ing she faced at that time was like a Demon King.

Thanks to that experience, she was able to become this strong, but the thought of the past was a shameful memory for her.

Which meant that this kid was no Death Master.

‘Even so, I can’t take him lightly.’

She had an ominous feeling that this kid could use other magic.

Kana clicked her tongue and blew up the skeletons.

“You should always watch your back, lady.”

She felt a chill run down her spine.

Kana turned her head as fast as she could and saw a dagger pass.

“Ahh, she dodged it?”

“Azad! Take it seriously!”

Raiza jumped over and fired another dagger.

Kana stepped back and swung her mace.

The holy power deflected the incoming dagger away.


Raiza, who was hit with the holy power, stumbled back.

“Brother! Lady, you are an arrogant one, aren’t you?”

“How dare you make fun of me with that mouth!”

Holy power erupted from Kana's body.

However, Azad commanded the undead with a calm face.

“Eat her.”

As soon as the command fell, the undead began to go for her.

“These wretched things!”

The zombies and skeletons.

Disgusted, Kana unleashed her power to kill the undead.

But before that, a few undead held her weapon while the others rushed in.

Captured by the undead, she was unable to move for a short time.

“What kind of undead do this!”

It didn’t seem like just a swing of weapons could get rid of them.

Using her body, she demonstrated supernatural abilities, and the undead holding her were turning weak.

She was out of their grasp now.

However, the other undead didn’t panic and waited for new orders.

“Maintain the siege!”

“Those who flew away move back and don’t disturb the formation!”

With Azad’s command, the undead soldiers took their formation.

Kana frowned.

Undead displaying obedience and a chain of command.

The undead weren’t strong, but it was weird when they moved in groups and acted according to orders.

‘They are the problem.’

Kana looked at the two undead, giving orders from behind.

They looked like humans, but right now, they were the most troublesome ones.

In addition, the combat abilities of the two seemed high, and if she was careless for a single moment, she was bound to get stabbed.

‘I thought this was going to be easy.’

It was her fault for not understanding the capabilities of the opponent.

She saw Jamie watching from a distance.

He was observing everything happening with his arms crossed.

Since the kid knew that Zenith church was involved in this, that little dark magician had to be killed.

If her identity was revealed, then that was the end for her.

Kana sighed.

She never thought that she would have to use her power here.

“Know with Glory.”

The air around her changed.

Jamie’s eyes widened as he yelled.

“Everyone move away!”

But it was too late.

[Holy War]

Dazzling light enveloped her.

Like an explosion, it dazzled all around.

The trees, soil and grass, were swept away by light.

Even the undead began to crumble in the light.

Jamie’s black mana was being destroyed by its opposite force, holy power.

“Woah! I think we need more ideas?!”

“Focus on moving away rather than talking nonsense!”

Azad and Raiza, too moved away from the light.

Jamie was furious when the holy power of Zenith came out.

“You have been holding onto that disgusting power for so long?”

Jamie now knew just how close she was with Zenith.

So, he decided to kill her brutally.

Jamie summoned the Gate of Reverse Heaven again.

‘I was trying to hold back as maintaining it is tough.’

The most powerful weapon he had.

Purple colour took over his eyes.

Black summoned over his shoulder.


“Come out!”

The door opened.

Incomparable darkness began to flow when the gate opened.


The gate opened wide.

And a skeleton with a loose robe around it appeared.

A skeleton which had such a presence could rarely be seen anywhere, and that skeleton knelt to Jamie.

[You have called for me, my master?]

The dark magician, once frustrated by the wall it reached at 6th class, was now a Lich waiting for a command.

Jamie felt his mana depleting as he appeared.

Holding the Lich out for long would be difficult.

Fortunately, the amount of mana in his body recovered because of Leviathan.

“Catch that disgusting thing and make it kneel before me.”

[I have heard your order.]

The Lich stood up.

In its hand was an auburn staff.

Black mana swelled around the skeleton.

Nebro sent a fading light of black mana towards Kana.

“You are using a Lich now.”

Kana walked out of the light.

While having the white armor around her and scattering holy power everywhere.

She lifted her mace towards the Lich.

“Look here, kid.
Witness the power of the Fifth sword of the Seven Knights.”

The holy power from the mace was huge, several meters long.

The size swept over Nebro.

Light and darkness became intricately intertwined.

At that moment, the creature in the egg slowly opened its eyes.

Slowly chewing on the enormous ‘life force’ which flowed in, it began to straighten its crouched body.

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