solute god’.”

“… no wonder.
I thought it was strange.”

Sun God Ra.

Although it was called 12 Gods, even with the Twelve is One, Ra was always alone.

And Jamie was confident that if he competed with all the Gods, he could win over all, except for one.

And that is Ra.

The leader of the 12 and the being revered as the supreme god.

Even now, the church of Ra dominated the entire southern continent.

‘I'll never understand what he thinks.’

There was no way such a strong one stayed alone.

“Yeomje was always alone.”

A God of agriculture and harvest.

A God who communicated with the humans the most.

And he was also a God with whom Jamie was the closest until he found out about the plan of the 12 Gods.

And in the end, that God betrayed humanity.

Maybe that was why he never appeared in front of Diablo Volfir, until the last moments of sealing.

“Yeomje being alone is fine, but why are you alone?”

“… because of that scum Zenith.”

Pyro’s eyes trembled in rage.

Her green hair turned black and her lips dyed bright red.

The innocent figure she had till a second back was nowhere to be seen, and the dress changed to a red one.

This was the appearance she had when she was angry.

“Even if he is ripped to shreds I won’t be able to calm myself.”

It seemed like they had bad feelings between them.

“When he was abandoned by Ra, he felt a sense of crisis, so he targeted me.
To destroy me and then challenge Ra.”

The air around was turning hot.

Her anger at Zenith kept rising.

“I will get back everything he stole, and now it is my turn to covet it!”

And her dark eyes stared at Jamie.

Her eyes were calm and deep like an abyss, but they were hot.

Feeling her anger, Jamie thought.

‘Abandoned by Ra?’

Honestly, he was on the same line as Ra, but Zenith was actually the nephew of Ra.

And the fact that he was abandoned meant all that was left of that Zenith bastard was his own alliance.

And now that his plan to take away Pyro’s power from the world failed, he was nothing much.

The options Zenith had now were limited.

I think we’ll see each other soon.’

Jamie didn’t know what Zenih was thinking, but the field was ready.

Yet, the battle won't start right away.

‘It’ll take time, a long time.’

Shouldn’t he at least try and gain power before confronting a God?

Jamie smiled as he watched Pyro roar in anger.


The gilded armrest was smashed.

A black beard, red-skinned man yelled at the man kneeling below.

“Are you kidding me right now?!”

“… I have no face to show you.’

The man, bowing on his knees, bowed his head now.

He was Barba, a member of the Seven Knights, the man in robe who stood before Philos in the fight.

And the angry, red-skinned man with dark beard sitting on a high seat was Iliod IV, Pope of the Zenith Church.

“As if it wasn’t enough that the plan in Apton failed, even Sir Kreon disappeared!”

Sable’s real name was Kreon.

“Do you have no idea how important he is?!”

“By the time I arrived there, everything was over.”

“Are you really speaking shit…!”

Iliod IV jumped up from his seat and then sat down.

As he was angry, he stiffened.

In a confused voice, Iliod IV said.

“Ugh… how will we move forward without Sir Kreon? Rumors of us signing a contract with demons is spreading quickly, and there will soon be pressure on…”

If only Kreon was there, he would have said something.
However, without Kreon on their side, the previously working simulation of war for the Zenith church wouldn’t work.

“How is such a powerful Sword Master…!”

Even after leaving Apton and searching the entire Seldom Kingdom, the only person who could compete against Kreon and win was Tarix Pan, who was called the King’s Sword.

And that person would never step out of his place.

“Magic isn’t of use to him.”

They didn’t think he could be dead.

Even if one searched all over the continent, there weren’t many people who could kill Kreon.

Iliod IV glared at Barba.

“You, find where Sir Kreon is and bring him to me.”


Barba didn’t know why he was being treated like this, but since it was the Pope talking, he decided to follow.

At the same time.

Sable, no, Kreon clenched the hand holding the sword.

He looked at the paladins of the Sun Church who surrounded him.
The moment he thought he crossed the desert, they suddenly appeared.

But it was fine.

Since these were just paladins, he could break through them.

The problem was, soon someone other than paladins came.

“Nice to meet you, Kreon.”

A man as black as coal.

His head was shaved neatly, and his polished upper body looked stronger than any armor.

And the sword the man was holding in one hand.

No, could that even be called a sword?

“… I don’t think of this as nice.”

“I can’t help it if you act that way.”

The black man’s eyes were gold.

Kreon gulped.

Only twice, there was a time when he wanted to compete with the man in front of him.

But there was no victory.

It wasn’t because of the skills.

‘Both times I ran away.’

He kept comforting himself saying that he didn’t lose as he still had his life, but the bottom line was it was a defeat.

The problem now was, Kreon didn’t think he could run away this time.

‘Monstrous bastard!’

A terribly powerful monster of Sun church.

Let’s hear why you had to come to this distant land.”

The black man, the Sword of Sun, Blazer, held his sword in his hand which soared like the sun.

Seeing that, Sable’s complexion darkened.

He knew better than anyone what that light on the sword meant.

‘… that ignorant huge Aura Blade!’

Sword Master’s exclusive, Aura Blade.

And that was the identity of the light shining from Blazer’s sword.

The enormous amount of aura which reached the sky was dazzling.

Blazer opened his mouth as he looked at Sable’s stiff face.

“To turn into a half-corpse.”

As the sun explodes, the golden Aura Blade which burns like the flame slammed to the ground.

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