Zenith’s Sword (2)

The power of the wind gave it tremendous speed.

Jamie was being held in the arms of Beryl and it was hard to even open his eyes and see where they were going as it felt like the wind could tear his skin.
Even under the protection of aura, it was this bad, and if he was without any protection then his entire skin would have been peeled.

In an instant they were out of the forest.

In the distance, he could see the line of the Marquis's troops.

They waved their huge flags as if they could see Jamie and Beryl.

“For now, we will head towards the Marquis.”

“I get it.”

The Marquis deserved to know what happened.

Beryl accelerated.

Although they were quite far from the troops, in a second they moved with the wind and reached their destination.

The Marquis who was waiting for them rushed towards Jamie.


He hugged his grandson.

“You! Do you have any idea how worried I was? No injuries right? It must have been so scary!”

Marquis looked at his grandson’s body with tears in his eyes.

It was embarrassing to show the others such an appearance, but he didn’t care, and Jamie responded.

“I am alright, grandfather.”

“Right… It does look like it.
I am happy, happy.”

“But we have something more important at hand.”

“What do you mean? You are the one who matters!”

It was said that the apostle of the Goddess is in danger.”

Beryl, who was next to them, spoke.


The Marquis couldn’t help but be shocked.

The demons weren’t able to get out of Mirinae’s forest.

Then why was the apostle of Goddess in danger?

“This isn’t the time for all that.
Hurry up! We need to hurry up.
Otherwise my friend will die!”

The word ‘friend’ reminded the Marquis about the relationship between Jamie and Ricky.

Still, he couldn’t understand it.

From Mirinae forest to the church, it was opposite to each other, so how did Jamie know that his friend was in danger?

But he didn’t have an answer.

Because Jamie looked worried and wanted to go right away.

“Sir Onyx! Hurry!”

“We will come back right away.”

Beryl seemed to believe Jamie’s words.

Was the apostle of the Goddess really in danger?

As he was thinking about it, a certain person flashed through Marquis’s head.

“… Sable.”

“Grandfather, what did you say…?”

Jamie doubted his ears for a second.

Why was Sable being mentioned right now?

But the Marquis didn’t explain it, and he just asked Beryl with a serious face.

“I will come.”

“It is dangerous!”

The lieutenant who was next to him, immediately said that to stop the Marquis.

Beryl and Jamie had the same idea.

“We don’t know how dangerous it can be.
So please stay here.”

Grandfather, it is dangerous.”

I can understand Beryl saying that, but you shouldn’t!”

Marquis smiled and then looked at Beryl.

“I feel like I need to come.”

“… Marquis.
It isn’t possible.”

“The lieutenant is also saying that, so stay here.”

I need to be there.”

He couldn’t push Sable away from his mind.

After listening to the two, the puzzle was slowly falling into place.

Where was he?

Sable didn’t know, but the Marquis knew that he was hiding his skills.

Beryl, who knew that the Marquis was serious, said.

“If you are in danger, don’t look back and run away.”

“Don’t worry.”


“We should prepare just in case.
Gather up the army and quickly come after us.”

“Haa… alright.”

An order.

If the Sword Master was with the Marquis, there would be no danger.

The lieutenant left right away to carry out the order.

“Let’s go.
Didn’t you say it was urgent?”

“Come here.”

Beryl took Jamie into his arms and went closer to Marquis.

None of them were sure what was happening, but they let the wind guide them.

“It will be fast.”


The three figures soared towards the sky at tremendous speed.

Lars remembered the first time he was appointed as the Holy Executioner.

How happy he was when his skills were recognized.

He was someone who heard the word genius with his name.
Even the grown ups in his place weren’t a match for him.

Because of his faith he was soon turned into a paladin.

However, while watching the Holy Executioners, he felt like he was a frog in the well.

There was a sky above him.

And as he acknowledged it, he trained to death and the emotions he felt when he reached the position he wanted after such hard work was indescribable.

Of course, he knew that there would be a new sky he would have to reach, but he was proud of his skills.

And that pride was shattered once again by the man in front of him.

“You cannot stop me.”

Sable’s cold eyes.

No attack would touch Sable.
On the contrary, the wounds on his body continued to grow.

‘I can’t even recover with holy power.’

A stronger holy power was crushing his own holy power.

The difference was having a greater effect on his body.

Lars tried to heal his wounds with holy power, but Zenith’s holy power on his wounds was preventing it.

“Brother, are you alright?”

“Brother Lars…?”

Ricky and Anna sounded worried.

Lars staggered, struggling to get up.
He wasn’t sure how many holes were in his body, but he was going to save the kids.

Even if he had to die, he would make sure they lived.

“Because there is no meaning.”

Blood was welling up on Lars' shoulders.


“Wh-what is it brother!?”

Lars couldn’t even answer them.

No matter how many times he tried to attack, he didn’t understand how the opponent was able to dodge and attack him.

He wasn’t wielding a sword, but still cut it.

He would block it, but the attack would still fall on his body.

An attack which came past everything.

“You don’t get it, right? Why do you keep getting hit? The principle of the attacks.

“… are you a Sword Master?”

“Weren't you aware till now?”

Aside from the overwhelming ability, the attacks made no sense

But if the opponent was a Sword Master, then it was a different story.

A special power when one turns into superhuman.

And with that power, they could have absurd things done.

“Reversal of Causality.
That is my power.”

He couldn’t understand what the ability was by listening to it.

Being kind, Sable explained it.

“It is simple.
It just reverses the order of cause and effect.
Do you get it?”

“Change cause and effect?”

If I attack you will be hurt.
Casualty Reversal is to take back the cause that I am attacking you, and make sure that your attacks too hurt you, to hasten the outcome of hurting you.”

“What, nonsense…”

Lars doubted his ears.

Even if the opponent is a Sword Master with a power, this ability seems too far-fetched.

“There are many monsters in the world.
I feel bad for you, you see, I think I am pretty high among the monsters.”

Above the sky Lars knew was another sky.

And above that would be a bigger sky.

Lars couldn’t even fathom the extent of the gap between him and his opponent.

“Didn’t I tell you? No matter what you do, you can’t stop me.
This is my way of showing mercy.”

Sable looked at Ricky.

“If I thought of killing the apostle of Goddess from the beginning, I could have killed him regardless of what you did to black.”

How could one even deal with such an enemy?

Lars couldn’t figure it out.

He looked back at Ricky who was holding Anna’s hand.

“If you wanted to run, I would have let you go.
As the plan failed, political battles are unavoidable… but this was my way of showing you mercy.”

This man was making fun of Lars.

Sable was smiling arrogantly.

With the certainty of his win, he didn’t care about anything.

And Lars was resenting that what Sable wanted to do will be done.

In such despair, Lars gripped his sword.

“… whatever kind of monster you are.”

Using the sword, he struggled to get up.

His legs were trembling as there was no strength, but he managed to get up.

“I am not going to give up.”

“Putting aside everything, you sure are amazing.
To be able to stand back up despite being cut like that.”

Although he was a paladin, Lars was different.

Right now, it wasn’t the body which was strong, but the mind which was enduring the pain and still wanting to fight.

And even that was hitting the limit now.

“You are no fun.”

Sable swung his sword.

A Sword Master’s sword, even the most normal sword would kill a person.

There was no way that Lars could stand.

It was then.


The moment the sword reached Lars’ neck.

“How far do you need to go!”

A huge holy power exploded from behind.

Sable was pushed back at the sudden shock wave.
And then he looked at the huge holy power which burst.

‘What is this…?’

He was taken aback at the unexpected situation, but immediately regained his reasons and grasped the situation.


This much of holy power meant that it was no one other than the Goddess.

What to do with the huge amount of power which just burst open?

Sable activated the power Reversal of Causality, to destroy the holy power of Pyro.

However, the holy power didn’t disappear and scars began to form on his body.

It was a pretty serious wound, but he didn’t care about that.

“I failed?”

His power was the best one could have, but there were disadvantages for it too.

If there wasn’t a cause which could bear the consequence, then the payment would be done with the body.

After becoming the Sword Master, such things didn’t happen, till now.

‘How is the holy power?’

A curtain of light surrounded them.

And it was even deflecting Sable’s power.

Sable didn’t attack anymore and waited for it.

The veil of holy power began to open.

Little by little, the appearance of the three caught his eyes.

Sable frowned at it.

“This is going to be difficult.”

Sable looked at Lars who was standing still.

Ricky was standing next to him with an angry expression.

And Anna was behind her brother.

Did the Goddess come?”

He wondered if that was possible because Pyro didn’t appear even when the Apostle was in danger.

‘I was being too relaxed.’

Ricy might not be a full apostle, but he was one.
And it wouldn’t be weird if the Goddess decided to come.

However, contrary to his expectations, it wasn’t the Goddess.

“I can’t stand it anymore.
You, and those disgusting ones who believe in what you believe! Why are you all committing such terrible and deplorable things!”

Ricky’s voice filled with anger.

“Do you consider all humans as worms?”

“… the Goddess didn’t descend?”

“Answer me!”


The holy power rang out in sync with Ricky’s cry.

Sable looked at Ricky and said.

“It isn't like that.”

“Isn't that like that? Then what about what you all have done? My friend died because of you people.
I was put through the same thing, me, my sister and my friends.
You were all playing with my life and tried to destroy everything!”

“That is the will of the holy god.”

“There is nothing holy about it.
Zenith isn’t a God.
He is the devil! A very wicked one at that!”

“It is always like this.
For some, God turns into a Devil and the Devil becomes the God.
Sadly, the God I believe in seems to be a Devil to you.”

It was a blasphemous remark, but Sable didn’t care.

Since he was the Zenith’s sword, he could proudly speak.

“Sophistry! What dog shit! Don’t rationalize the wrong deeds you have done! You and the other evil ones who serve that one are scums!”

“Well, if you don’t have power, you will die in the hands of us scums.”

“I cannot forgive you.
That day, I decided on it.”

An unusual power began to flow from Ricky’s body.

Did the Goddess grant a child so much power?

“Where is your concentration?”

Lars approached him and swung his sword.

All his wounds were healed as the holy power of Pyro had overpowered the surroundings.

However, Sable didn’t avoid it.

He didn’t see any reason to avoid it.

“Your body healed doesn’t change the fact of who you are.”


The sword was cut in half.

Lars looked at the aura on Sable’s finger.

Sable had broken his finger in the process of stopping the sword.

But it grew again.

Still Lars didn’t give up and aimed for Sable’s neck.

If you want to protect these little lambs.”

Lars fell down again bleeding.

There were three holes in his chest.

“You should have come here directly.”

Sable, who grabbed the sword hurled for Ricky, who was concentrating on the huge holy power.

Miracles as such don’t happen often.

“The wrong choice will lead you down the road of destruction.”

Sable, who reached a close enough distance, swung his sword without hesitation.

It was a moment.


Anna grabbed her brother’s collar.

The Holy power split.

Ricky looked at the sword approaching as he clenched his fist.

Was this place going to be where his tomb will be created?

That moment.

[Fusion magic: Eraser Magic]

A blue light beam flew from behind Sable at a very high speed.

The power Sword Master stumbled at that.

Ricky’s eyes widened at it.

An opportunity.

Ricky raised his hand.
With determination to hit the man properly, and condensed the holy power on his fist.

“Take this too!”

A sacred sphere the size of two fists combined, touched Sable.

A dazzling explosion.

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