Bond (3)

Sears stroked her sleeping daughter’s hair and looked out the window where darkness was lifting.

She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t breathe.

Her heart was still pounding loudly against her ribs, and the anxious thoughts were making her dizzy.

Her beautiful appearance was no more and dark shadows were under her eyes.


Her son, who was very young.

She heard that Jamie had returned from the Mirinae Forest with Beryl.

She was overjoyed when the soldier said that, but then she heard that Beryl, Jamie and Marquis Bell immediately left to rescue the Goddess’s saint from peril.

Her son was heading to another dangerous place.

“Why are you…”

She clenched her dress.

The fight wasn’t a place for kids.
All that kids had to do was sleep peacefully next to their parents.
And stay safe until the parents solved things.

“God, please…”

Sears covered her face, earnestly begging the gods.

“Please return my child safely.”

The most lovable and cherished kid of hers who was nothing like her.
If something happened to Jamie, she felt that living in the world would be impossible.

“I won’t ever scold you, so please, please come back safe… please, please.”

It was then.

Light poured in from the window.

Was the sun rising in the same place where she was sitting?

Sears covered her eyes at the bright light and slowly looked out the window.

‘This isn’t sunlight.’

After a while, the light faded.

Sears rubbed her eyes and looked ahead.

Someone was standing, a woman, in a familiar dress.

“Who… are-?”

A woman appeared from the light.

Sears knew that this woman was something she knew.

However, the face was difficult to see.

A woman had come.

Sears flinched, but she couldn’t feel any hostility from this woman.

So she did nothing.

The approaching steps, and hand moved towards Sarah’s head.

The hand that gently stroked Sarah's head and was trying to make sure she didn’t wake up.

Sears felt like she knew this soft hand.

‘When I was young.’

She remembered sleeping on someone’s lap under the shade of a large tree on a sunny day.

A pleasant touch which gently swept through her hair.

The dress she remembered from that time was a blue embroidered dress with pretty flowers on it.

Just like the one this woman was wearing.

Sears' eyes trembled.
She lifted her head and looked at the face.

Her vision wasn’t blurry anymore.
The woman who looked at Sarah, now turned to her daughter and smiled.


Sears jumped up.

Her young beautiful mother passed from a chronic disease.

The woman caressed her daughter’s cheek and opened her mouth.

Sears couldn’t hear, but she understood what she was trying to say.

-Everything is fine.
So, don’t worry.

And with that, the light began to scatter.

Sears stared ahead blankly, and once her legs felt weak, she fell down.

Wailing like a child.

Sarah woke up at the sound of her mother crying and hugged her.

It was the moment when everything was over.

Jamie stayed still for a moment and then opened his eyes.

‘What happened?’

The last thing he remembered was he lost consciousness, and he remembered Sable raising his blade at him.

‘Where did Sable go?’

He wasn’t visible.

Seeing that he was alive, something must have happened.

Or maybe this was the afterlife.

‘The whole forest can’t be taken to the afterlife, that is total nonsense.’

Jamie was in the same place he lost consciousness.

And his heart was beating.

He decided to get up and look around for clues.

He wasn’t sure how long he was out, but his body was aching all over.


Lars appeared from the bushes.

“Where are you coming from?”

“I went to check if he had run away, but I couldn’t find anything.
Rather than that, what happened to you?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You don’t remember?”

Lars asked by narrowing his eyes, however Jamie was unsure of what he was being asked.

“Maybe amnesia?”

“What happened?”

“A great light came from you.”


Great light? What great light could come from him?

All he could do with his strength was cast a couple thunderbolts, he had no mana left.

Knowing that he could do nothing, Jamie even waited for his death.

“It was a great light which covered the entire forest, but then it disappeared, and Sable disappeared too.
I was searching around to see if there was any trail of blood to follow him.”


“It is strange when you think about it.
The light was so warm.
It would never harm anyone…”

Hearing that Jamie immediately remembered.

The moment Sable was ready to kill him, a light shone from the necklace.

And then, someone appeared but he couldn’t remember whom.

The blue jewel on his necklace was now grey.

Jamie narrowed his eyes.

“What is it?”

Jamie couldn’t answer Lars' question.

The necklace in his hand definitely did something.

He wasn’t sure it did, but it definitely saved his life.

‘This helped me.’

Just as Marquis Bell has said.

What exactly was this necklace which made it possible for him to survive from a Sword Master?

Where did Sable go?

“Look here.

“Ah, yes.
I was lost in thought for a second…”

“Where did that one disappear to?”

Lars couldn't figure it out either.

“There is no way he is dead.”

Sable was a Sword Master with skills and a monster who handled holy power better than an archbishop.

And even Jamie didn’t think that such a monster could be killed with the power of the necklace.

It would have been nice to know the power within the blue jewel, but now it was impossible to know since it lost its power.

He decided to ask about it as soon as he met the Marquis.

“We should go.
I don’t think he’ll show up anymore.”

“Let’s do that.
but, where are the others?”

While Sable was blocking the beam from Gremia, Jamie teleported everyone except for Lars.

“A safe place I found.”

“Where is that?”

“It is faster to show you than explain.
And it isn’t that far either.”

Jamie grabbed Lars and teleported.

That time-

A scorching sun which seemed to burn the skin on a golden land.

Sable frowned as he looked at the vast desert.

“This, where is this?!”

A little while ago, he was on the cliff of a forest.

And was about to finally strike Jamie.

But when he came to senses, he was here.

Was he dreaming now?

For some reason, if it was Jamie, he thought that it was possible for him to be put to sleep.

However, it was too absurd.

He knew how exhausted the little boy was, how could he even try to do that in his feeble state?

Then did this situation make sense?

A desert in the forest? Who would accept the fact that he travelled to some place in the blink of an eye!


For over 50 years, this was the first time this happened.

Maybe some old magician had left a warp magic hidden inside the forest.

“… a desert.
To a desert.”

The continent where humans live was divided into five.

Central continent [Haron], eastern continent [Kariren] Western Continent [Arisha] Northern Continent [Oliva] southern Continent [Brion]

And the desert only existed in Brion.

The Seldam Kingdom and Apton were inside Olvia.

In other words, he, who was on the northernmost side, moved to the south of the continent.

The distance had to be more than 10,000km.

“This… this…”

Sable looked at his trembling hands and screamed.


The roar of a Sword Master shook the entire desert.

So much anger.

He had the chance to finally end it all.

They didn’t even have the power to resist anymore, if he killed them then his work would have been done, Pyro church would have crumbled.

And the Zenith church wouldn’t have been in trouble.

However, everything went wrong.

He had no idea just what had happened to him, but he knew one thing.

“I need to go back! I have to get back!!”

The longer he was absent, the worse the situation at Zenith church.

Not because of the contract with the demon.

Demons didn’t matter much in the rapidly changing world.

A great war was centered around the Zenith church.

In the battlefield for supremacy, demons were a minor issue.

Most of the preparations were done and the alliances were firmly established too.

And the start of the place was with Pyro Church.

However, he was moved to the other side of the continent by some unknown force.

‘There is no way the war will run properly without me.’

Sable was the head of the Seven Knights, Sword Master of Zenith church.

And he was on an equal footing with the Pope, and he was strong enough to be called a one-man corps.

And he was the centre of the upcoming Holy War.

And if such a main force disappears, would a proper war be waged?

Even if the surprise attack was successful, it would be a different story if the enemies had their best troops enter the war.

Super humans exist outside the allies too, and it was impossible for the troops of Zenith church to handle the enemies who have forces as such.

In the end, Zenith would face defeat.

And that was the result Sable came to after running a war simulation in his mind.

‘If the war is postponed…’


If the contract with the demon comes out, people would come to investigate.

The Zenith church, which is under political pressure, resorted to a means of ‘war’ and caused a massacre.

The original plan.

“I don’t have time for this.”

He had to get out of the desert.

Sable, who was walking, began to run over the sand.

‘War is one thing, but it is important to quickly sneak out of the southern continent.’

The strongest religion which has been over the southern continent [Brion] for thousands of years.

Power strong enough to be recognized by Sable, it was ‘Ra’, the God of Gods, symbolizing sun and light.

And now, it was also a church which had a bad relationship with Zenith.

‘If I get caught by them, things will turn difficult.’

If they find out that Sable was here, that terrible monster will come.

Although he managed to overpower Beryl, a Sword Master, Sable didn’t want to meet Ra’s monster.

He wanted to only do that once he was done taking over the north.

‘How did I come to this…?!’


He will never forget that little boy.

Sable, who thought that, accelerated.

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