ut his palm.

Ricky stopped and then rubbed his eyes at what he saw.

A scale to weigh sins, a symbol engraved on the palm.

Although he was an Apostle, Ricky wasn’t fully awakened, so he didn’t have the symbol of the goddess.

Jamie raised his hand and then went up the stairs without a word.

Left alone, Ricky looked blankly at Jamie, and then followed him.

“Let’s go together!”

By the time Jamie went up, the memorial service was done.

But people stayed till the end, they waited for each member of the church who was killed to be sent away.

Once this was done, the coffin would be removed.
And the service for today will be wrapped up and tomorrow they will head to the main church of Pyro to hold a grand funeral.

“Where were you?”

The voice of Marquis Bell.

He looked to the side and looked at Sears with Sarah approaching them.

“I had something to do.”

“What did you…”

The Marquis titled his head and when he saw Ricky next to him, he bowed.

“I am glad you are feeling much better.”

“It was thanks to the Marquis.
Thank you.”

“I don’t even know what to call you.”

Sears rubbed her eyes, and Ricky shook his head and said.

“Please treat me like you used to.
I am Jamie's friend.”

“I will do that then.
Sarah, greet Ricky.”


Sarah stared at Ricky while staying behind her mom.

It felt strange, Jamie didn’t understand why Sarah didn’t show any affection for Ricky.
Rather, it was as if she hated him.

From Ricky’s point of view, it was embarrassing.

Sarah hesitated and then opened her mouth.

Was she finally going to say it?

“Where is sister Anna?”


Ricky threw away his hopes and then bowed his head, as if he was going to cry, but then he answered.

“Anna is probably with sister Fiona.”

“I want to see sister Anna.”

“Should I take you to her?”

“That, I don’t like…”

At Sarah’s firm refusal, Ricky’s face went stiff.

Jamie looked at his friend and then shook his head.

“Did you do something wrong without our knowledge?”

“… not once.”

Then, she must hate people.

And Ricky decided to just accept it.

It is nice seeing everyone here.”

In the meantime, the Marquis smiled warmly, thinking that the conversation between kids was cute.

In Jamie’s eyes, the Marquis looked odd.

Sears comforted Ricky as he was feeling awkward now.

It is because Sarah hasn’t talked to any other boys other than Jamie.
Don’t be too hurt.”

That being said, she did spend a whole lot of time with Ricky on the journey till Apton.

But Jamie didn't say it out loud.

Because if he did say it, Ricky would be heartbroken.

“Well, let’s go back.
If I could, I would like to send away my friend, but…”

Marquis looked at the coffin of the Archbishop which was being carried by four priests.

“There is so much to do.”

A fire shone in the Marquis’s eyes.
He too must be feeling great anger at Zenith church.

He was one of the most powerful people of Seldam kIngdom, so he put enough pressure on the Zenith church for making a contract with demons.

The pressure would spread and come from kingdom level, and the forces would have bad relations with Zenith.

At the thought of Zenith crying, Jamie smiled.

“So everyone is here!”

As they were about to move, they heard Lars’ voice.

Jamie didn’t think each one would arrive one by one.

But the ones behind you?”

The Marquis greeted Lars warmly and looked at the two people behind him.

The two glanced at Marquis, but didn’t answer.
Instead, it was Ricky who they bowed to and said.

“The sword which carries the justice of the Goddess, Holy Executioner Philos Oran bows to the Apostle.”

“The sword which carries the justice of the Goddess, Holy Executioner, Airak Tedley, greets the Apostle.”

At their actions, Ricky couldn’t hide his bewildered expression.

Ricky looked at Jamie with eyes begging for help, but Jamie too was startled.


He did think that they were unusual.

And he never thought that Lars could be the only Holy Executioner.

“Y-you both should rise.”

With Ricky’s words, they got up.

God’s Apostles are like God’s second appearance, and to them the paladins are servants.
And it was their duty to protect their Apostle, the symbol of God in the world at the cost of everything.

Therefore, even the highest priest in a church would have to kneel in front of them.

Like Lars.

“I see that you are Executioners.”

Marquis Bell nodded.

Philos bowed his head feeling bad for greeting the Apostle before the Marquis.

“Please forgive us, Marquis Bell.”

“There is no need to, I know how this works.”

“Thank you for understanding us.”

As Airak raised his head, he looked at Jamie.

It was as if he was shocked by something, like he saw something he shouldn’t have.

“W-what is this?!”

“Airak, what is it?”

“D-deputy commander.
This child…!”

“Hm? Ack!”

“Why are you two…

Lars frowned at the two seniors who were acting strangely at the sight of Jamie.

However, as he turned his head at Jamie, he had the same expression as them.

“Why is everyone looking at my son like that?”

When Sears saw their reaction, she thought it was rude of them, but Philos shook his head.

“I-It isn’t what you are thinking, my lady.”

“This child… oh god.
Oh god.”

Philos and Airak looked at each other and gulped.

Lars, who calmed down, walked over to Jamie.

“… Jamie, by any chance?”


The answer came from Ricky who was beside Jamie.

Everyone turned to Ricky.

Jamie just clicked his tongue as if he didn’t like the annoying situation.

Ricky opened his mouth.

“The Goddess has ordained Jamie as a Saint.”


The first to scream was the most unexpected person.

“Wow! My brother is dazzling!”

Sarah shouted loudly.

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