Zenith’s Sword (1)

“Are you really alright?”

“A little nauseous but that is all.”

Jamie smiled and reassured him.

Beryl let out a sigh.

“I am glad.”

He must have been so startled and it could be noticed from the sweat all over his face.

This man didn’t even sweat when he was dealing with the demon, so why was he this worried now?

‘Because I am the son of the woman he loved in the past?’

He didn’t know the details, but Jamie thought this was too much of a reaction.

“What happened to Gremia?”

It was Theberon.

He sat down on a few broken trees and asked Jamie with a serious expression on his face.

As the one managing Gremia, he had power over it till the moment of its collapse.

However, at some point the authority disappeared.

It felt like the authority was going back to its owner rather than being taken away.

“Now that he mentions you, I feel a special power within you, and if I am not mistaken, did something happen inside the light?”

Beryl too seemed curious.

Jamie got up.
Although a little dizzy, his body was more energetic than ever.

It was because the orb was full of energy now.

And what made it possible was-

“I took over Gremia from Armion.”

Jamie raised his hand instead of explaining.

A few shiny dots floated up on his hand, and formed a line slowly turning into a building.

And gradually expanded in the size of a huge ship.

“It makes no sense…”

Theberon mumbled, shocked.

“This is Gremia? I could guess this to some extent…”

He too didn’t know about the true identity of Gremia, but he still managed it for 600 years.

He knew that Gremia was no building artifact, but now that his thought was confirmed, he felt like his imagination was too poor.

“Huh! This… this is so much more than Gram.”

Beryl too was honest with his feelings.

He never heard of a piece which can freely change shape and size at the same time.

Theberon asked Jamie as he looked at the Gremia in action.

“Mister Armion gave it to you?”

The man was a magician who disappeared 600 years back.

And Theberon didn’t know anything after that, but it was impossible for a human to survive for 600 years no matter how great the magician was.

Unless he was an undead Lich.

Armion, whom Theberon knew, wasn’t the kind to go against the law.
So he couldn’t be a Lich.

Jamie resolved Theberon’s curiosity.

“He put his final thoughts into the Gremia security system.
And when he got out, he gave all the rights of Gremia to me.”

“Why did he give them to you?”


He couldn’t tell the reason, but Theberon didn’t bother asking more.

The first time he met Jamie, he too wondered if this was the one Armion was waiting for.

However, Armion was no longer in this world, and Theberon felt heartbroken.

Why didn’t he tell me the important fact that he was going to entrust Gremia to you after me?”

Jamie grinned at Theberon grumbling and walked up to him.

“What now, you human?”

“Stay still.”

Jamie placed his hand on the front paw of Theberon, who was hit by Leueta.

And the vitality of the orb flowed into the front paw.

Serious deep cuts began to heal.


Beryl’s eyes widened.

‘Healing’ was a privilege of the priests, and it was the power of restoration through holy power.

Similar to recovery magic, but the effect was different.

In particular, the healing used by high-ranking priests was enough to even return a paralyzed body to normal.

‘No, this is different?’

It looked like healing and a bit like recovery magic, a mixture of two.

Theberon looked at the wounds which vanished like an illusion, and laughed.

“You could do something like this?”

“Let’s say it’s thanks to Gremia.”

Theberon shook his paw which was back to normal.

“It seems to be better than before.”

“Because I have made sure for that to be in the best condition.”

“… thank you.”

“What a way to say it.”

He turned away while saying it to Jamie.

Beryl glanced at Theberon and then looked back at Jamie.

“Let’s head back now.
Sears will be waiting for you.”


It was all done in this place.

Jamie watched the sun rise in the distance.

He entered the forest in the night, but it was late morning when everything was over.

A tiring morning.

However, there was a lot he gained so this seemed fine to Jamie.

Jamie took a step forward with a satisfied expression and then caught his head with his hands as a ringing sound rang out in his head.


Ricky’s soul was subordinate to him.

He could feel the soul.

And now, the apostle of that goddess is in danger.

“Ricky, Ricky is in danger!”


Beryl frowned at those words.

Jamie looked at him and said.

“The apostle of the goddess is in danger! He could die!”

“If the apostle of the goddess… are you talking about the friend who appeared now?”

“Right! I can’t say all that now! We need to move, come….”

Beryl stopped listening and took Jamie into his arms.

If it was Jamie in his right state of mind he would have been terrified, but not now.

“Do you know where?”

Southeast of Apton!”

He grabbed Jamie and then ran out in an instant.

Theberon, who was left alone, looked at the place they disappeared and then got up.

“Didn’t even say goodbye properly.”

And then he turned around and started walking slowly.

“Now humans will do the work of humans.”

He didn’t want to worry about human affairs anymore.

He did all he could.

“Let’s go back home.”

He wasn’t even sure if anyone could recognize him or if they were even alive.

Theberon took his huge body and entered the Ariazad Great Forest.

And there was one person that everyone had forgotten.



Venna opened her eyes at Phillion’s words.

With her hair back to pink, she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

“… where?”

[Don’t know.]

“And where did the Master go?”

[Don’t know.]

“… how do we go back?”

[Don’t know.]

She stood up and looked around.

“Did I get lost?!”

In the vast forest, her voice resounded.


Two swords in pure white collided.

The Holy Executor Airak took a step back, clicking his tongue.
The opponent too took a couple steps back.

‘Is he hiding the skills?’

The opponent rolled his eyes and looked at the other Holy Executioner Philos.

As the second ranked in Holy Executioners, he was driving his opponent back.

It was Philos who listened to the sound of everything around.
And he was pushing back his opponent with minimal movement and while unfolding swordsmanship.

“You aren’t an easy one.”

“If you are standing in my way, prepare to die.”

Philos raised his sword high and then brought it down as he rushed to his enemy.

His robe flapped in the wind.

Red sparks and holy power were intertwined and bouncing.

“I have identified who you are.
Why is Zenith’s sword standing in our way?”

A person in the robe fighting with Philos went to attack again.

“Isn't that obvious? To bind your feet here.”

“Why? We don’t have a good relationship with you, and we are chasing after the [Daemon] in the Apton.
The ones who follow the evil demons!”

“I will not say anything.”

The one in the robe smiled.

Philos sighed.
The purpose was unknown.
Seeing that the person was hiding behind a robe, it was like they were trying to hide their identity, but they were using Zenith’s holy power.

Were they interrupting them for fun?

“Whatever it is, I can’t stand this.”

Philos’s movement changed.

The one who was in the second place of the Holy Executioner wasn’t someone to look down on.

The one in the robe felt a dreadful energy engulfing life.
It was terrifying, but there was a smile on the face.

“Do you think you are doing the right thing?”

“I won't regret this!”


The holy power from Philos exploded around.

They heard that the holy power of Pyro was something which could be handled.

And with the holy power… the swordsmanship was what was troubling, which seemed to be on par with their leader.

“Really crepp…”

However, the person in the robe couldn’t finish the words.


It was because the other one who was dealing with Airak called.
And the person knew why.

“The mission failed.
This is annoying, let's move.”

“Where do you think you will go?”

Airak used his sword with an angry face.

“You are really annoying!”

The opponent too used his sword.

Two holy powers intertwined, and the swords which collided often gave out sparks.

The two people in robe didn’t care about the fight.
Their faces contorted with one thought in their minds.

‘Kana you wench! What the hell did you do!!?’

The demon they were trying to resurrect is dead.

Kana died.

The reason was unknown, but the contract which bound them was telling them that.

They had wonderful playmates in front of them but they’ll have to leave!

“I don’t plan on leaving you!”

Philos’ eyes shone.

As he ran his eyes which shone were leaving a light trail.


The one in the robe clicked the tongue.

“I need to leave now.”

Philos immediately slammed his sword at the head.


Only the ground was what was cracked, the person was no more.

As he retrieved the sword, he grunted.

“Damn those bastards! What was this?”

Airak yelled at the sudden disappearance of the enemy.

Philos got on his horse.

“This isn’t the time for this.
We need to start right away.”

“What just happened…”

“What was certain is that their plan didn’t work out.
However, the seriousness of the situation hasn’t changed.”

“That Lars, will he be alright?”

“We should believe.
He too is a Holy Executioner.
Come on!”

Airak clicked his tongue at the thought of Lars.

He shouldn’t die.”

What was the anxiety?

Airak hit the horse on the thigh to get it moving.

They needed to reach Apton right away.

So they sped up their horses.


Lars, who was hurt, leaned on the rock spit out blood.


Ricky, who was calling at him, was anxious.

Lars supported his body with his sword and looked at the opponent standing in front of him.

The anger he felt from before was not making him feel ashamed.

And the anger that was inside him didn’t come out because of how ashamed he was feeling.

Lars clenched his teeth and asked the opponent in front of him.

“Y-You… why…”


The sky flashed with lightning and the roar of thunder.

Sable watched as the blood dripped down the sword slowly.

Lars asked Sable again.

“Why are you using Zenith’s holy power?”

“What a foolish question.”

“… what?”

“Since it is the sword of Zenith which I handle, am I not supposed to use the holy power of God Zenith?”

“You know I am not saying that… kuak!”

As he yelled, the blood came out even more.

‘He’s crazy strong.’

Lars had met this man a few times.

It was because this man was the aide of Marquis Bell.

Even back then he always thought of the person as a talented one, but he never thought that this man would be his opponent.

Until now, the man was hiding his skills.

‘But how did the holy…?’

Even asking the question to himself was ridiculous.

If he wanted to try and find the power Sable was hiding then he could have surely found it.

“Did you plan… a few years ago?”

“I never thought that I’d get a chance to kill the Goddess’s apostle.”

Sable looked at Ricky with an expressionless face.


Anna trembled as she held onto Ricky’s hand.

Even the blind girl couldn’t escape from the bloodlust which was spreading from Sable.

Ricky held her hand and glared at Sable.

Sable smiled faintly at Ricky’s gaze.

“I guess you really are an Apostle? You haven’t fully bloomed yet, but you don’t seem to be afraid.”

“Because there is no need to be afraid.”


“Because brother Lars will protect me.
And I’ll get rid of the dirty Zenith dogs like you in no time!”

Sable narrowed his eyes at those words.

He left Laras and moved closer to Ricky.

“Didn’t you hear our apostle?”

As soon as Sable turned, Lars had followed him.

Sable laughed.


A long cut engraved on Lars’ body and blood came out in huge quantities.


Sable didn’t even wield his sword.

He hadn’t even turned fully around.

But he cut Lars.

“Lars cannot protect you.”

Sable raised his sword.

“He could never protect you.”

And lowered his sword.

“Don’t make me…”

The Sword of Judgement stood between them.


Lars swung his sword with bloody eyes and pale skin.

But it was all pointless.

“The act of blocking my path is unnecessary.”


Blood gushed out from Lars’ body.

“Because there is nothing to stop this.”

Sable looked at Lars as he fell, and then pointed his sword at Ricky.

“No one will be able to protect you.”

There was only despair standing around them.

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