for me.”

“I-I will do anything! Anything! If it is to find a boss, I will find him! Just tell me…”

“Don’t shout.”

At that, Pep’s voice cut off.

Jamie grinned as he put his hand on the man’s head.

His eyes were purple.

“There is only one thing you need to do.”

“… yes.”

“Go to Count right now and report what your organization was doing.”

Pep’s eyes widened, and then he died.

He turned into a puppet and answered.


And then he got up and left the house.

Azad and Raiza gulped as they saw that.

With his mind being manipulated, Pep would become a whistleblower.

Whistleblowers were traitors, and traitors were never forgiven.

It wasn’t a betrayal he was committing on his own accord, so how could they not feel bad?

“No need to be pitiful.”

He continued.

“Because the Count won’t let him live.”

The two knew just how scary the Count was.

“Leave the city for a while and hide.”


“Won’t you ask the reason?”

“Master’s orders are absolute.
We will follow.”


Yesterday Black was concerned, but now the answer was out.

“And I think we can understand the reason too.”

Raiza said that.

If Pep went and told the Count, then Lival would be completely overthrown.

The two of them were abandoned by the organization, but the Count won’t care about it.

He would kill everyone that was linked with Lival.

I will be absent for a few days.
Until then, stay low.”


Jamie called Black and left the house.

Azad called.



How could a mere servant call his master as he was leaving?

There was one thing Azad wanted to confirm.


“Spit it out.”

“Us, what are we?”

They knew about being corpses.

Obviously, they knew they were in their own bodies.

It was confusing at first, but then they accepted the truth.

There was no way things could go back to the time when they were alive.

Above all, it was satisfying to have stronger power than before.

But, still, they wanted to know.

Shouldn’t they at least know what kind of Undead they were?

“What are you curious about?”

“… Our strength has increased by a lot since the time we were alive.
Did we turn into a high-level Undead?”

Jamie laughed at the question.

“Usually, people ask if they really became Undead, but you are unique.”

“So sorry.”

The servant accepted his situation too quickly, and this was the first time Jamie saw that.

Usually, they deny it.

Nevertheless, the contract was absolute, Undead turn desperate and then lose their senses.

For Jamie, that side of Undead controlling was easy.

But yes, that monster will have limits.

On the other hand, what about these ones?

‘Raiza doesn’t look much different from Azad.’

Both of them were determined to know.

‘This, maybe I picked up jewels.’

People who overcame the reality of becoming Undead in just one day.

With a smile, Jamie answered.

“Unfortunately, you are zombies.”

“… zombies?”

“You hold the appearance.
When you become a zombie, you gain overwhelming physical strength.
That’s it.”



At the word ‘zombie’, the two were disappointed.

Have they lost it?

If it was someone else who was turned into zombies, they wouldn’t be disappointed.

Jamie thought it was funny, but he really liked how they acted.

“But I don’t know.”


“What is that…”

“Depending on what you do, you may become a higher level Undead.”

At that, Azad’s eyes twinkled.

Though not expressive, Raiza seemed to smile as well.


Black sounded like it was weird.

Even so, the two were strange.

But Jamie knew.

The stronger one’s ego, the more possibilities one has.

‘Not as much as these ones, but there were guys like this too.’

Although those ones might not be alive now.

“Then, I am leaving.”

“Please be safe!”

The two bowed to Jamie.

Late dawn.

Count Welton was shocked.

An executive from Lival turned into a whistleblower.

Jamie fell into sleep as he heard the noise coming from the outside as a lullaby.

“I am sorry.
I’ll try not to be too late.”

“My darling, don’t worry about us and come to us after getting the work done.”

“My sweetie.”

Early in the morning, the Count and his wife were passionately light kissing each other.

Jamie frowned at that sight.

He didn’t like the love they showed, but this one was even harder to bear.

The problem was, the suffering wasn’t over.

“Son, come here.”

“Yes, father.”

Jamie walked over to Count Welton with a bright face.

The Count held with one hand.

“You are the head of the family when your father isn’t there.”

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“Of course, I will be leaving, but until then, you need to take good care of your mom and little sister.
Got it?”

“Don’t worry!”

When Jamie answered with confidence, the Count and Sears burst into smiles.

Actually, Jamie wanted to die.

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