weakness.
She firmly refused the salary, and when her son had almost fully recovered, she immediately returned to work. 

But without a doubt, Mother Shen found other ways to subsidize her. 

The relationship between people was like this: if you are considerate of someone, they will also treat you better. 

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Of course, an exception would be made for certain ungrateful white-eyed wolves. 

Aunt Zhang smiled and changed the topic, “Young Master, what would you like to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

“Is there any crab roe soup dumplings at home? I want to eat that.” Shen tilted his head and pondered for a moment, then his eyebrows curved, “The crab roe soup dumplings made by Aunt Zhang are the best.
The ones outside are too expensive and unpalatable, and even have a fishy taste.” 

“Yes, it just so happens there’s a basket left in the refrigerator.
I’ll go steam it for you.” Aunt Zhang happily walked to the kitchen. 

“Okay.” Shen Jiangling buried his head into the snow wolf’s soft fur and rubbed happily. 

The snow wolf glanced at him but didn’t stop him in the end. 

It was useless to stop him, this Shen Jiangling was too good at pestering. 

Rather than being tossed around for a long time, it was better to lie down flat and let him do his thing. 

To be honest, Shen Jiangling’s hair-smoothing techniques were decent and felt rather comfortable. 

“Oh, by the way, Young Master.” Aunt Zhang suddenly spoke as she opened the refrigerator. 

 “Huh?” Shen Jiangling glanced over blankly. 

“I heard about the matter with Mr.
Leng, don’t be too sad.
With your background, what kind of man can’t you get? There’s no need to hang onto one tree to death.
“Aunt Zhang found the box to put the crab roe soup dumpling in, “I know it’s improper for me to intervene in this sort of matter with my identity, but——”

“How could that be? Aunt Zhang helped raise Big Brother, Second Brother, and me.
In our hearts, you are no different from our elders.” Shen Jiangling’s eyes were gentle. 

Aunt Zhang was a very good person.
When the Shen Family fell apart in the original storyline, she and her son continuously helped them out.
They even took out all of their savings to help Shen Yixiao make a comeback. 

It was just that Shen Yixiao didn’t want to implicate them, so he refused. 

However, Aunt Zhang still took care of Mother Shen when Shen Yixiao was busy with the Shen Group’s affairs. 

When Mother Shen later jumped off a building due to over-stimulation, the kind woman felt guilty for a lifetime. 

Shen Jiangling sighed.
How grateful he felt toward the people who’ve shown the original owner kindness was how much he hated Leng Sihan and Bai Lianhua for the misfortune they caused. 

At dinner last night, he heard from Father Shen and Shen Xuanjing that they’ve already cut off cooperation with the Leng Group.

This time, they will not make the mistakes of the past. 

Shen Jiangling was aware of his own capabilities, so he didn’t foolishly go to the company to help.

When it comes to a specific field, it was better to leave it to the professionals in that field. 

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In the original storyline, if Father Shen and Shen Xuanjing weren’t simultaneously involved in a car accident, it was unknown who would have won and who would have lost. 

Shen Jiangling felt a bit troubled when he thought about this point.  

He didn’t know if the car accident in the original plot was accidental or man-made, so Shen Jiangling would feel very worried whenever he saw Father Shen and Shen Xuanjing go out. 

As a result, he found a well-known protection company and paid a high fee to hire them to protect his family in secret. 

Shen Jiangling grabbed the snow wolf’s front paws and squeezed them twice.
It eased his anxiousness a little 

“Young Master, what you’re saying is really……” Aunt Zhang was so moved that her eyes became wet. 

She lowered her head and wiped her tears away, somewhat choking with emotions. 

“My devil of an ex-husband had kicked my child and me out during a snowstorm because of a mistress.
If the madam hadn’t happened to walk by, us two probably would have frozen to death.”

“Although it’s said that “distant people do not participate in the affairs between close people,” but Young Master, you and Young Master Leng really are not suitable.” 

“I’m someone who has experienced a lot and know what type of gaze people have when looking at the one they love.
Young Master, he doesn’t like you at all.”

“What’s more, when it comes to cheating, it either happens zero times or countless times.” 

“For some things, it’s fine if it’s never happened.
But once there is a precedent, there’ll be a second and third time.” 

“I don’t want you to be like me in the future……” 

“Ah, this mouth of mine really doesn’t know how to talk.” Aunt Zhang was extremely vexed and cautiously glanced at Shen Jiangling, for fear that the other party would be angry. 

“It’s okay, Aunt Zhang.
You’re right, I won’t get entangled with him anymore.” When Shen Jiangling said this, there was a bit of loneliness and pain in the bottom of his eyes. 

This emotion did not belong to him, but were the remnants left behind by the original owner. 

After all, it was a person that he had loved for more than ten years, so how could there be no feelings at all?

However, no matter how heartbroken he was, it will gradually fade away with time. 

“Young Master, it’s good if you can see clearly.” Aunt Zhang breathed a sigh of relief.
She found the box for the crab roe soup dumplings and said, “There are some moments that are painful to look at it, but it will get better once it passes.”

“Once you’ve walked further down the road, you’ll discover that it wasn’t such a big deal when looking back.
Don’t you find this reasonable?” 

“Yes.” After feeling the kindness of so many people these days, Shen Jiangling seemed to understand why the original owner had pulled him from a parallel world despite being able to be reborn.

Because he loved the wrong person, he caused the tragic end of so many people that were good to him, so he didn’t dare to face them.  


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In fact, these people probably wouldn’t care about the misfortune brought by the original owner, and would only feel more distressed for him, right? 

Shen Jiangling covered his chest, felt the beating of his heart, and silently pledged. 

Don’t worry, I will definitely take care of everyone for you and make sure the tragedy does not happen again. 

The hand that had been taking advantage of its fur had suddenly stopped moving. 

The snow wolf turned its head in suspicion and saw the faint melancholy covering the brows of the always smiling and seemingly simple-minded youth. 

It felt like a large number of cotton balls had suddenly been stuffed into its heart, making it feel especially stuffy. 

The snow wolf frowned and thought for a moment, then rubbed Shen Jiangling’s cheek. 

“Ah, sorry, Xiaosi, I’ll help you brush your fur.” Shen Jiangling kissed the snow wolf’s forehead and smiled. 

The hint of melancholy soon disappeared when he touched the soft fur. 

But, some people were just like that and couldn’t help but reminisce. 

Shen Jiangling had just mentioned Leng Sihan to Aunt Zhang when Leng Sihan called. 

Shen Jiangling raised his eyebrow, thought about it, and decided to press the answer button. 


“Shen Jiangling, Xiao Qing said you bullied her and used a dog to scare her.
Is this true?” Leng Sihan interrogated from the other end of the phone. 

“She provoked me first.
It’s already good that I didn’t beat her, what complaints do you have?” Shen Jiangling leaned on the snow wolf and lazily answered. 

“I don’t care about this.
Hurry up and come to the hospital to apologize, or else I’ll get angry!” Leng Sihan’s attitude was arrogant from beginning to end. 

“If you want to get angry, then get angry.
Am I stopping you?” Shen Jiangling’s free hand pinched the snow wolf’s ear, a smile at the corner of his lips.  

Best if you’re angered to death!

“Shen Jiangling, why are you so petty!” Shen Jiangling’s attitude made Leng Sihan even more furious.
“I already told you, there’s nothing between Lianhua and me.
That day was just an accident! How much longer do you want to make trouble?” 

“……How am I making trouble?” Shen Jiangling scratched the snow wolf’s chin, his tone full of confusion. 

“You’re still pretending not to know! These days, the Shen Group has cut off all cooperation with the Leng Group.
You dare to say this matter wasn’t your intention?” Leng Sihan had smashed several cups out of anger due to this, “Hurry up and have someone come over to re-sign the contract, or else don’t even dream of meeting me in the future!” 

“Isn’t that the best?” Shen Jiangling lightly chuckled.
He couldn’t ask for a better result. 

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In the original storyline, in order to abuse the protagonist gong and protagonist shou, there were several major shareholders in the company who were a threat despite the protagonist gong’s setting as a handsome, high-powered president.
They were perpetually scheming to drag the protagonist gong down. 

If it weren’t for the family behind the vicious male supporting character that stood firmly behind the protagonist gong, the position of president would have been replaced long ago. 

Otherwise, why would the dignified and high-powered president put his “true love” aside and insist on being together with the vicious male supporting character? 

Leng Sihan was the snake in The Farmer and The Snake2.
It was useless no matter how good you were to him. 

Once he gained a firm foothold, he will bite you without a second thought.
It wasn’t enough to just kill you, he would suck you dry. 

Shen Jiangling’s whole family was deeply devoted to him, hoping that he would treat Shen Jiangling better. 

But the result? 

They painstakingly assisted Leng Sihan in acquiring complete control over the Leng Group, but in the end, they were bankrupted by Leng Sihan, and not only was their company swallowed up, but their whole family also died. 

But Leng Sihan didn’t seem to feel the slightest bit of guilt and lived happily with Bai Lianhua instead. 

“The best what? Do you know how much money the company will lose because of this?” 

“I don’t manage the company affairs.
You can go talk to my dad or big brother.” Shen Jiangling leisurely stretched his body and leaned against the snow wolf as he casually responded. 

In the original storyline, the Shen Family ended up in that situation because the original owner swallowed all his anger and grievances and never told his family how much he suffered. 

Therefore, Father Shen and everyone else thought the original owner and Leng Sihan were on good terms, so they were unguarded and fell for Leng Sihan’s tricks. 

Now that Shen Jiangling and Leng Sihan had a fallout, it was already good they didn’t drive Leng Sihan to a dead end, so how could they continue to work like a bull and a horse for the other party?

When Shen Jiangling saw Aunt Zhang walk out with a steamer basket, his eyes lit up instantly.
He was too lazy to continue squabbling with Leng Sihan and soon hung up the phone, “I’m done talking, I’m going to go eat.” 

“Hey, Shen Jiangling, I’m not done talking yet!” Leng Sihan roared, but when he heard the “beep” from the phone in response, his eyes were full of disbelief. 

For the first time in his life, someone actually hung up on him!

It was utterly absurd!

Thank you for reading! There’s no little theater-esque comment from the author, but I will try to include them when I can.


eating tofu — taking advantage of something/someone


a fable about a farmer that saved a snake that almost froze to death, but was bitten by it in the end

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