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When Shen Jiangling regained consciousness, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. 

A pile of memories that did not belong to him replayed in his mind like a trotting horse lamp before finally settling on a young man that looked exactly like him. 

“Please, you must help me change my original fate.
I don’t want my family and friends to end up like that again because of me.
Please, I beg of you….”

He opened his eyes and saw a cold and domineering man in a black suit standing beside his bed. 


“You’re awake.” Hearing him speak, the man patted the hand on his arm, his tone indifferent. 

Following that hand, Shen Jiangling discovered the youth standing behind the man. 

When the youth saw that Shen Jiangling was awake, he seemed somewhat nervous and hid behind the man.
His posture appeared weak and pitiful, easily arousing others’ desire to protect. 

“Don’t worry, no one will dare to bully you with me here.” When the man spoke to the youth, his voice was unexpectedly gentle and soft, entirely unlike the indifference shown towards Shen Jiangling

When the youth heard this, a shy and gentle smile blossomed on his face.
He looked at the man with eyes full of admiration, “En.” 

The man clearly enjoyed this type of gaze and his back straightened. 

Shen Jiangling grew up in an orphanage and later had to struggle at the bottom rungs of society, so his ability to discern what others were thinking based on their body language was excellent.
Hence, he didn’t miss the flash of disgust in the man’s eyes when he looked at him.

He wrinkled his brows into a frown, uncertain of what was happening, and chose to remain silent. 

“If it weren’t for you speaking nonsense and arguing at the top of the stairs today, how could I have accidentally pushed you down?” The man became even more displeased when he saw Shen Jiangling lowering his head without speaking. 

However, he was wary of the Shen Family behind Shen Jiangling and continued with patience, “This matter ends here.
If your family asks you how you were injured, you know what to say.” 

“Shen Jiangling, don’t make me hate you even more.”

When he heard this, Shen Jiangling felt a sudden pain in his heart and lost consciousness again. 

The loss of consciousness this time allowed Shen Jiangling to sort out the current situation. 

He had transmigrated. 

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More precisely, he had transmigrated into a dog-blooded novel with an overbearing president. 

The protagonist gong was the classic domineering president, while the protagonist shou was a tenacious and unyielding little white flower with an ordinary background. 

The protagonist shou had accidentally poured red wine on the protagonist gong when he served as a waiter, making the protagonist gong furious.
However, his fiery eyes and stubborn expression attracted the protagonist gong.
In the end, the protagonist gong tied the protagonist shou up and brought him back to his villa, forcing him to be a servant to pay off the debt.  

The protagonist shou felt aggrieved but could only lower his head and agree.
During this time of mutual clashing and verbal attacks, feelings gradually developed. 

It could have ended here with a happy ending if it was a simple, sweet novel. 

But this was a dog-blood novel.
In a dog-blood novel, how could there not be various misunderstandings and vicious cannon fodders?

Therefore, when the two were sweet and sticky, the protagonist gong’s fiance, the vicious male supporting character, appeared. 

When the protagonist shou found out the protagonist gong had a fiance, he was deeply distraught and wanted to leave in a fit of rage. 

But the protagonist gong was an overbearing president, so how could he let him go?

So, regardless of the protagonist shou’s resistance, he locked him up in a room and would visit every day to stage a play of sadomasochistic love, ultimately ending up in bed. 

And just when the protagonist gong thought the protagonist shou had given up on running away and was willing to be his lover, the protagonist shou ran away on his wedding day. 

Many years later, the protagonist shou returned.
At that point, he had become a well-known fashion designer, and all the major media platforms were reporting his work. 

The protagonist gong couldn’t sit still when he saw the protagonist shou and left the people in the conference room behind to chase after him.
The two were like lovers that separated but still longed for each other. 

At this time, the protagonist gong’s legal partner, the vicious male supporting character, couldn’t sit still and targeted the protagonist shou many times.
But under the influence of the protagonist’s halo, he was face-slapped every time and returned in defeat. 

Finally, the protagonist gong understood who was the one he truly loved and took the initiative to strike first.
He bankrupted the vicious male supporting character’s family, then ruthlessly divorced him and proposed to the protagonist shou. 

When the protagonist shou saw how sincere he was, he was very moved, but the existence of the vicious male supporting character remained a thorn in his heart. 

To prove to the protagonist shou that he had no feelings for the vicious male supporting character, he had someone deliver the vicious male supporting character onto the bed of a fat man who was old enough to be his father.
It was only then that the protagonist shou could let go of the barriers in his heart and be together happily with the protagonist gong. 

Shen Jiangling had no interest in these types of dog-blooded novels, but because the vicious male supporting character had the same exact name as him, he took a look. 

After reading it, he almost went blind. 

Shen Jiangling couldn’t help but sigh when he thought about how the colleague who recommended the novel had jokingly said, “don’t transmigrate after reading it.” 

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The colleague’s mouth must have been enlightened. 

As for why he crossed over, it seems to be because the original owner of this body had too much resentment after experiencing the tragedy of his family’s destruction.
Therefore, when he came across him, he pulled him into the book at the expense of his own soul to turn things around, to let time go back to before the tragedy had happened. 

When he thought to this point, Shen Jiangling felt his headache worsen. 

He was an orphan in the original world.
He had finally paid off his student loans with great difficulty and saved up enough for a down payment, planning to buy a two-bedroom apartment in the suburbs.
Seeing that his life was about to be on the right track, he never expected to suddenly be pulled into the book and become the vicious male supporting character.
This is really….

Can he report the other party for coercion?

After digesting the original owner’s memory, Sh

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