84: Conversation (1)

“Cough, cough!”

“Do not lose consciousness!”

Ricky continued to pour in his holy power into Beryl, who was coughing up blood and on the verge of giving up.

Aside from the wounds, too much of his vitality had been depleted in the fight against Sable.
It was because Beryl kept exceeding his limit during the course of the fight.

“Would this be possible?”

“… we need to do something.”

Even Marquis Bell was in doubt, and Ricky couldn’t even give him a definite answer.
Beryl was the one who risked his life and fought for them.

There was a lot of holy power still in his body, so if he could send it to Beryl, then he could surely save him.

“Brother, stay strong…!”

Anna comforted Ricky with small words.

Ricky smiled and nodded at her words.

‘You need to live.’

Did his sincerity go through?

Beryl’s expression began to soften a little.
The blood he was coughing up decreased little by little.

The twisted body began to turn normal and gradually the ragged raspy breathing was now stable.

It was only then that Ricky took a breath.

Fortunately, we seem to have passed the dangerous time.”

“I really thank you, Apostle.”

“Thank me.
This is something I had to do.
This was because he protected all of us.”

“Is it done, brother?”

I was able to get it done because of Anna’s support.”


Anna smiled at her brother’s praise.

Ricky smiled and then looked at Beryl.
The dangerous period was over, but he would have to keep healing him.

Because one can never tell when something bad might happen.

“Shouldn’t we go for Jamie?”

Marquis Bell answered Ricky’s question.

“Even this aged man doesn’t know what that child is thinking.
At such a crucial time, he sent us here…”

Just before Sable broke through the holy power of Ricky’s, Jamie spoke to everyone telepathically.

-I have a good idea.
The rest you will have to move away, it will only need me and brother Lars.

What are you talking about! Do you want us to run away leaving you here?

-Everything will be fine.
Don’t worry.


Jamie, who already memorized the spell, didn’t listen to them any longer and moved them away.

If they could, they would have gone back to the cliff right away, but they couldn’t abandon Beryl.

In a confused voice, Ricky mumbled.

“I hope he runs…”

“Since it is brother Jamie, I am sure he would have done well.

Contrary to the two who were concerned, Anna seemed to believe in Jamie.

And the two wanted what Anna said to be the truth.

At that moment, the sound of several horseshoes could be heard.

“Looks like they are here.”

The place where Jamie moved them to was a wide road leading to where the battle was taking place.

Marquis Bell saw the dust rise as the horses moved.

Soon, dozens of horses and the cavalry could be seen.

Before leaving the Mirinae Forest, the Marquis had ordered them to follow him.

Among them, there were those who were moving ahead.

“I found the Marquis!”

“Apostle, the Saint and Sir Onyx are here too!”

Soon the cavalry took up the escort formation.

Knights approached and inquired about the Marquis.

“Marquis, are you alright?”

“Rather than me, look after Beryl.”

“Yes, sir.”

It was to allow Ricky to take a break, and as Beryl was the most critically injured among the people there, the knights took the orders right away.

Ricky and Anna, who were still young, were safely placed on the horseback.

“Marquis, you too…”

“I am fine.
More than that.
Jamie and the Holy Executioner haven’t arrived.
We need to find them.”

“Do not worry sir.
We will be fine…”

“You don’t have to.”

And a voice came.

Marquis looked up in amazement and saw Jamie and Lars there.

“Jamie! Brother Lars!”

Ricky, who was on the horse, called out to them.

“Brother Jamie is back? And Brother Lars?”

Both are back unharmed.”

When Ricky explained to Anna, she smiled broadly.

Marquis, who looked at the two who arrived, sighed in relief.

“You really did come back safely.
The Executioner must have had a hard time too.”

“It was nothing.”

Lars shook his head and placed his hand on Jamie’s shoulder.

“It was all thanks to Jamie.”

What about Sable?”

“Let’s do this first…”

Jamie pulled out Beryl’s arm.

It has been a while since it was cut off from the body, but it wasn’t that late.
Hopefully it could be placed back together.

“Leave it to me.”


When Ricky suddenly jumped off the horse, the soldiers were startled.

Not caring, Ricky walked up to Jamie and took Beryl’s arm.
And then checked the condition of the arm before smiling.

“This will be good.”

“Bring Beryl here.”

At the command of the Marquis, the soldiers carefully set down Beryl.

The cut section was clean thanks to the swordsmanship of Sable.

“I will hold it.”

“Thank you.”

Lars assisted Ricky from the side, and he began to bring out the holy power to activate the cells around the cut.


A soldier mumbled at it.

Gentle holy power joined the skin.

No one knew how big the power had to be to attach a severed arm, or how to handle the holy power.

Ricky was showing the aspect of being the God’s Apostle in a wonderful way.

‘Even though it hasn’t been a while since he was chosen as the Apostle, he is handling the power better than bishop levels.’

Jamie clicked his tongue at Ricky’s growth.

Not long ago, Ricky was a kid with an unfortunate fate.
When he was chosen as the Apostle, only his position had changed, but the fact that he was a kid remained the same.

But when he came to Apton, he grew rapidly.

Especially in controlling the Holy power of the Goddess.

In the end, even Sable, the head of the Seven Knights, wasn't able to cut through the last shield of holy power made by Ricky and diverted it.


Ricky let out a breath.

And with a smile.

“It is done.”

“You did well.”

Lars patted Ricky on the shoulder.

“Thank you.”

“As said before, he just did what he had to do.

The Marquis said that while looking at Ricky with a smile, Ricky who got up looked at Jamie.

His expression was like a puppy waiting to be praised.

Jamie smiled and nodded his head.


It felt so good to be acknowledged by Jamie that Ricky couldn’t stop smiling.

The soldiers began to move Beryl again.

They will take him to the Pyro church to heal him.

“So, what happened?”

Jamie took off the necklace and showed it to the Marquis.

“This saved me.”

“Tina’s necklace…”

Marquis’s eyes fluttered.

“I don’t remember much, but this shone.
And then I lost sight of what happened, Sable disappeared.”

“Can I see that for a moment?”


Jamie handed it to the Marquis.

The Marquis took the necklace with a bitter smile.

“My wife must have protected you.”

He grabbed the necklace and closed his eyes.

Tina Bell.
The wife of Marquis, a high-level Seer.

But Tina didn’t like her abilities.
Because it ate away at life.

So even when she did look into the future, she never spoke about it.

And her husband was no exception.

The Marquis who cared for his wife and never asked her to use her abilities.

But that day was different.

One day, our home will be threatened.

-What are you saying all of a sudden?

-Have this.

-Where did you get this necklace?

-This necklace contains my power.

-You have such a weak body, why bother making this! Tina, what you are worried about won’t… I don’t need this!

-I trust you.
But there will be a day that you can’t handle it alone.

-What did you see? My wife?

-I don’t know when that day will come, but…

About a month or so later, Tina passed away.

At that time, it seemed like the day Tina had spoken of was the day of her death.

‘You defended our home as you wished.’

Marquis opened his eyes again.

The blue gem which should have been shining brightly has lost its color.

And the last traces of Tina had disappeared.

The Marquis put the necklace back in Jamie’s little hand.

It may have lost strength, but use it as a talisman and carry it at all times.
Maybe someday, it will protect you again.

“… a gift from grandmother?”


When the Marquis said his wife, Jamie expected it.

‘Then that woman…’

He can't remember the detailed face, but it was clear that someone smiled at him.

And it was the warmest smile.

Normally, he would have rejected that feeling, but for some reason, Jamie surrendered himself to that warmth.

“Let’s move now.
Since everything here is done.”

As soon as he returns, he has to hold the Zenith church responsible.

The sins they committed will never be ignored, and they will be condemned for making a contract with demons.

At that time, Lars approached the Marquis.

“Marquis, I have something to say.”

“What is it?”

“… the archbishop is dead.”

Archbishop means… Sephira.

The marquis sighed.

He had known the person for a long time.
Even before he had turned into a bishop, a relationship of over 30 years.

“Was it Sable?”


“He stole so many things from me.”

What did this victory leave them?

“When we return, we will honor the spirit of the Archbishop and those who died today.”


A memorial ceremony will be held for those who gave up their lives instead of a banquet for victory.

Jamie looked up at the sky again.

He went through a lot since he entered Apton and a lot of things vanished.

The culprit was one who had a place in the 12 Gods, and someone Jamie hated more than others.


He felt like he was finally getting closer to him.

But distance couldn’t be measured.

Because Jamie was weak and Zenith was in heaven.

‘I need more power.’

He felt horrible today.

At the current growth of his magic, there was no way he could close the gap with God.

He needed a new power.

That was when he remembered what Beryl suggested.


Jamie’s father was a Sword Master, so it was the perfect environment to learn the sword.

However, he wasn’t sure if holding the sword was right.

‘When Beryl wakes up, I need to have a proper conversation with him.’

Beryl wasn’t a match for Sable because Sable was strong.

But Beryl is a Sword Master.

In the past Jamie refused, but he was sure that if he asked again, Beryl would give him some advice.

‘I need to go and rest for now.’

He wanted to finish this tiring morning.

That was all Jamie wanted now.

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