Bond (1)

Beryl watched his arm roll on the floor in disbelief.

He clearly reacted to the attack.

And thought he could stop it.

However, his arm was cut?


“Sir Onyx!”

The voices of Marquis Bell and Jamie could be heard from above.

Beryl chuckled.

He must have looked so pitiful.

‘Should I get it out?’

Isis told him to not use it even for curiosity.

But isn’t it different now that he was in danger of dying?

‘Is this an opponent I can't beat while wielding it?’

Same Sword Masters, but the difference was like heaven and earth.

‘… can I do it?’

It wasn't the first fight he had with a Sword Master.

But it wasn’t a life-or-death situation like now, but he had crossed his swords with the Sword Master.
But such an overwhelming result, this was the first.

Miserable heart.

Didn’t want to give up.


“You are tough.”

The scent of the flowers made his head throb.

Sable spoke to Beryl who stood calmly holding his arm.

“You know, it is worthless.”

“Shut up.”

“Our level is different.
I acknowledge your skills.
Power of wind, simple yet amazing.
But the time for Masters has changed.”

Sable smiled coldly.

Contrary to his youthful appearance, he was over 50.

Experience, magnanimity and skill.
He was superior in every way.

“You and Count Welton whom you consider as your rival.
In front of me, you are kids.”

Swordsmen of Seldam Kingdom.

To him, the young Sword Masters weren’t mature.

“It is a bit difficult q to predict skills which you obtained by pure luck.”

“A loser's excuses as always.
Because the compatibility of the powers wasn't good, the weather wasn't good, the land wasn't in good condition.
Even if we have the opposite powers, the win and loss wouldn’t have changed.”

“Saying that is easy!”

Although he only had one hand, the power of wind made everything light.

Even the balance of his body which would collapse normally was standing because the power of wind was handling it.

Beryl closed the distance quickly.

“I told you, you aren’t my opponent.”

This time, the sword didn’t move.

Beryl’s eyes widened.
He thought about the bitter life and time stopped for a moment.

In that situation, Beryl saw a red line appearing on his side.

There was no time to think about what the red line was.

However, he knew strongly that if he ignored it, then something bad would happen.

Beryl twisted and unleashed his aura.

The wind gently moved his body around, and naturally the direction changed.

But he struggled to get away from the red line.

As a result, he moved from the red line.


Sable’s side was cut.

He smiled, feeling the blood flowing.

In that brief movement, Beryl changed the outcome through his aura.

An amazing feeling.

Maybe this Sword Master wasn’t that bad?

Beryl landed on the ground and took a breath.

The line which was made.

He seemed to know what the line meant.

‘A line which twists fate!’

If he wasn’t a Sword Master who hadn’t experienced the crisis of getting his arm cut, he would have never noticed it.

However, avoiding it wasn’t an easy task.

The enemy’s power was that strong.

“I didn’t think you would avoid it.”

Beryl didn’t respond to Sable’s words and saw the wound on his side.

A wound which didn’t exist till a second back.

A fresh wound.

“If the power fails, it seems to come back to you, right?”

“Is there ever a power without risk?”

Sable nodded as he looked at the opponent.

“Certainly, you are higher than the Executioner from a moment back.”

“If you think I am easy, you won’t have much time.”

“I was praising you for avoiding it.

Sable kicked the ground.

Aura, which wrapped the sword, drew an amazing trajectory.

Beryl saw the ‘fate lines’ all over his body.

‘The power can be unleashed by using the sword too!’

Sable hadn’t used the sword till now.

Thigh was cut, next the calves, collarbones and lower arms and back.

So much blood which fell.

Meanwhile, Sable’s sword drew in.


The two swords collided briefly.

Even though the power of wind was added into the sword, it was being pushed back.

Sable smiled.

“Even if you know what is happening, you are no match.”

The forearm was slashed and blood flowed out.

Sable’s power was in motion.

“This is it for you.”

The aide Sable which Beryl knew no longer existed.

The one standing in front of him was Zenith's most powerful sword.

‘Damn it.’

A red line on his neck.

And avoiding it seemed impossible.

“If you hadn’t appeared, you could have enjoyed your time wandering around a little more.”

“… you.”

“It is a pity that Frontier is losing their power.”

Beryl couldn’t do anything other than grunt as he saw Sable smile.


The neck would be cut.

It had to be.

“… no?!”

Beryl was in front of him.
It should have been the head which was cut off that he had to see.


“Where did you go?”

Disappeared out of nowhere.

Beryl blinked as he looked around.

An empty space.

The old floors with heavy stubbed bricks and walls made of mud.

Beryl rubbed his neck.

‘What happened?’

A ‘twist of fate line’ was definitely drawn on his neck.

He definitely thought that he was going to die, but when he opened his eyes, he was in this place.


[Don’t worry, this isn’t the underworld.]

Jamie’s voice could be heard.

And then Beryl realized where this place was.

“You brought me to Gremia.”

I was wondering what to do if you resisted, but I am glad.]

Just before Beryl’s neck was cut, Jamie moved him into Gremia.

If Beryl had resisted the strange feeling then he wouldn’t have been able to move.
And because of the circumstances, he was able to bring in Beryl.

“I am grateful that I survived thanks to you.”

if you lose, we are done.
Anyway, I don’t have much time.
I have an idea.
Would you like to hear it?]

“Is that a good plan? I hate to admit it, but my opponent is better than me.
You won't be able to defeat him with some plan.”

[I am not sure, but it will probably work.]

Jamie said.

Beryl got up and grabbed the great sword.

“Say it.
Now isn’t the time to be choosy.”

[Listen then.]

Jamie explained and Beryl nodded.

[Will it be possible?]

“It will be.”

[What is important?]


[Then I’ll send you out.]

Beryl inside Gremia began to fade.

And the hand holding the great sword clenched it.

Sable looked around for signs of killing, but he could feel nothing.

Was it possible for a swordsman to disappear?

‘It is possible to teleport, but…’

Jamie Welton, that kid was skilled enough to do it.

The problem was he couldn’t feel any mana.

Which meant that this wasn’t an act of magic.

‘I don’t know what, but I am sure that this is a third party intervention.’

Sable looked over the cliff with his eyes.
He felt a number of presences.

He snorted as he clenched his sword.

The aura around the sword grew darker.


The power was used and results came.

The cause-clearing the cliff.

All his power was concentrated on that.

And, waited for the enemy.

“Caught you.”

The disappeared one appeared back like an illusion.

Sable instinctively leaned forward.

He felt a sharp pain in the back.
The pain soon spread out and turned hot as if fire was being used.


“You shouldn’t have aimed for that!”

Beryl jumped over him and then swung his sword.

Clang! The swords bounced off with a sound.

The swords kept blocking the attack again.

However, this was a Sword Masters' fight.
A single collision would never result in a single breath.

The two crossed their swords several times.

Although both of them were in an uncomfortable position to wield their swords, they were superhumans who reached the extreme lengths of swords.

‘But I couldn’t cut him.’

Beryl landed on the ground clicking his tongue.

“I don’t know what you did.”

Sable’s eyes turned red.

“But it won’t happen again…”

Beryl disappeared again.

And appeared from the side.


He is in front of Sable one moment and then disappears the next, and Sable couldn’t even figure out where he was disappearing to or when he would appear.

He was annoyed by this strange magic, but it wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t react to it.

While Sable raised his sword to defend himself, he aimed at Beryl’s gap which could come.
But this time, Beryl disappeared because he could even use the power.

A new scar engraved on his body.

‘Where now?’

Sword to pierce the thigh.

Looking back, Beryl smiled while holding his sword.

‘The muscle was cut this time.’

Sable staggered and touched the ground with his sword.

“It doesn’t make sense for the leader of the Seven Knights to be like this.”

Beryl mocked him as he wiped the blood on his sword.

Jamie’s plan was successful.

Even the leader of the terrifying Seven Knights couldn’t respond to Gremia.

And if this kept happening, Sable would collapse.


It was when Beryl was certain of his victory.

Sable let out an eerie laugh.

“What is funny?”

“You’ll know.”

Sable looked at the cliff.

There was only one thing which could do such things without a trace of mana.

“Must be an artifact.”

Beryl’s eyes widened at that.

So was Jamie who was watching from above the cliff.

Sable laughed at that reaction.

“I don’t know what kind, but it must be a spatial artifact.
The reason I don’t feel mana or any trace of it is because it takes mana each time.”

There were artifacts which could work with one charge of mana.

Although Gremia needed constant input of mana, it wasn’t wrong to say that to operate Gremia, mana charge was needed.

Reaching that conclusion, Sable said.

“Must be Jamie Welton.”

There was no other person than that kid who could be a variable.

A strange little kid.

And for a 7 year old, he was intimidating.

“I should have killed him first.”

“What can we do now?”

You are the problem.
But I am slowly getting used to it.”

He was getting used to it.

There would be no more surprise attacks, and the longer the battle, the more unfavourable it would turn for him.

Because the Sword Master could hear the sound of horse hooves running to this place.

“It will be an instant.”

Sable held the sword with both hands.

At the rapid change, Beryl gulped.

It seemed like he would have to bring out the Thunder Dragon Sword, Gram.

“… he noticed.”

“That is the true face of his.”

Jamie and Marquis were both having serious expressions.

If he noticed the presence of Gremia, Sable might not react immediately, but the element of surprise was out.

And it was clear that Beryl’s fight would be difficult again.

‘What should I do?’

Jamie was thinking about the next plan.

When Sable held the sword with both hands.


A weird energy could be felt up to the top of the cliff.

Marquis’s face darkened at that.

He had done a lot of things, but now his body was too old to withstand the power of a Sword Master’s sword.

“Grandfather, are you alright?”

“I am fine, so don’t worry.”

He smiled kindly at his grandson and looked down the cliff.

And the two people below moved.

Jamie too began to rebuild the form of Gremia.

Anytime Beryl was in danger or a chance arose, he was going to make sure to use that.

‘It won’t be easy, but I will have to.’

There was no way to gain victory other than that!

… the moment he thought about winning…


Beryl began to bleed from the chest.

And he soon fell to the ground and closed his eyes.

Jamie’s eyes trembled violently, this wasn’t a simple missing his action.

The opponent disappeared and then appeared, just like Beryl did.

It seemed like he did the same thing.

Sable changed the way of using his powers.

“From attack to defense.”

As he looked down at the bloodied sword, Sable said.

“The number of cases this power can take is infinite depending on how it is used.”

Having regained his calm, he spoke looking at the cliff.

“Now it is your turn.”

Sable bent his knees ready to jump.

One leap is enough.

He would kill everyone on the cliff and go back to his place.


Sable’s eyes widened.

“Carelessness… is forbidden…”

He listened to Beryl’s voice and looked at his chest.
A sword pierced through his chest.

Looking back, he saw that Beryl was still lying face down in the distance.

But it was strange, there was a huge blade which pierced him.

And Sable hadn’t even cut the sword.

‘No… it was cut in half, no.’

The sword jumped through space and pierced him.

“Damn it, Jamie Welton.”

Shape-building artifact Gremia.

The one who handled it was Jamie Welton.

No, it was Diablo Volfir, the Great Dark Magician who perfectly understood its principles.

“This is the wormhole, you bastard!”

Jamie was now ready to pay a tribute to Armion, the creator of Gremia.

If it wasn’t for it, Jamie would have died today.

Sable’s knees hit the floor.

Seeing him Jamie was sure of his victory.

“You bastard…!”

However, this powerful Sword Master is the product of the undisputed God of War.

“You will beg for mercy.”

Dark blue holy power began to wrap around Sable’s body.

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