The man literally slaughtered the noble of the Devildom, a baron level demon.

‘I couldn't even see it properly.’

Jamie saw nothing.

Everything happened in an instant.

Beryl only moved like flashes of light.

‘This is the power he possesses?’

When one reaches the state of Sword Master, they attain certain powers.

it had to be wind, it was in his nickname, Swordsman of Windfury.

And it seemed like it was the right choice of words.

‘A great sword of such a size, great and invisible speed and a terrifying level of slashing power.
Anything is possible with the power of wind.’

However, it wasn't a movement that could be done with just the power of wind.

It was a move that would be possible only when he reached a level where he could freely handle the power of wind.

Beryl was the same as wind now.

Jamie gulped as he saw Beryl approaching him.

Beryl grinned seeing Jamie nervous and asked.

“Why are you in this place?”

“I was curious…”

“Don't even try to lie to my face.
Didn't you come here because you were curious about the demon?”

“It really was out of curiosity!”

Jamie decided to brazenly lie.

But Beryl's face said that he knew everything.

“I watched everything.”

“… what did you see?”

“The way you fight.”

Jamie's eyes trembled.

He had gone through so many crises since the days of Diablo Volfir, but he never felt a sense of crisis like now.

‘From where did he start seeing? No, that isn't even important.
I mean, did he see me using black magic?’

Although his black mana was different from the other dark magicians, it was impossible to fool the eyes of Beryl.

He was nervous.

“It was a lie.
But you got caught.”

“Huh? Ah, hahah! You deceived me! Deceived!”

Everyone has a secret or two they want to hide.”

Beryl turned around with those words.

And Jamie's body froze.

He couldn't understand if those words were true or a lie.

‘But he didn't say anything about black magic…’

If he had seen black magic, then Beryl would have surely mentioned it.

Even if Jamie was the son of the woman he loved in the past.

Black magic was a felony of this world, the most terrible sin to commit.

If he didn't mention it, then it must mean that he didn't see it and was trying to make Jamie fess up everything.

Jamie sighed in relief.

And then, looking at Beryl's back he asked.

“Sir Onyx, how did you get here? I heard you left Apton.”

“I came here for a number of reasons.
And because I am the best fit here.”

Having said that, Beryl approached Theberon who was lying face down.

Jamie followed him and then opened his mouth.

“I heard from my mother.”

“I see.”

Beryl responded calmly but he couldn't hold back his expression which darkened.

As asked, he turned to Jamie.

“Did she call me trash?”

“She didn't.”

“I guess I was lucky.”

Beryl's face turned bitter.

He was regretting his past actions.

The days when he was cruel to Sears, past which he couldn't turn back.

Jamie walked, silently following Beryl.

Before long, black hair came into view.

“It is shocking from afar, but even more when we get close, it is so huge.”

Theberon, a large beast rare on earth.

The size alone could be compared with a dragon.

Theberon, who was lying face down resting, looked at the two.

“Who are you?”

Theberon asked Beryl whom he had never seen before.

“You seem to be a strong man.
What happened here?”

“I am Beryl Onyx.
Please open the door.”


“The door which leads to Gremia.”

“You, how do you know that name?!”

Jamie tilted his head at the shocked face of Theberon.

What is the ‘Gremia’?

After hesitating for a while, Theberon got up struggling.
His left paw was deeply cut because of the blades and covered in blood.

As if wanting to kill Beryl, he asked again.

“That name, where did you get that from?”

“The one who explores the secrets of the world.
I was led here according to the meaning of ‘Isis’.”

At that, Theberon was more shocked.

At least in Jamie's eyes it was shocked, and for a bear to be shocked it had to be a huge deal.

“… what you said just now, is that true?”

“I came here to get my things back.”

“I didn't think that the one I was waiting for would appear like this.”

Theberon smiled.

Jamie was the only one who didn't understand the conversation, unable to get it, he tried to understand what he could.

Theberon shook his head.

“But I can't open the door.”

“What do you mean? If you are trying to be funny…”

Beryl pulled out his sword halfway.

At that warning, Theberon turned to Jamie.

“Unfortunately, I am not the manager of Gremia.”

“What do you mean?”

“Isn't that right, kid?”

Jamie frowned at that.

“What the hell is this Gremia and being a manager?”

“You took over the system and pretended not to know? Or do you really not know?”

“System control… are you talking about the artifacts?”

Not just the demon, but you even entered and came out of Gremia?”

Beryl asked in a bit of a curious voice.

Jamie sighed.
It was hard to make up any more excuses as he already told the man he was here because he was curious about the forest.

“Anyway, that kid will open it.”

“Is that possible?”

“… it'll open.”

He wanted to know what Beryl's purpose for visiting the ruins was, and the place called ‘Gremia’.

And that ‘Isis’ he mentioned before too.

‘Will Venna be alright?’

She was put in a safe place.

And he used invisibility on her, so there wouldn't be any chance of monsters attacking her.

‘There might be no more monsters around.’

Mirinae Forest was in ruins.

The monsters which have survived would have fled far away.

Jamie used his Sub Master's authority and opened the door to Gremia.

Soon, the two humans and the giant bear disappeared.

“Phew- this will be fine?”

Kana leaned her exhausted body against a tree.

She didn't think that a day would come where she would be pushed back by a dark magician.
As a member of the Seven Knights, her holy power was higher than that of bishops.

If possible, the dark magician should kneel and beg before her.

‘Who was the little boy…’

Although the black magic was clear, the black mana he was using didn't feel evil at all.

In fact, it made her wonder if the kid was even a dark magician, but she was convinced that he was one.

‘And terribly strong.’

She called him a kid, but he wasn't really one.

It had to be an old man with a weird taste for young kids who changed his appearance.

Still, she did what she had to.

At the last moment, even she didn't think that the egg would target the monster's heart and hatched out.

‘Was it a Baron?’

About the nobles of the Devildom, she heard about it too.

In the Devildom, a world for the strong, positions were determined by their strength.

If a Baron, then it had to be the lowest of the nobles, but the demon had the power of a Master class.

They were a disgusting existence, and since they set foot on this land, all humans in Apton would be done for.

“I need to get out of here before I get caught.”

She wanted to go back and take a dip in hot water.

And lay down on a soft blanket without thinking about anything.

Kana remembered her room and struggled to get up.

It was then.


Wind blew in.

Refreshing breeze.

But Kana couldn't enjoy the breeze as she felt power in the wind.

“N-No way!”

And the presence of the demon disappeared like a lie.

The energy vanished.

Kana sat on the floor, thinking of Sable, the leader of the Seven Knights, who had put her in this situation.

“… you said Apton cannot stop the demon, leader!”

Things went wrong.

At the same time, anger rose as the long planned plan was destroyed.

‘Was it that kid?’

Kana shook her head.

Although strong, the kid wasn't strong enough to defeat the demon.
The wind wasn't magic.

She had experienced the feeling in the wind a couple times before.

“Strong like a leader.”

Only a Sword Master could do it.

And there was one Sword Master in Apton.

Beryl Onyx, Swordsman of Windfury who was said to have left Apton!

And his power was the same as wind!

“Damn it! Beryl Onyx! It is him!”

She had to get out of here.

His speed was like the wind, so she wouldn't survive if he caught her here.

At that time.


Kana looked at her chest.

The wind blew and her blue hair fluttered.

Blood ran down her mouth and then she collapsed on the ground.


“Looks like we have arrived.”

Beryl looked up as if he felt something.

All he could see was the old ruins ceiling.

Jamie asked.

“What is it?”

Anyway, I won't ask you what all happened.”

“Thank you…”

Jamie bowed his head at the consideration from Bieryl and then glared at the large filthy bad-tempered bear.


Theberon flared its nose.

Jamie clicked his tongue and looked around at the ruins called Gremia.

The ruins were even more of a mess than before.

In the process of dropping Leueta, this place seemed more damaged.

‘It was strong enough to destroy this passage.’

And then came the sarcastic voice.

“Thanks to a certain someone that Gremia turned like this.”

“If the teddy bear had done its role right this wouldn't have even happened.”

“What did you say?”

“Did I say something wrong?”

As Jamie and Thebron were fighting in the middle, Beryl opened his mouth.

“I wish we could keep going.”

Theberon looked at Jamie and then moved.

Jamie, who didn't like him, was about to say something until he saw the limp front legs.

It wasn't just one or two cuts.

There were severe wounds, but the bear didn't show any pain.

“I guess it is a tough one.”

Beryl frowned looking at the wounds, thinking the same thing.

But there was nothing the two could do.

Jamie tried to ignore the wound and asked Beryl.

“From what I heard earlier, you said something about a person who searches for the truth of the world.
Someone called Isis? What did that mean?”

At that, Beryl turned to Jamie with a serious expression.

“Are you asking because you are curious? Or because you are interested?”

“I am just asking.”

“I can't just tell you.
When you hear about it, you need to make a choice.”


What did that mean?

When Jamie didn't answer, Beryl smiled.

“There are forces in the world who seek to uncover certain secrets.”

“So if I want to hear it, I need to make a choice.”

“So you don't want to hear it?”

“It isn't like that.”

To continue, the forces explore the secrets which humans have never discovered.
Travelling all over the world.”

“What is that force?”

“The name of the force is…”

Beryl who smiled, then answered with a serious voice.

A group which wants to bring out the world in the open.”

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